Mar 15th, 2012

Ask any Android devotee and they’ll likely tell you that when it comes to their phone, there’s only one thing on their mind, “Will my device receive Android 4.0?” Well, for those that are into the tinkering, hacking and modding Android scene, CM9 is here to answer that question with their handy-dandy flow chart. Now you can easily see if your device will ever get to taste the latest Google dessert (unofficially that is).

You may have noticed that a large portion of whether or not your phone will ever be officially supported by the CM team is dependent on whether or not it will officially receive Ice Cream Sandwich from the manufacturer. Back in the day, CyanogenMod was a way for users to enjoy an up-to-date, almost stock Android experience when carriers and OEM’s wouldn’t provide for it. Now, without the proper driver support, CyanogenMod pretty much has their hands tied.

For those of you with devices with less than 512MB of RAM that will remain “stuck” with CM7 (Android 2.3), CyanogenMod’s Abhisek Devkota points out:

In the end, the CM7 code branch isn’t dying, and serves as an equally robust platform for improvements, should they be deemed required by the community.

So there you have it. While I believe every man, woman and child deserves to have an Android 4.0 phone in their life, device limitations (and OEM’s) don’t always allow it. Now, you have a good excuse to upgrade that aging Android phone you’ve been clinging onto for the past 2 years.

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