First Look: Motorola Motoluxe, DEFY Mini, XT917, XT928 at CES 2012


Motorola had their international lineup of smartphones for early 2012 on hand at this year’s CES and we had the opportunity to get a first look at devices planned for release outside the US. The lineup includes a few mid-range designs focusing on specific customer classes as well as a couple handsets for the Chinese market featuring some of the best hardware of Motorola’s current offerings. The Motorola XT917 and Motorola XT928 take a page from the RAZR family’s books and feature large, crisp displays. A highlight of both is the HD-video-capable 13MP camera embedded around back.

The Motoluxe and DEFY Mini are smaller devices meant to meet the needs of those seeking either style or durability. The Motoluxe is packed into a slim package with a sleek design, while the DEFY Mini meets the standards of previous DEFY handsets with a Gorilla Glass display and durable case design. We have the full run down on each in the video above.

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  1. Wait the Defy can be smaller? its already too small for my big hands go bigger!

  2. moto is such a strange company. they always kills itself. razr has a strange but cool design, then they create the 917, which has no uniqe style. the sideeffect is, it also kills the razr a little, because it kills the cool image of moto. moto is also a or the android company. but they also dont take their chinese customers serious enough. phones for the next month with 4 hardware buttons? ICS? This is bionic 2011 style … but i didn`t espect something else …
    … the defy is a great outdoor tool. what do you need outdoor? gps and sometimes a good cam. but the cam and the gps of the defy were bad. the cam of the defy+ is still bad. there is also no (moutain)bike dock for the defy/defy+ … crazy

  3. Moto bring that XT928 to AT&T!

  4. Given that ICS will use soft buttons, how are all these phones that are rolling out with physical buttons (even if they are touchscreen) going to adapt to 4.0?  It seems to me that ICS will only run right on devices that are designed for the new OS, not ones that are force-fit with the new OS.
    Am I missing something?

    1. Yes you are missing something. ICS doesn’t REQUIRE onscreen buttons. It’s up to the manufacturer.

      ICS runs on the hard button Droid X as a matter of fact.

  5. At about 1:14 I like how the guy lays his junk up on the table. Classic!!

    1. Seriously… what the heck was that!?!? :O

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