Friendly Reminder: Last Day To Enter The “Smoked By Windows Phone” Challenge – Better Hurry


I’ve been seeing more than a few lucky Android users showing off their winnings across the interwebs after entering into the “Smoked By Windows Phone” challenge. The event, being held at your local Microsoft Store, is sponsored by The Hunger Games and if you think your Android device has what it takes to best a Windows Phone in a few challenges (admittedly, tailored to WP7 devices), you could walk away with a brand new laptop, free of charge. Just like this one fellow above. Contest rules say the challenge officially ends tonight at 10PM, but you’re going to want to call your local Microsoft Store ahead of time just to make sure (some stop accepting new challengers at 7PM). Good luck, Androids. Don’t fail us…

[Microsoft Stores | Challenge Rules]

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. Wear do I fill out a applicayshun to be you’re guys proof reader?

    [Comment edited for irony] =p

    1.  Oh man lets not have a proof reader, because then I would miss all the amazing comments from you guys picking out every little error!

  2. Do rooted overclocked phones count?

    1. You’d have to read through the challenge rules but I’ve never seen anywhere where it DQ’d someone. Besides, there are apps that hide root ;D

      1. Dairy Queen’ed!? :)

        1. Now, I’m hungry o____o

      2. Chris is this only for U.S??

  3. Wouldn’t dare with my 2yr old N1. That’s like comparing the old vs. the current BMW M3. But with a new device I’d give it a shoot.

    1. the e46 M3 gives a better driving experience!

    2. Nah, you could clean Windows Phone’s clock with the N1. All that would be needed would be a little optimization, placement of widgets, etc. Though I’d laugh myself silly to watch a Windows rep trying to beat an Android on a 4G network uploading photos to facebook or twitter :D

  4. Someone needs to beat you with a rubber duck. :-D

  5. I don’t feel the need to prove Android is faster than Windows Mobile. I just let the sales numbers talk.

    1. No, Android actually is better, because going by your logic alone would mean that iPhone..

  6. I went to the “Smoked by Windows Phone Challenge”, I was told to find directions to the closest 4* restaurant. Sales rep didn’t find directions he just found locations of closest restaurant, at the same time I found directions. When I showed it sales rep, he told me that I was trying to cheat and offered me redo, when I found closest restaurants faster then him he again told me again that I was cheating. I don’t understand how Microsoft wants to get back on the Market when they are clearly not follow rules. And how they want to compete with somebody who’s customer service trained way better then them.

    1. This little smoked campaign is hurting them a lot more than it could ever possibly help them. The fact that they accuse customers of cheating and make up rules as they go is making them look very bad. If there was a MS store in my area I would go in and do the challenge but get it on video to show them making asses of themselves.

      1. I couldn’t agree more.  I could see just quietly giving up the prize and letting people that clearly know what they are doing go, but accusing them of cheating?!  damn…not good M$, not good.  

  7. lol Microsoft does know we have widgets right we don’t even need to launch applications, and as for taking pics and sharing them on social websites, android has options for sharing baked into the os unlike apple where you need extra application to do so. and even if windows can share photos and update facebook statuses faster, are window phone users going to update their status every 5 min ? you cant game on a window phone because their hardware is lacking hell most windows phones including the nokia lumia 900 have terrible pixel density and its even noticeable on site making them look blocky, Microsoft still has a long way to go IMO

  8. the window phone challenges are pretty  much rigged, i mean each challenge pretty much focuses on things that windows phones can do well but what about a gaming challenge ? or see which phone can download a file faster, or which phone can play an entire 1080p video faster if windows can even load the video to begin with lol, which phone can load a web page faster, which phone can let you Photoshop and edit a picture quicker? which phone can let you check you emails and respond to them quicker ( kind of a win for android given that they have widgets lol), its all pointles all the window phone challenges consist of uploading pictures faster or updating a Facebook status,

    1. I agree, most of the “challenges” are just fluff to make Windows Phone look better than it really is. Obviously they are trying really hard to make sure Windows Phone has a chance (it doesn’t have a chance in h*ll).

  9. I guess they’re loosing too many matches to continue giving away free stuff to Android and IOS users ;D

  10. Funny thing is that Microsoft said recently that a head-to-head battle belongs in the past. Microsoft were challenged by IBM regarding unified communication and social software. Not a company policy then. Just a matter of picking your fights and set the rules?

  11. smoked it with my gnex!

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