New Motorola device surfaces, looks much like the Droid RAZR


A leaked picture of what could be the Motorola DROID Fighter showed up last week. Showing off a design that has become typical of the latest Motorola devices (Droid RAZR-like). But the Droid Fighter is not showing up alone. The same source has just released new images of another device, which seems to follow the same design patterns.

There are some noticeable aesthetic differences, though. The Kevlar looks like it is extended through the whole back, almost reaching the sides and top (camera area). The front also sports a much more prominent chin. Aside from such differences, the device looks very similar Motorola’s latest smartphones.

The Droid Fighter looks like it did not have room for any buttons, though. Making it seem like it would sport on-screen buttons. But this device has a significant amount of space between the chin and the screen. And if one looks closely, it almost looks like they could have been blurred out (which is weird).

This smartphone also has an HD camera and large speaker grill on the back, along with an LED flash. Other than that, the specs and details continue to be a mystery. But as the guys from Droid-Life mention, users were calling it the “Blade” in the forums. Which could be a very fitting name, but might also be an issue with the translation of “RAZR.”

Regardless, we might see this device showing up at some point. So stay tuned if you are starting to like it.

[Source: MFUNZ Via: Droid-Life]

Edgar Cervantes

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  1. it better not be for verizon
    they still have a winner with the razr and razr maxx
    DO not release a new phone god damn it
    or release it for a different carrier

    1. the moto photon just got end of lifed on sprint, so i have a sneaking suspicion it will be for sprint :D

  2. Droid razr maxxxxxx s2 skyrocket evo bionic quantum 4g lte

  3. Still very ugly just like the razr. Moto is on a bad design path in my opinion. Looks like the Pontiac aztek of cellphones.

    1. hahaha, I totally agree. They do have pretty good taste in hardware though!

      1. Why did you post your comment twice, and at two different intervals? 

    2. hahaha, I totally agree. They do have pretty good taste in hardware though!

  4. Me too, we need a good sprint phone for 2012,

  5. Why do Moto always make such hideous phones? They’re build like tanks and are genuinely good devices. But why so UGLY???

    1. For real man!! Whats up with that ridiculous hump they cant seem to get rid of???

      1. The hump was a trend started by Samsung, no one seems to complain about their phones.

        1. because samsung has them on the bottom and they arent as pronounced as on the Razr

  6. My wife just did a survey it was worded like an ad for a smartphone. It listed a 4.7 screen, Kevlar back, waterproof, super amoled hd screen.

    Pretty sure that’s this phone.

  7. That is one ugly hump. *shiver*

  8. To be released in 1-2 months:  the Droid Fighter Maxx

  9. I hope this is the AT&T version. VERIZON is getting too MANY RAZRS lately. would like to upgrade my Atrix to a ultra slim RAZR

  10. No don’t worry it’s the droid x3 cubed figher prime nexus 4g MAXX

  11. Moto droid razr: the clone wars!

  12. Not another Motorola phone >.< ,

  13. This better be for AT&T and not Verizon.
    And don’t release a new phone so often.

    1. Why not release phones so often?  If you feel less of a person by no longer having the best phone available, you can wait until the ultimate phone comes out, or keep buying the new ones as they release.  The rest of the world who aren’t so compulsive won’t mind one way or another.

  14. Atrix 3?  I really want the battery life from the razr maxx

  15. Eliminate the hump by making the rest of the phone that thick.  I’m a dude.. I can carry the extra 4 ounces.  Fill in the space with a _huge_ battery and 64 GB of storage.  Then I’d buy another Moto phone that I would still hate (blur, bad camera, horrible speaker) but would only charge once a week.  

  16. Does it have MotoBlur?  Hopefully, Google will kill this in new phones.

    1. Do you even know what blur is like these days, or are you still basing your opinion on the blur of two years ago?   The widgets are removable, and once removed you don’t even know it’s there.  

  17. I hope it’s sporting the Tegra 3 and coming to a different carrier.

    1. Tegra 3 doesn’t play nice with LTE

  18. I like the hump on my Gnex. Helps me to get grip when I pull it out of my jeans. Had more trouble doing that with the humpless htc desire.

  19. Just give us some details about the Atrix 3, one of the inly phones that will be able to compete with the Samsung Galaxy III (according to the leaked specs)

  20. Don’t get all the hate for Motorola these days. Got my RAZR about two months ago, and have not noticed anything about Blur, nor have I ever complained about some locked boot-loaders or some sh!t.

    Maybe its because I’m part of the majority, who doesn’t give a crap about rooting, nor do I give a crap about phone wars… because they are just that, phones.

  21. Its titled “droid”fighter. Verizon is the only carrier with the “droid” monicker.  It is a Verizon phone.

  22. How it looks is very subjective and the fact the Maxx has been on backorder on and off for the past month to two months, means a lot of people must like it.
    As for AT&T…I doubt it. If I am not mistaken, “DROID” which is a trademark off Lucas Films is purchased by Verizon for use on THEIR phones and only THEIR phones.

  23. All motorola phones are the same…you see a leak…the design is cool…you get all excited….buy it…then your stuck on last years OS…repeat

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