Leaked Screenshot Shows Google Drive Will Launch With 5GB Of Free Storage


It was only a few days ago we learned that Google’s long fabled “Google Drive” could be launching as early as April. Pretty exciting news until the rest of the rumor revealed Google’s service would only give users a measly 1GB of cloud storage. Major letdown. This would make a service with loads of potential, fizzle when compared to similar offerings from Dropbox or Apple. Well, today, TalkAndroid got their hands on a nice little “breaksclusive” by way of a screenshot sent to them showing a little extra gee for our bee’s. Looks like we can now expect 5GB of free storage, giving Google users everywhere enough elbow room to stretch out and make themselves at home.

With access to Google Drive API’s, I can’t wait to see what developers come up with. I’m hoping for game save data that can be shared and access across multiple Android devices. With only 2GB of free storage, Dropbox is going to have to step up their game if they hope to compete. Something tells me they wont go down without a fight.

As a bonus, here’s a fun video of Google’s other “drive” service they’ve been working on. Yes, that’s a self driving car. Gotta love those Googlers!

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. if it easier than dropbox, i will switch. 

    1. Easier than the easiest cloud storage? What’s wrong with dropbox?

      1. Not having permission to install the Dropbox client at work is a problem.  The current web interface is a bit clumsy.

      2. Absolutely nothing wrong w/ Dropbox and I love it. But I would love to keep all my stuff under one service (probably easier for Android users as well) and I don’t have 5 gig of free space in dropbox.

      3. ….,.

  2. More stuff is going down at https://drive.google.com/robots.txt

    1. I really hope reports are true and it will launch this week.

      1. My, what fine avatars you two have!

        1. Thanks, everyone knows techies with ponies are 20% cooler XD

  3. Meh, I’ve already got 50gb of storage thru Box for free that I use for my primary online storage of non-sensitive data/info, and 12gb thru Spideroak for storage of my sensitive data free.

    I also have 5.25gb of free droxbox storage that I never use. I won’t use Google Drives 5gb either.

    1. Not sure if I’ll use it unless there’s some kind of desktop client like Dropbox that syncs everything. For me, it makes Dropbox indispensable. 

      1. True. But having two factor authentication to get into one’s files is great, which would be a nice plus if one were to use gdrive.

        I wish DropBox would implement a voluntary 2nd authentication method for stored online files. LastPass integreated it, and it works great. Sure it’s a different type of service, but it’s all sensitive info regardless.

        1. Pfft that double auth was a joke from phone

          1. Why?

          2. You obviously aren’t aware of how it works then.

      2. Oh, I understand why people like dropbox. The auto syncing folder is great, but for me I couldn’t care less about that. With Box I have huge storage space at 50gb for storing/sharing files and that trumps 5gb auto syncing folders for me personally.

        SpiderOak is my goto online storage for secure storage of sensitive data. They don’t have acces to or even know anything about the files you upload. They also do not have any knowledge or your pw. You create your pw from your own pc not on the webpage, then this pw is encrypted and no trace of your original pw is ever uploaded to the SpiderOak. Don’t forget your pw else you lose all your stored files/data… lol

        1. ya spideroak & crashplan are similar in that regard

    2. Well for me I need to be able to upload huge files. Google docs let’s me upload up to 10 freaking gb per file, and the sharing method is the best yet.

      And they are gna have a desktop client Chris! Or else they would of kept docs, and the pic clearly shows it.

    3. I have 47.85Gb space in my dropbox without paying a cent.They’re very generous with free space you just have to work a little for it. 

  4. If they have a Linux client at launch, I will be extremely pleased. I already have 20 GB of paid Google storage, so I’m not worried about how much storage I get, just that I can use it like Dropbox. Dropbox is way too expensive.

  5. I can’t wait. :/ Google has so much in the pipe & I want it all.  GDrive, the Nexus Tablet, & Android Assistant can’t come fast enough!

    1. Me too! Come be my husband haha

      1. XD. Be right there!

        1. : ). How are you liking the Nexus? Did you unlock it? Custom, or stock? What are some of your favorite apps? Did you install wifi tether? I’d love to see some screen shots of your Sexy Nexy (the phone) haha. You can send to my email, if you’d like. [email protected]

          1. Haha, I sent you an email. Is that what they’re calling the GNex these days? ;). Anyways, I forgot to say that the screen is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen..

          2. I got your email. I’m going to respond to it in a sec, but I type a lot. You may not get to read it, until you wake haha

          3. My GNex is coming soon…. Still waiting for it to arrive =/

          4. Woohoo! Welcome to the party, Chris!  I couldn’t respond directly to your comment, but I didn’t want to just ignore it. :)  You’re going to love it!  What do you have right now?

  6. I suspect what will make Google Drive more desirable will be its pricing for additional storage. Right now, you can ad 20GB to your Google account for just $5 per year (yeah, per year). I see very little reason why they’d charge much more than that for Google Drive.

  7. I’ve tried others but never found an easy use, but with Google all my devices can connect easily so I can’t wait.

    I’m looking forward to the other drive project, thanks for the vid.

  8. I will definitely switch when this comes out. Dropbox is too expensive and box has a very small upload cap limit per file.
    will be switching. Glad I didn’t buy from dropbox. Was gunna do that last week…

  9. I upped my Dropbox to 7gb through the beta programs, so Google Drive will need some killer extra features to make me switch. Lets face it though – it probably will.

  10. Well lets say this there rates need to be atleast par with Ubuntu One and Linux and Unix compatible or atleast Linux. But I’m fixing on cutting out the middle man and do it myself. I have the internet connection. But need to rebuild my Server.

  11. I hope the pricing structure will be like Picasa as I have 200gb for £32 a Year, i was going to use bropbox or sugarsync to backup my photos & videos but the cost per month is way to much, but £32 a year is fine with me.

    1. I have like 3 BOX accounts, all with 50GB of free storage. So no complaints from me here

  12. CAN WE PLEASE HAVE SOMETHING THAT WILL BACKUP MY PHONE PICS TO PICASA!!! caps are intentional :P  I paid for the extra 20 GB i want to easily use it.

    1. You mean, Google+? Download the Google+ app and it will do it automatically for you.. 

      1.  yea, but I don’t want my pictures on any social network, I only want them on Picasa, nice and only shared how i please.

  13. Why only 5gb. I have over 30gb uploaded to google music.

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