Everything you need to know about CyanogenMod – Q&A session


CyanogenMod is the most popular ROM out there. Supporting a plethora of devices, this team of developers has managed to reach a great percentage of root and ROM users. But there is so much to learn about the team and the ROM’s development. This is why the CyanogenMod team has recently posted a Q&A document, covering most topics you could think of.

The questions are broken down in three categories: Device, development and “General Malarkey.” As you can expect, the device questions are all pretty much the same – Is my device getting this? Is my device getting that? When? And the best question: “Will there be a version of CyanogenMod 9 available for my cheese sandwich?” To which the answer is “yes, with added bacon.”

It seems that flow chart they released was not good enough. But once we move past that usual and never-ending madness, things get interesting during the development questions. It includes topics like the launcher, Jelly Bean, how the community can help and CyanogenMod updating devices faster than manufacturers, among many other things.

The document is rather long, but it is worth the read if you are a CyanogenMod fan. We are sure it won’t stop people from asking the same things over and over again, though. You can check it out via Google Docs, so have at it.

[Source: CyanogenMod Via: Android Central]

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    1. I’m sorry about I’m not quite sure if I can agree with that.

  1. Mad props to the cyanogen mad folks. Best supported AOSP out there. I’m eagerly awaiting CM9 for a couple different devices I have. For gods sake people, stop asking for ETAs! Let the process unfold. Or better yet, join the effort.

  2. i feel like 95% of roms (not including MIUI) have “thanks to this dev, that dev, and ______ from CM” posted in the OP on XDA. weather or not you run CM if you are running a vanilla verison of android chances are it has a large chunk of CM in the code. 

    so thank you CM team, you make android what it is….

    1.  Don’t forget to also thank JBQ for running the AOSP program, if not for him, Cyanogenmod would probably not exist

      So thank you CM team and google AOSP team

  3. i like where they said they would never release a “priority list” of devices getting updated first cause it would cause mass chaos LOL

  4. I’m already running Cyanogen Mod 9 on my Photon, and the bugs are so minor at this point that it’s my daily driver.

    It’s nice that my phone runs ICS so much smoother than gingerbread… Even websites run so much better.

    1. bugs are far less than CM7 at this stage of its development. its bug free, but still missing some key features. few more months and the rom will be perfect.

  5. tahnks you the amazing CM team i run ICS on my HP touchpad

  6. CyanogenMod team is full of themselves. They haven’t said anything new and respond as they always do, with a “superior than you” attitude.

    1. please create your own rom and mods. see how easy it is… and how getting constant demands for new features, builds, and etas get f*cking annoying. The community essentially brings this attitude upon itself. 

      1. That’s why CT ROMs are never released to the public, and any given version is only used by a small group of people. The people who make them don’t want to be bothered by people nagging the hell out of them; “Is it coming to my phone?”, “When is it coming to my phone?”, “Why isn’t it coming to my phone?”, “I donated $5 to you a year ago, and I don’t have the current version!”. I only do some themes for the one I use. I’d go on a killing spree if people nagged the hell out of me for something I’m doing for free .

        1. This is in reply to all three posters above. For whatever reasons, there seems to be a polarity to CM support and our image, some hate us, and some love us. I’m not 100% sure where the hate comes from (sure a few members are more vocal than others, but that shouldn’t be a reflection of us as a group). 

          We realize we can’t win over everybody, and any attempt to do so would be a waste of time really. That said, for new folks or even those ‘on the fence’ about their attitudes toward us, we are opening up lines of communication (be it the G+, answering the questions on the blog posts, replying to news posts, and the developer relations efforts/email we started). My personal hope is that this approachability squashes the “full of themselves” criticisms. 

          Somewhere along the line, we caused a disconnect, that bred this attitude that we are pretentious pricks. I work with with the other team members for roughly 12 hours a day, and I can say that is categorically untrue. In the end, we are normal people, funny at times, serious at others, and yes, even sometimes a$$holes. 

          Swishbam, I would be interested in hearing why you view us that way, if not to address it, but to acknowledge that it is another image problem we need to address. 


