Mar 22nd, 2012

China has long been known for a few things. Smog. Communism. And cheap knockoffs. Unsurprisingly enough, an Android themed store in Zuhai, Guangdong popped up, the very same district where Apple is currently battling against a company over the iPad trademark. Even if they aren’t as lavish as the “Androidland” that recently popped up in Australia, I think every city could use a dedicated Android shop.

At first glance, I thought it was kind of cool to see an Android store (the store’s name loosely translated reads: “celebrities smartphone experience store) showcasing the latest from Google’s mobile OS. But, in what could be seen as nothing short of blasphemous to the die-hard Android fanboy, you’ll see this little shop is also selling iPhone’s and Apple accessories. Gotta make that yuan, yo.

How would you guys feel if real Android shops began popping up in your neighborhood (selling only Android products of course)? Would something like this even be feasible with all the Android variants out there?

[IsidorsFugue | RegHardware]