Mar 24th, 2012

After a long, very long wait, Instagram finally decided to give its fans something to look for, earlier this month. Co-founder Kevin Systrom took the stage at SXSW to show a bit of the Android app, and let us know that it was finally soon to be released. And it seems that day is now getting much closer, as an official sign-up page has just gone live.

You can go ahead and sign up for notifications at After that, you will be notified as soon as the app becomes available.

It is important to note that this is a good app to look forward to. Instagram has over 27 million subscribers on iOS alone, so you can be sure that many of your friends will already be there waiting for you. But aside from that, Systrom mentioned at SXSW that “in some ways, it is better than their iOS app.”

We do not exactly know what better aspects or features the Android app could have. But it is rather impressive to hear someone say that. One of the main complaints about Android revolves around applications, which can be poorly developed, and many times not as good as iOS apps.

When this app shows up, we might have a great way to edit and share our images with all our friends. And probably even better than the iOS team, if Systrom happens to be right. Of course, there are already many ways to edit and share images, but the amount of subscribed users makes it a much more enticing application (much like Facebook).

Go sign up and let us know what you think! Are any of you waiting for Instagram Android app?

[Source: Instagram Via: Instagram (Twitter)]