New Motorola phone pictured, said to be Verizon-bound Droid Fighter


The first image of what is said to be the upcoming Droid Fighter for Verizon has surfaced. The leaked picture appeared  at the Phone HK forum and shows a device that is not unlike Moto’s recent RAZR models. The main difference here is a lack of soft-keys lining the bottom of the screen. Speaking of the screen, information accompanying the pic pegs it as a 4.6-inch HD display. It wouldn’t be the first time Motorola has gone with an HD display (a chinese variant of the RAZR gets that honor), but it would be the first time the screen technology made it to a US device from the manufacturer.

The lack of soft keys suggests the device will launch with Ice Cream Sandwich and be optimized for on-screen navigation controls. Adoption of this new wrinkle in Android has been spotty, with some manufacturers opting to stick with physical buttons. On-screen buttons have their advantages, though, and it’s nice to see Motorola testing the waters.

Aside from a few details about the phone’s display, it was also revealed that the Droid Fighter could the same 3300mAh battery as the RAZR MAXX. It is unclear of the Fighter would be positioned as yet another RAZR model, however. Either way, the handset strikes it pretty close to the recently revived line of smartphones. We could be finding out about Verizon and Motorola’s ultimate plan soon. Rumors have suggested the Droid Fighter will hit stores as soon as April 12th.

[via DroidLife]


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  1. shocking that theyd replace the razr/maxx already! 

    1. Are you being sarcastic? We are talking about Moto, after all.

      1. This is why I went with the Galaxy Nexus. I really wanted the RAZR. But the fact that between the time of release and the time of my upgrade that there were three different versions of it released within months of each other, just turned me off. I really wanted a Motorola phone because of the build quality, but I didn’t want my phone EOL’d in a few weeks from when I got it.

        1. Samsung is releasing the new Journal in a month or so. Should have gone with the razr

        2. Hopefully the G-Nex will do better on OS releases than the N-One and the NS

      2. Sarcasm detector malfunction?

        1. Perhaps?

    2. Not replacing improving rumor has it that its got a quad core and 13mp camera running ICS 

  2. Sweet

  3. Looks cool, but Motorola needs to stop releasing new devices! It’s been about 6 months and they’ve replaced my bionic like 4 times now, with barely anything in terms of productivity changed.
    But if they do a good job with those one, maybe they won’t release another until fall lol

  4. That pig droid logo looks like phandroid LOL

  5. It’s as if Motorola read DL’s “What would you change about the Droid RAZR” post!
    ICSBigger BatteryHD ScreenOn Screen Buttons

  6. Still waiting on news of the Motorola Bullet do to release in Q1 of 2012

  7. VERIZON is getting too many Motorola phones. how bout for us on AT&T?

    1. Nope. I got the Atrix, it will be the last moto device I ever buy.

      1. Really? I love mine. It has a massive battery (makes it through a day easy), outstanding overall hardware. With an unlocked bootloader, it is a monster. Cyanogenmod supported and absolutely flies when overclocked.

  8. If it doesnt have ICS, I wouldnt buy it. It better have the 12 or 13 MP camera and 3300 mAh battery. 2 cores or 4, it doesnt matter. With the 3300 mAh bettery you might as well have the Quad core chip

  9. I thought fighter was going to be an hTC phone, that is a codename on hTC list for upcoming devices…
    Oh well…

  10. The razr is taller and wider than the nexus right? And in the above pic, that phone looks even bigger than the razr. Crap man! I don’t want anything taller than my nexus.

  11. Not big enough. I wont be happy until my phone will not fit in my pockets, requiring me to use a purse. *sarcasm*

    1. lol yea these things are getting bigger, but i doubt they will go past 4.x inches considering the galaxy note is already pushing it as is. 

  12. Motorola sucks they stop supporting device after like 8-9 months now, just look at the droid 3, not even getting ics and its like a 8 month old device. 

    1. They are inconsistent.

      The Atrix released in early 2011 with FroYo and is scheduled to receive ICS.

      1. lol maybe their updating devices by popularity instead of compatibility , cause i doubt a lot of people even have a droid 3 unlike the atrix

    2. Support and OS updates are not 1-in-the-same.  Moto has been releasing updates on the OG, X, D2, D2G, Pro, X2 in the last 1-2 month.
      I think the biggest problem is the everything before the Bionic only has 500mb RAM, that seems to be the deciding factor. Which sucks, because I own a X2.

  13. This Phone iar amazing

  14. Amazing

  15. looks just like the razr whats the difference?

    1. the screens a bit bigger, has no capacitive buttons in the front, so most likely its going to have ICS virtual buttons like the galaxy nexus, better resolution and prob an s4 chip since most of the new devices that are going to be released soon are going to be carrying it. but what i hate about it is that big ass Verizon branding in the front, cant hide that shit, i would rather have the capacitive buttons  

  16. I’m pretty sure I see soft buttons on the bottom. They are very faint but I’m almost certain I can see them.

  17. I hope that Moto releases the Fighter with more than a HD screen improvement. (ICS doesn’t count, as the RAZR will receive it also) 
    -Needs at minimum faster processor- Intel or Tegra3 powered.  13mp camera, not just moar pixels, but better sensors. And minimum only the MAXX’s battery, forget thinness.
    I like Moto, but unless there is more than just an HD screen and ICS, it’s a fail.  And complain about the bootloader all you want, they lied. Get over, Go to HTC or Nexus. Just give me one-click root, I’ll be happy. I just need a dependable phone.

  18. I wish folks would quit harping about mega pixels. I would like to see them keep improving the sensors, but 8mps is waaay more than enough for a phone. I don’t know of anyone who is blowing up poster-size prints from their phone gallery. By putting more pixels on such a small sensor, your are seriously degrading the picture quality. Stop the madness. LOL

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