Will Your Device See CM9 (Android 4.0)? CyanogenMod Provides A Handy Flowchart


Ask any Android devotee and they’ll likely tell you that when it comes to their phone, there’s only one thing on their mind, “Will my device receive Android 4.0?” Well, for those that are into the tinkering, hacking and modding Android scene, CM9 is here to answer that question with their handy-dandy flow chart. Now you can easily see if your device will ever get to taste the latest Google dessert (unofficially that is).

You may have noticed that a large portion of whether or not your phone will ever be officially supported by the CM team is dependent on whether or not it will officially receive Ice Cream Sandwich from the manufacturer. Back in the day, CyanogenMod was a way for users to enjoy an up-to-date, almost stock Android experience when carriers and OEM’s wouldn’t provide for it. Now, without the proper driver support, CyanogenMod pretty much has their hands tied.

For those of you with devices with less than 512MB of RAM that will remain “stuck” with CM7 (Android 2.3), CyanogenMod’s Abhisek Devkota points out:

In the end, the CM7 code branch isn’t dying, and serves as an equally robust platform for improvements, should they be deemed required by the community.

So there you have it. While I believe every man, woman and child deserves to have an Android 4.0 phone in their life, device limitations (and OEM’s) don’t always allow it. Now, you have a good excuse to upgrade that aging Android phone you’ve been clinging onto for the past 2 years.

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  1. this makes no sense… who made this? according to this there is only %5 chance the EVO will get CM9… but it has already been states that is is LIKELY (that means a little more then %5 chance) that the EVO and devices like it will recieve CM9

    completely confused now

    1.  I do believe that other devices with the same chipset are getting ICS so it should be a 50% right?

      1. from the manufacturer though? that is the way it sounds from that flow chart and i don’t know any phone with the original snapdragon that is getting ICS from its OEM

        1. I think @facebook-100001151887665:disqus was referring to the Evo 3D. Evo 4G? Not a chance =/

          1. see i thought there was a good chance for cm9 support thought because they kept saying they were going to try specifically for this device chipset, the nexus one is in the same boat then i guess… waiting game!

            on a side note, im already running ICS, and am getting the GNex when it comes to sprint day one so i guess i don’t have too much to bitch about haha

    2. Note though that the EVO is a very popular device even now, and a 5% chance isn’t a “No CM9 for you!” Chances are that around 5% of devices with 512MB RAM, CM7 and a dedicated GPU will recieve CM9, and the EVO could just happen to be one of those 5%.

      1.  Evo 4g almost 2 years old weak gpu adreno 200

    3. The exact quote from the Feb 7th blog post on reads:  
      “It’s still unclear if we can provide support for the QSD8x50 family of devices (Nexus One, HTC Evo, etc), but the answer almost always turns out to be “yes” for these kinds of things.”

      We are still actively aiming to deliver on the EVO and N1 class devices, but the chart does highlight the issues and pitfalls that would cause us not to deliver. Frankly, the jump to ICS from GB rendered a lot of the libs we have on hand worthless as is. We can write wrappers for all the things, but there is no guaranteeing they will be perfect, and doing so takes time. The best case scenario would be for libs for a similar chipset to be made public. Till that point, realistically, this class of device will be some of the last to make the jump, if at all. It is these uncertainties that cause the low % in the chart.

    4. I’m in the same boat with my WAY TOO OLD MT4G.  Just waiting on TMO to get some good phones.

  2.  The Nook Tablet already has a semi working build of CM9 and a pretty robust version of CM7 and its not slated for ICS at this point in time. The community at xda is working on getting a working 3.x kernel for CM9. So yeah there is a chance you may see CM9 if not an official build then mabe an unofficial build.

    1. The CM9 port will most likely be considered official, and mainlined. I am not 100% on the CM7 port to-date

  3. At least my EVO Shift gets 50%. Though it seems like it’s already been forever that I’ve had to live with buggy ICS ROMs.

  4. Eventhough there isn’t an official CM7, I expect there to be an official CM9, due to the fact HTC will be updating it to ICS.

    1. I hope you’re referring to the Rezound.

  5. I’m on my touch pad now running 4.0.3 and it’s dang near flawless except for the non working cam

  6. I’m so glad to hear there’s no sh!tty ICS for Nook Color. Gingerbread is all I want. But can you please keep working on CM7 for it? We haven’t seen a nighty since November.

