AT&T Lists 10 More Devices to Get Ice Cream Sandwich, Including the Motorola ATRIX 4G


The HTC Vivid received an upgrade to Android 4.0 earlier today, but AT&T isn’t keen on keeping quiet about the rest of their Android stable. They’ve announced 10 more devices will receive Android 4.0 in the coming months. I highlight the Motorola ATRIX 4G because it was one of AT&T’s first dual-core and 4G phones, and it’s a bit dated. While we know the hardware is more than capable, sometimes devices are updated based on user-base or how long it’s been out. It’s good to know AT&T didn’t take age into consideration for the ATRIX 4G. Find the full list of devices below.

  • LG Nitro
  • Motorola ATRIX 2
  • Motorola ATRIX 4G
  • Pantech Burst
  • Pantech Element
  • Samsung Captivate Glide
  • Samsung Galaxy Note
  • Samsung Galaxy S II
  • Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9
Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Pantech??? Really, will they do the breakout on VZW??

  2. Holy crap. LG Nitro? Really? That’s freakin’ awesome. AT&T’s new motto should be “Leave no device behind..”

    1. Unless it’s the Infuse 4g….

      1. Captivate should count too. I mean Captivate Glide and Infuse have similar specs almost

        edit: HTC Inspire

  3. Seriously?!!?, Captivate Glide but not the original Crappy? What the hell!

  4. Wow. Comments here are rare. Lol. People thanking at&t for the ics updates. HTC vivid ics is sweet. Thanks at&t.

  5. Really want ice cream update for my galaxy nexus!

  6. Android Update Alliance?

  7. Dang right they update the Atrix, or I would have right a really mean letter to them!!! (Mort style)

  8. can’t wait till my ATRIX TASTE SOME SWEET ICS just glad they and motorola kept their promise

  9. I’m stoked about the Atrix!

  10. I’ve been rocking jokersax11’s CM9 ICS over at xda for about 2 months now. Beautiful, fast, and smooth. ONLY downside= No Netflix support… Yet.

  11. Did ATT forget LG Optimus Thrill?

  12. Guess I won’t ever see an official update on my HTC Inspire. That doesn’t stop me from running it though. IceColdSandwich Rom FTW.

  13. Samsung Captivate Glide, Yes!

  14. Verizon… start taking notes on how to support your fleet of phones.  The cat’s outta the bag that you’re holding your license to CDMA patents hostage.

  15. HTC kept its promise on limiting phones and focus software.

    1. If only Samsung did that, I would be much more happy if they had only ONE Galaxy S version, US carriers too (I know Samsung might not even want the versions but w/e). I mean come on, there is the International GS II i9200, ATT i777, Sprint’s, T-Mobile’s, ATT Skyrocket, ATT Skyrocket HD, and I think a new HD T-Mobile GS II just came out.

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