          1.  I’m not sure why you are replying to me. Perhaps you misunderstood or misread my post. I was referring to CT (Custom Tailored) ROMs and why the people (at least the few I know) who build them never release them to the public, unlike public ROMs like LiquidSmooth, Cyanogen, BAMF, Skyraider, etc.
             I’ve not said anything about CM, their image, practices, or anything else in my post. In the past, I’ve stated that CM was never my first choice, even before I started getting CT ROMs about a year ago, but it had nothing to do with image or attitude. I’ve tried just about every version of CM that was available on various devices, and I certainly wouldn’t call CM junk by any means, I simply found other ROMs that I liked better.
             I couldn’t care less about what Cyanogen thinks of themselves, their image, or their work. I’m not insulting you, I know your team works hard, and Cyanogen is the most popular ROM out there, I’m just telling you what my take on this is rather than what you thought it was. I was only commenting and agreeing with what Ben Crawford was saying about people nagging, whining and complaining about something that is free as if they are entitled to it because they own an Android device and can breathe, or possibly donated $10 a few years ago.
            With all of that said, and since it was brought up, I do recall reading a blog/story/article/whatever where Steve Kondik stated that “Cyanogen is the only legitimate custom ROM out there.” To be fair, I wasn’t there, and obviously, just because I’ve read it somewhere doesn’t make it true. The person may have never even seen Kondik, much less interviewed him, or Kondik may have said it with a sneer, I don’t know, or care either, to be honest. I used to check out CM’s site from time to time a couple of years ago, and some of the devs were flat-out rude to people. Rather than just ignoring them, they felt the need to respond in a very asshole-like manner. This was about two years ago, so I’m sure it’s changed since (at least I hope). If true, saying that you’re the “only legitimate ROM” *does* make you sound like a dick.

          2. Sorry, wasn’t meaning to call you out or anything, you were just the most recent post on the topic (in regards to the nagging and etc). My apologies.

            I can’t recall any such statement by Steve; we would give him crap for it and it goes against the whole ‘dont bite the hand that feeds you’ thing (we rely on outside devs contributing), but thanks for the pointer, I’ll have to look into it. :)

          3. Not at all! No reason to apologize :) It’s often very hard to tell if someone is just conversationally making a point, or flat-out being a dick when reading comments as there are no inflections in tone of voice, etc. I had to reply to this post in regards to your last post because the reply-supply line ran out. As you know, I wasn’t insulting you when I said that I didn’t understand why you replied to me (now I know, lol, it’s all good). I also want to say that while Cyanogen was never my *first* choice, I certainly don’t hate it by any means. I have used it in the past and do like some of the aspects (being AOSP-based, it’s very easy to theme, especially if you just want to use apps like ROM Toolbox, and Absolute System). I also know that it takes a lot to keep CM going. There is support for a lot of devices and a hell of a lot of work and teamwork that goes into the project. I still flash nightlies occasionally on one of my retired/non-daily driver devices because I love trying out different ROMs and themes and see what i can do with them and what they offer. It’s also nice to see that when a new device comes out that I like, CM supports it, because that generally means that it’ll have support from a lot of other devs as well (I miss the old days when it seemed like everyone and their grandmother had ROMs for the OG Droid – I used to flash several every night, do backups of ones I liked and never flashed the same ROM twice for a week…ah the old days).
             I also want to be 100% clear regarding what I’d read was allegedly said. I’d only read what was “quoted”( ←paradox there somewhere), and as I said, I don’t know if it was taken out of context, an edited quote, or how reliable the source was. It was just something that I’d read in passing somewhere, and didn’t pay it much mind, but that part stuck out. I don’t know Steve Kondik, never met him or talked to him, but I have read an interview or two, and even have him in my Google+  circles (just because CM isn’t my first choice doesn’t mean that I don’t like to keep up on what is going on in the custom ROM world, or would like to try a new build or nightly), and it did seem uncharacteristic of him. I tried a quick Google search for it, but he’s a pretty well-known guy, so there are a lot of results. As I’ve said, it may not be true at all. The blogger/writer may have never even met him, I don’t know. If I do come across it, I’ll send you the link. If it isn’t true, needless to say, it’s seriously not cool to put words in other people’s mouths. I don’t want anyone thinking that I was being slanderous.
            Have a good one, and keep up the good work!

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