Virgin Mobile USA service restored


Virgin Mobile USA has announced via their Facebook page that service has been restored after an outage that began yesterday evening. Data, texts, and calling should all be in working order for subscribers. For those still experiencing issues Virgin recommends a battery pull and device restart. The carrier offered the prerequisite apology for any inconveniences.

[Facebook via Engadget]

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  1. Can someone photoshop a “mobile” next to the word “virgin” on the billboard?  New ad campaign?

    1. Who needs photoshop when you have good ol’ MS paint.

      1. I am that stupid with a computer. You would wonder why I follow tech forums…all the pretty colors.

        1. Midnight blue is pretty great, but royal blue is my favorite.

          1. I feel like you are speaking directly to my soul.

  2. Why does the sign look like it was painted with vaginal blood? Subtle.

  3. Kevin Krause, you have chosen a very very very odd photo for this story.  Very odd.

    1. These billboards are a Baltimore institution.  Kevin’s just holding it down for Charm City.

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