Report: Amazon to offer two 7-inch Kindle Fire configurations alongside 8.9-inch model


Though recent reports suggested that Amazon might forego an 8.9-inch Kindle Fire in favor of focusing on a larger 10-inch tablet, new rumors originating with Taiwan Economic News claim that the smaller of the two sizes is still on track for release. The same story also reiterates plans to upgrade the original 7-inch Kindle Fire, but adds the twist that it may soon be offered at two pricing levels.

The lower-tier Kindle Fire would ship with the same 1024×600 display as the original, while the model falling in a higher pricing tier would see the resolution bumped to 1280×800. The 8.9-inch model is said to have a screen with an iPad-challenging pixel density thanks to its 1920×1200 resolution. Amazon is apparently contracting with new parts suppliers for additional displays and looking to better managing the manufacturing process to drive down costs.

While the rumors remain unsubstantiated, there is little doubt that Amazon will be offering at least two Kindle Fire models by the end of the year. It has been hinted that a summer launch is possible, but at this point we wouldn’t expect anything until closer to the fall.

[via Electronista]

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  1. I’d only be interested if they had MicroSD slots. Otherwise It’d be useless for trying to watch movies (with less than 8GBs of storage).

    Btw first.

  2. I thought the same thing until I got my Kindle Fire.  There’s so much stuff to stream (we subscribe to Prime) for free that I’m not worried about ever running out of stuff to watch within a relevant lifespan of a tablet (say 2-3 years).

  3. Just price it right and most of us are sold. Sure spec whores won’t be but *i* believe most of us just want a  decent sized HD tab for a decent price.. and i believe that price is $300 tops for mass appeal

  4. I love Amazon, but I hope they don’t overhaul every tabs ui, because I would have to take my business elsewhere

  5. I can’t keep track. How many Kindle Fires will there be total?

    1.  1 + 3 = 4 the last time I checked. Unless of course you use American math.

      1. In which case, 1 + 3 = awesome.

  6. Wait, what… just give me the Google Nexus tablet

  7. I, for one would love a 8.9 incher that I could finally watch movies on.  I am fed up with the endless diet of HBOGo, DirecTV and other apps for the iPad and nothing for my Android.  If I have to jump ship from Samsung to Amazon, I will.

  8. If there was a Starz streaming app for Android I’d be in heaven! Amazon content is irrelevant. It pretty much duplicates what’s already available on Netflix and Hulu+ without as many choices and variety. I’d have to have some pretty serious disposable income to buy a tab in the first place though. Just don’t see the need it fills. In my opinion there isn’t one.

  9. Am I glad I got the nook tablet over the kindle fire for just an extra $50 the extra ram and storage space comes in handy along with the msd slot. 

  10. this is the only android tablet for me i love competition !!!! make it $179 and drop the 7 ” to $99 = total android domination !!!!!

  11. Yay! I’ve been looking forward to this! I used to think that the iPad was better than the Kndle Fire but I was wrong. I was persuaded by a site which made me to own my current Kindle Fire. This site has proved to be a great help to me so I thought I would share it with you guys. The site is :

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