Amazon Kindle for Android Updated to Bring Support for Thousands of Children’s Books, Storing Documents


Amazon just pinged us to let us know that they’ve issued a nice upgrade to their Kindle for Android app. Parents of young children will love the ability to access over 1,000 children’s books such as Brown Bear and Curious George, as well as comics such as Batman and Superman. This is thanks to the arrival of Kindle Format 8 support.

They’ve also implemented a feature that would allow you to send documents to your Kindle Fire or other Kindle-enabled device (pretty much most Android devices) using your Email-to-Kindle address. The documents are also stored in the cloud for easy downloading to other Kindle devices later on. Find the new upgrade in the Google Play Store and at Amazon’s Appstore.

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  1. While these changes are well & good. My question is when are they going to give us the ability to group books into collections in Kindle for Android like the actual Kindle devices can do.

    1. I would like Amazon to treat ebooks like they treat music:1.  Have an ebook uploader that works like the music uploader, recognizing epub and mobi books and the directory structure; and store them on the Amazon Cloud Drive. 2.  Be able to create, modify, and delete collections on the web, any Kindle app or device and have them be synced to Cloud Drive. 3.  Be able to download one or more collections from the Cloud Drive to be used by any Kindle app or device. 4.  Be able to download one or more ebooks (epub, mobi, Kindle)  to any Kindle app or device.

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