Mar 24th, 2012

Everybody and their mom is purchasing iPads. The third-generation tablet was recently released, and Apple sold over 3 million just over the weekend. But us hardcore Android fans most likely didn’t go wait in line for it (or ordered it). But if one of you did, here is a little extra something the device could be used for!

In this humorous video, an old parent found an ingenious way to use that brand new device. He probably has a good Tegra 3 tablet somewhere, that he actually uses. The video is in German, but here is my short translation:

  • Daughter: “Yo, dad! How you liking that iPad we got you?! It must be treating you nice.”
  • Dad: “Yeah, it’s all good. I found I can use it for a bunch of things!”

Ok, so maybe my German isn’t exactly the best. But you get the gist of it. Check out the video and let us know what you think? What else would you use an iPad for?

Thanks, Droid Tran!

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