Is this image of the Samsung GT-i9300 our first real look at the Galaxy S III?


Again, we’re going to say probably not. While the image indeed shows a Samsung handset running Android 4.0, for whatever reason it just isn’t screaming “next-gen successor to the Galaxy S II” to us. PhoneArena reports that the picture shows the Samsung GT-i9300. The model number has been associated with the Galaxy S III as it seems to follow logically the pattern set out by the first two Galaxy S phones. The problem is, Samsung’s numbering scheme has gotten a bit sketchy with recent releases. True, the Galaxy S was the GT-i9000 while the Galaxy S II was the GT-i9100.

But then came the Galaxy Nexus with its GT-i9250 model number and a recent sample photo has suggested the Galaxy S III could even have the GT-i9500 designation. Regardless, whatever we are looking at here comes off as something a bit more mid-range than what we expect from the Galaxy S III. It doesn’t jive with any of the previously leaked images claiming to be Samsung’s next flagship model (not that any of those leaks are to be believed either).

So if it isn’t the Galaxy S III, what is it? It’s definitely a new handset built for ICS, but other than that we have little to go off of. Unless it is the Galaxy S III, in which case color us a bit disappointed as we eat our words.

[via PhoneArena]

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  1. That screen does not look high res. Idk…I’m hoping it’s fake.

  2. eee. This phone looks like galaxy nexus in some kind of case with Samsung sticker on bottom. Also this is custom rom (battery in percents, mixed soft buttons). 

    1. iCS stock for gs II has battery percentage

    2. I agree. It looks like a gnex with a case on and custom buttons.

    3. Except the GN’s screen wouldn’t look that bad. 

  3. I hope its not the GS3.  It is quite ugly and plain.  I also don’t like the soft buttons.

    1. The soft buttons are fine, imo, but there’s still too much bezel, and yeah, it’s very plain-looking. If that’s the S3 (not likely), then the Note > S3.

      1.  I can deal with any software shortcoming.  It’s going to get CM9 anyway….  But hardware is another story.  You’re right, way too much bezel and the shape is a little awkward.  Unless it’s in a case.

    2. Most other sites are reporting that the GT-i9300 is the Galaxy S II+ and it looks like they’re right. I’m not a fan of soft buttons myself but that’s the direction most manufaturers are taking.

  4. This phone looks real but I doubt its the GS3.. If this is the direction TouchWiz is going, I like.

  5. That standing, green battery icon with a percentage looks suspicious.

    This looks more real: http://www.androidguys.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/GSIII1.jpg

    1. The green battery is Samsung’s TouchWiz theme, not Gingerbread. Could very much be real. 

      I’m just hoping it’s not the GS3 =/

  6. I sincerely hope that thing is not the SGSIII.  It looks like a budget phone.

  7. Lets hope not other wise the flagship phone will have highend hardware in a cheap looking plastic body.

    Now this is more like a highend phone that I wood like

    1. That’s the same exact phone O_o

      1. Maybe the leak in this article was a prototype, or mid range version of the coming gsIII

      2. lool

  8. The edge around the screen is too big. Fake.

    1. Fake = NOT GSIII
      Fake = Not a real phone? lol

      1. real phone, but just a low end phone. 

  9. Wow, they ruined ICS and the phone is ugly.  I say fake.

    1. I hope 

  10. There is NO WAY that is the new Samsung flagship GS3. You know Sammy’s gonna slap a much larger, much nicer screen on the GS3. If I had to guess I would say this is just another 1 of the hundred boring, low-mid range Android devices headin to my favorite T-Mobile carrier. I mean come on guys, I LOVE T-Mo and have been with them since the beginning but they can’t get a good Android phone to save their customer’s lives.

  11. Phandroid team PLEASE stop posting this shit. I know you guys have to post SOMETHING even if its a slow news day but damn. Bring yourselves up a notch. If its NOT official than just dont fucking post it. All it does is whip up the mob. it feeds fanboys and trolls alike.

