Toshiba LT170 is a ‘budget’ tablet without much focus on budget


Toshiba has been making a hobby of creating Android tablets that simply refuse to catch on despite a good touch of quality features and design, including the ultra-thin Excite. It should surprise no one, then, that yet another model is on the way to get us scratching our heads. The Toshiba LT170 is a mid-range tablet that would typically fall into the “budget” category, but with a price tag of about $400 (€299) there isn’t much “budget” about the 1GHz Freescale CPU-wielding slate.  Other specs include a 7-inch display, 512MB of RAM and 8GB of internal storage.

We’d rather use the same money to pick up the upcoming ASUS Transformer Pad 300 or any number of aging but still adequate Android tablets at a discount. Then there is always the rumored 7-inch Nexus tablet said to be priced at a mere $149, which seems to be a bit more in the business of providing bang for the buck.

[via Engadget]

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  1. Slap a little gold trim on it, and put it in the next edition of SkyMall …

  2. Stop doing ridiculous conversions to USD! Usually the amount in USD about equals the EUR price tags. Don’t write off a product based upon its rumored price in a different market than yours. I know you copied the rate from Engadget but still.

      1. if a phone sells for 600 euros it most like will sell for 600 USD when it hits america. is what he is referring to. however, if you have to get it imported.. well then that’s where the conversion takes place

        1. Complete truth.

          That being said, I wouldn’t pay $300 for those specs…

      2.  Europe and UK have taxes on electronics, VAT I believe it’s called.  So *if* the device is launched in NA, it would carry the same price in USD (299 Euros = $299) the conversion only counts if you are importing from Europe.

  3. This is getting a little crazy. I mean I LOVED the Thrive when is came out because of all the features but didn’t pick it up because i knew it would go down in price. Now Toshiba comes out with this “mid-range spec’d” device and wants to charge people iPad 2 prices? I don’t get it? I know there’s gonna be a high-end budget tab sooner than later (possibly the Nexus tab) so until these tablet prices start going down a little not only will I NOT buy one but Android tablets will contiune to lose in the world market. Oh and that Toshiba Excite……ya if the price is right I think that’ll be my 1st Android tab so hook it up Toshi!

  4. Considering how big of a pile of garbage my Toshiba laptop is, I would think twice about being given one of their tablets for free.

    1. My Toshiba Laptop is greatness… 

      This thing? Not so much.

  5. Android needs to step up on the screen. Look at the iPad 3 retina display. Wtf!!!!

  6. Toshiba has never been adequate with price tags, neither for tablets, nor for laptops. They charge premium rates for sub-par specs. About a year ago I was looking for a laptop, and although I was biased towards Toshiba due to the previous corporate laptops I owned, I finally went with Sony. At that time none of Toshiba laptops around $1000 had gigabyte Ethernet, when it’d already become industry standard, WTF?

  7. It is not just the rumored 7″ ASUS  Nexus tablet that the competition. There will be several Tegra-3 7″ tablets at $200-250 in the next few months. Toshiba’s 7-incher here is already underpowered.

    BTW, the Nexus tablet looks to have nothing new in hardware. A $150 price point is itself the marvelous feature. 7-inch tablets are great for games (thumbs can reach the center of the screen), ebooks, in the bed and on the go (with a tetherable phone (everyone should insist…)). They’re going to become a commodity at this price. We’ll all have several . . .

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