Mar 24th, 2012

A leaked picture of what could be the Motorola DROID Fighter showed up last week. Showing off a design that has become typical of the latest Motorola devices (Droid RAZR-like). But the Droid Fighter is not showing up alone. The same source has just released new images of another device, which seems to follow the same design patterns.

There are some noticeable aesthetic differences, though. The Kevlar looks like it is extended through the whole back, almost reaching the sides and top (camera area). The front also sports a much more prominent chin. Aside from such differences, the device looks very similar Motorola’s latest smartphones.

The Droid Fighter looks like it did not have room for any buttons, though. Making it seem like it would sport on-screen buttons. But this device has a significant amount of space between the chin and the screen. And if one looks closely, it almost looks like they could have been blurred out (which is weird).

This smartphone also has an HD camera and large speaker grill on the back, along with an LED flash. Other than that, the specs and details continue to be a mystery. But as the guys from Droid-Life mention, users were calling it the “Blade” in the forums. Which could be a very fitting name, but might also be an issue with the translation of “RAZR.”

Regardless, we might see this device showing up at some point. So stay tuned if you are starting to like it.

[Source: MFUNZ Via: Droid-Life]

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