Phones 4U prepping a Samsung related event for 30 March, but for what?


Something seems to be cooking in the UK: Phones4U, who had the pleasure of being the exclusive Galaxy Nexus retailers across the pond at launch have put up the huge advertisement below on their store windows in London announcing some Samsung related event for the 30th of March.

Now, the question is, what could it possibly be? I’m quite certain it has nothing to do with the Galaxy S III, and so far no signs have pointed to an imminent tablet release. The curtains, though, seems to point towards something cinematic, and the Galaxy Beam, hence, fills that criteria with its projector.

Does anyone have an alternative theory? Fire away in the comments.


Raveesh Bhalla

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  1. It better be the SIII, or else I will have to go for the One X next week.

    So sick of waiting. I still have a HTC desire (running ICS) and it is driving me insane!

    1. Unless you’re planning to buy the sgs3 from Korea, you’ll be holding your breath for a long time.

    2. You will only get a 100% taste of ICS on Samsung Galaxy Nexus, not a smarttelephone with Sense or TouchWiz, srry! 

      1. yeah, in a year the GNex will be forgotten like the S.  Nexus devices aren’t guaranteed “first update”.  And anyway, why would you WANT the first updates?  It’s filled with bugs; better to let some other idiot ut up with the bugs, the problems and random shut downs.

        1. ur an idiot just shut ur mouth the nexus is the best device out or the second best depending on ur stance on having the larger battery in the razr max or not. i have a nexus and it crushes anything that u throw at it out of the water

  2. I think it will be a Samsung Galaxy

  3. could be the announcement of the Samsung Galaxy S3?!

    found something here:    http://goo.gl/uIueo

  4. The most surprising thing I learned from this article… is that a company named “Phones4U” is taken seriously in the UK. To my ‘merican ears it sounds like a cheap spammer domain for some mickeymouse business. :)

  5. If it was the Galaxy S 3, wouldn’t you think that the media would have gotten invites to the event?

    It’s the Beam.

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