HTC One X on AT&T Pushed Back To May 6th According To Best Buy Email


Bad news for those of you on AT&T who have been aching to get your hands on the single greatest phone on the planet — the HTC One X. After receiving a few tips that the device had slipped from its original rumored April 22nd launch date to “early may,” we have a little further confirmation of this slip by way of an email forwarded to AndroidCentral this evening.

Apparently, the user who forwarded along the email had pre-ordered the One X with Best Buy and was although no expected launch date was ever given, was notified today that the device had been pushed back to May 6th. Given Best Buy is a 3rd party retailer and has been known to allow the pre-order of unannounced devices, we’re not sure how much weight this “leak” holds. Take it as you will.

Chris Chavez
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  1. NOOOOO!!! C’mon! I just returned my Galaxy Note so that I can keep my upgrade for the One X. Now I have to wait another month on top of a month that isn’t even here. GREAT!

    eff it… I can’t wait another 2 months phoneless and still pay the bill for a phone I’m not using. I’m gonna just pick up the galaxy note again and try to be happy with it. I should have just kept it from the start.

    1. try to use s go phone in between this time…?

      1. Yeah I’ve been telling myself that I should do that but I can’t see myself walking around with a cheap flip phone for that long. And if I buy a smartphone i’ll be out extra money that would’ve gone towards my upgrade. & I have this feeling that even if I did buy a prepaid phone for now, I would give in and pick up the note eventually… 2 months is a long time.

        1. That’s why I always keep a cheap 1GHz backup device. But yeah.. 2 months is longer than it sounds. =/

          1. I rather buy the unlocked version and not be AT&T whore. At least you’ll get fast updates and won’t have to depend on your carrier.

          2. rude much?

  2. May isn’t bad at all.

  3. Best buy has been known to just make up release dates. This means nothing and certainly should not be front page news lol

    1.  Which page should new posts appear on?

  4. Why not April like everyone else!? Some people already got their One X. This is bull.

  5. Is this phone going to appear on Sprint at some point?

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