    1.  Nightlies should be back up soon (there have been a few builds lately for CM7 but not nightly). Also, the Nook Color has a very early port for CM9. I don’t have a Nook Color but I would think that is a good thing since the tablet only has one button!

    2. Well, I don’t know if this is a disappointment or a good thing. 1) We already have a working ICS for Nook Color. 2) CM7 support hasn’t stopped (we are getting 7.2 RC1 prepped for release as I type this)

      1.  This is great news! 1) – for ICS fans, 2) – for people like me. Although, then the flow chart is incorrect, unless NC has a dedicated GPU I’m not aware of; and if I were Barnes&Nobble, I wouldn’t consider making ICS available on NC officially, in order to keep the market segregation from Nook Tablet.

        1. The Nook Color has a PowerVRX 5xx GPU (same if not similar to the Droid X/Droid 2) 

          1. Deleted.

          2. Yay for email notifs :p

            The Nook Tablet is a different beast from the Color, but we are officially mainlining the alpha from Chrm

  7. Don’t I need an unlocked bootloader to get CM9?

    1.  yes

    2. In some phones, NO…

  8. Did they get the Soup Nazi to draw that up?

  9. My device sees all, for it is a Galaxy Nexus.

    1. Go reed the Nexus rant on Androiandme.

      1. I can’t speak on the Nexus S but my experiences with the Galaxy Nexus have been great. The only issues I had/have were/are because of Verizon. 

        1. The point of his rant is that the Nexus line no longer “sees all.”

          1. He’s speaking of the Nexus One and Nexus S. The Galaxy Nexus doesn’t have these issues, he doesn’t even mention it once.

          2.  The Galaxy Nexus should be safe for approximately another nine months or so.  Then all bets are off once the Nexus-Next comes out.

      2. What happened? My old Nexus S that I sold got 4.0.3 and so did my cousin’s, at the same time.

  10. I wish the zoom function would work with images while using phandroid widget… Only the text gets bigger… Galaxy S Froyo

  11. I guess its time to retire my HTC Hero then… HTC One X, where art thou?

  12. Cyanogen has been way too slow with updating their ROMs.

    1. You do know that cyanogen is not a company… it’s a hobby.  These people have actual jobs and lives.

      1. Most people only think of themselves and not about the developers that put a ton of hard work into these roms. Cyanogenmod has some extremely dedicated developers that deserve more respect. (e.g. donations and thanks.)

        1. It’s possible the person was being sarcastic. 

          1. that’s not how sarcasm works.

  13. I am going to cry if it doesn’t come out for my OG Dinc :*(

    1.  start crying gpu is weak phone is two years old now upgrade

    2. kang already released an everyday driver of AOKP for the Dinc you should give it a shot good reviews from what i read so far

  14. How do I know if my i777 is stated for a a merger or gerrit??

  15. Good thing others are looking at ICS on older boxes.  It’s a good thing not everyone relies on CM for everything!

    1. Sentiment shared. We like being needed, but the burden of supporting every legacy device isn’t pleasant. While we would love to cover all the devices, that is simple not possible. But that’s the benefit of OSS, our code can serve as a framework for some other dev on XDA or Rootz. 

  16. Anyone running CM9 on their Galaxy Nexus yet? If so, what do you think of it so far?

    1. I have yet to even find it for the GNex. 

      Edit: NM, I just saw they added a new forum for the Galaxy Nexus on CM forums. Think I may give the nightly a try this weekend.

  17. I highly doubt my TMO GS2 will get support.  Too many damn GS2 variants!!

    1. Tmo GS2 is already slated as a device we are working on. So your prospects are good. 

      1. Good lookin out!  

      2. Whats the easiest way to follow progress? Any specific twitter or g+ account I should know of? I was looking to sell this phone because of the lack of ICS, but if you say its coming, I’ll hold onto it.


          1. I figured as much. I’ll shut up now and wait patiently. ;)

  18. Hey a big thanks to CyanogenTeam, I see Ciwrl reading this thread.  What you guys do is amazing and you guys completely revamped the life of my tmobileG1.  

  19. This is absolutely useless

  20. Will the Epic touch be getting CM9?

  21. Guess not

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