Galaxy Tab 10.1 is the Woot deal of the day, $320 with included SD card reader


Looking for a great deal on an Android tablet? Check out’s latest daily deal. The Galaxy Tab 10.1 is available today for only $319.99 (plus $5 shipping). Woot is even throwing in the Galaxy Tab SD card adaptor. It is important to note that you will be buying a refurbished unit, but you hopefully won’t have to worry about any leftover data from the previous owner. If you’re looking for a quick chuckle, be sure to check out the description.

[via Woot | Thanks, killa357]

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  1. LOL. I certainly hope it I’d capacitive. The should just say. “Somewhat functional.”

  2. that is NOT the deal of the day and they should be sold out any minute now. there is a “woot off” going on.

    1.  Yea, what’s the deal with it not being the deal of the day?  Is it gone?  How do I buy one?

      1. because it just isnt the deal of the day. it is a woot off. deals are up until they are sold out. so you don’t get one.

  3. Ya, it’s a GOOD deal but I jsut can’t do it…I can’t buy refurb’d TECH! Unless I get to hold it and touch it and FEEL it to make sure it’s solid I can’t risk it. I’m very particular about my toys and I don’t know who had this tab last?!? For all I know the previous owner used it SPECIFICALLY for wacking off and touched that big, beautiful screen with his gross nasty hands..NO WAY! I know that refurbished mean’s “factory original standards” but what if I get the ONE with the loose screen or the dead pixel? Too many variables to risk it. I’ll just go to my local (add tech store name here) and buy the NEW Toshiba Excite X10 when they get’em. I hear it’s the BEST Android tab out right now…..until next week.

    1. 99% of the time refurbs are in like-new condition and are EXCELLENT deals –  well worth the risk for the discount you’re getting. I’ve been buying refurb for years and have yet to be burned by the reduced warranty, or to notice any defects.

      It’s the negative perception of refurbs that people like you have that make refurbs such great deals. Thanks! :)

  4. Sweet! I’m gonna be RICH B*TCH!!! Honk Honk!!!

  5. Only someone in China would think $461,700 is expensive for a house. LOL!

  6. I purchased a refurb Galaxy Tab 10.1 last time these were up during a woot off. There is a tiny scratch on the screen which is only noticeable if viewing the screen in moderate incandescent light and viewing all white content on the device. Other than that it has been running perfect. Gone back and forth between AOKP, nightlies, Task 14 and the stock ROM. It was a great deal and I almost picked up another one during this woot off.

  7. when it actually WAS a deal of the day back in November, I purchased one of these for the same price.  It came with the oil slick defect in the center of the screen.  Other than that, it was in perfect condition.  It also did not come with the earbuds that is said it was packaged with.  Dealing with Nuko Inc. – the warrenty provider – was a huge hassle.  They told me it would be 2 weeks after they receive mine to replace it.  I had to argue for a while to get them to pay for shipping for the return.  After I finally got the replacement, it did not have any noticeable defects and has been running great since.  I love it!  

    So the product itself is awesome – probably the best tablet I have experienced up until recently.  Just beware that the refurb unit may have defects and it is not a fun task to get it replaced.

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