Mar 29th, 2012

It was only a few days ago we learned that Google’s long fabled “Google Drive” could be launching as early as April. Pretty exciting news until the rest of the rumor revealed Google’s service would only give users a measly 1GB of cloud storage. Major letdown. This would make a service with loads of potential, fizzle when compared to similar offerings from Dropbox or Apple. Well, today, TalkAndroid got their hands on a nice little “breaksclusive” by way of a screenshot sent to them showing a little extra gee for our bee’s. Looks like we can now expect 5GB of free storage, giving Google users everywhere enough elbow room to stretch out and make themselves at home.

With access to Google Drive API’s, I can’t wait to see what developers come up with. I’m hoping for game save data that can be shared and access across multiple Android devices. With only 2GB of free storage, Dropbox is going to have to step up their game if they hope to compete. Something tells me they wont go down without a fight.

As a bonus, here’s a fun video of Google’s other “drive” service they’ve been working on. Yes, that’s a self driving car. Gotta love those Googlers!