    1. They did it for the GNex, now it’s Samsung’s turn.  Honestly, I LIKE it when they post the latest rumors.  It’s a lot of fun to look at a new “leak” and then debate if it’s legit or not – it’s part of the fun of anticipating the latest tech, and it’s a hell of a lot more entertaining than going months on end with no news at all

      1. I don’t get it. Leaks are supposed to be fun.

        Not sure when people started hating on ’em but it saddens me =(

        1.  Keep posting the leaks. Gives me something to look forward to on phandroid when I log on to my computer :)

      2. *cough* Samsung Made the GNex so its more appropriate to say its the SGS III’s turn.

    2. Every site is posting these things. Engadget, theVerge, BGR. If Phandroid didnt, theyd be left in the dust. What if this thing ended up being real? Or if it is a different, new Samsung device? It’s still news.

      “If it is NOT official than just dont post it”? A lot of phones are leaked unofficially before they become official. Its a big deal.

    3. I have pics of the Nexus Five. Guess I can’t post ’em since Google/LGCorola hasn’t officially announced anything yet =p

  12. Looks exactly like an i9000 without the button and ICS. 

  13. The navigation keys better not be back-asswards like that.  What was wrong with the original back, menu, home, search on the physical soft-keys; and now, the back, home, multi-task order that needs changing?

  14. No way this gets relased as a flag ship. This will sign Samsungs death and make my decision to get an HTC One all the more easier. I say its fake or a budget phone. Who would buy such a think with such an ugly outer bezel. Not Samsung style. Probably just a developer unit of something.

  15. look at the size of the bezel on that thing… one of the ugliest phones ive seen

  16. You know… you don’t have to post every fake crap GS3 image you are given/find/falls out of a bus.  Just press delete man… just press delete.

    Especially when its obviously a G-Nex p-chop

  17. It’s not fake, I’m sure that’s a real phone.  But, no way in hell is that the GS3.  The screen size is too small, the design is too cheap.  This is a low end, maybe even prepaid type.

  18. Samsung makes a good 12 phones or more, it’s probably real, but not a S3 by any means.

  19. It may be that new Ceramic casing everyone has been talking about. But it does look FUGLY.

  20. I have a hard time believing that thing has a samoled screen. I’m typing on my gnex and can’t see where the bezel ends and the black area for the soft buttons begins. In that pic its horrendously obvious.

    Soft buttons are fine and have worked flawlessly for me. Feels no different than the “physical” nav buttons(actual push button nav buttons obviously are different)

    It definitely looks like a phone, but nothing Samsung should put their name on.

  21. Seems legit…has Samsung’s bloated UI on it… But the screen bezel’s isn’t revolutionary, that is if they go for a bezel-less phone…  Also, another indicator that this might be legit is that its made of cheap plastic, like the rest of Samsung phones… lol

  22. I hope not. 

  23. why does it have Asus buttons? Wouldn’t it have the touchwiz buttons such as on the Samsung galaxy tabs?

  24. I say gs2 running a ics rom lol

  25. It really does look like a nexus in a case with a custom rom and a Samsung logo added. I’m calling fake

  26. Why are you people so stupid. This is not the g nexus. You can tell It’s not. All of you are ignorant. This looks like it can be the gs3

  27. If that is GS III… no it can’t be. They can’t possibly make the phone that ugly and call it GS III. 

  28. Franken-phone.

  29. It’s fascinating how people keep getting aroused about the same over the same form factor. Samsung Is Boring! 

    1. Yeah I know….I like how nobody complains on how ALL SAMSUNG PHONES LOOK THE SAME. But htc they’re all over that and how they all look “alike.”

  30. i thought rumors had it that it would have less bezel not more ?

  31. It’s probably a mid-range device at least I really hope so even the same looks better.

  32. The iPhone for android phone!

  33. FUGLY

  34. It looks like s**t. Hope they won’t mess it up as it is the most anticipated android device this year.

  35. My GS2 looks better than that crap! If that’s the GS3 then Samsung has lost their edge! Nothing in that picture looks new, fresh or revolutionary.

  36. No way this is the gsIII. It’s def a mid range but I do like the fact that even mid range phone are moving to on-screen buttons at least. Means good things for flagships.

  37. phone looks too ugly to be a SG III and the screen is a little smaller than from the specs i read before. it’s all fake

  38. I don’t know how many people realize this, but the phone is in a case… 

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