CyanogenMod 7.2 Release Candidate 1 now available for 69 devices


If you are a custom ROM user and CyanogenMod fan, we have good news for you. The CyanogenMod 7.2 RC1 (Release Candidate) has just been released, and is available for 69 devices.

If you are new to this, a Release Candidate is a ROM version that is considered mostly ready for use. There will be a few bugs and issues here and there, but the ROM is at its final stages and should be stable enough to use as a daily driver.

No, this is not based on Android 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich. The CyanogenMod team has added some improvements and fixes from the Android 4.0 software, though. Aside from this, there are many bug fixes and new features included. One of the most important fixed issues is the vanishing ringtones from the SD-card.

As it goes with such topics, there is the usual disclaimer. Flashing a ROM requires root access and may harm your device and/or void your warranty. Please be careful and do your research before performing any of these tasks, as the responsibility will fall on your hands if anything goes wrong.

With that said, head over to CyanogenMod’s site to see the list of supported devices, as well as the equally long changelog. If you are still ready to enjoy CM 7.2 RC1, head over to their mirror network to download the files. Happy flashing!

[Source: CyanogenMod]

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  1. No htc rezound?

  2. It wont let me download for the supersonic, is anyone else having a problem?

    1.  Not currently able to download for the Epic either.

  3. No t-mobile galaxy s2

  4. Lolol 69:D

  5. I hope the team is going to give Tmobile GS2 some love. It feels lonely watching other kids havig fun in the play ground: (

    1. It most likely will but it shares a chipset shared by other big devices not supported either: notably the Sensation, EVO 3D, HTC Amaze, Vivid, Rezound.

  6. I think their mirror is down….

  7. No Droid Bionic… Sweet…

  8. No Samsung Transform Ultra??? We have plently of support and community involvement trying to do it, Why not you?

  9. Why no TMobile Galaxy S II ?!?!?!?!

  10. their whole site is down…

  11. I was going ‘yay’, but then WTF, the web site is down.

  12. By the way if you know your platform codename, Google might help you to get straight to the download page of the mirror network.

  13. Sorry, but its hard to get excited about something that’s not based on 4.0

  14. you got to be kidding me! Apple coming out with their damn awfully (good) new iPad while the decent price, the good and the great  Android ICS tablets are nowhere to be seen. And we are supposed to be excited about CM 7.x ???   Once I tried ICS (CM 9) on my nook color, I am not going back to CM 7. And I don’t want any android tablets without ICS.

    1.  I’m on Nook Color too, but I hate ICS; hence, I am excited. I’ve been waiting for a new Gingerbread based release for almost 4 months. Can you share what exactly did you like about ICS so much?

      1. ICS user interface is clean, modern and effective. I have been using Android OS since T-mobile G1 as my first smartphone, playing with various ROM like CM, Bionix … When I use CM7 with my nook color, it’s all right, nothing to be excited about. When I tried ICS for the first time on my nook, it just captivated me. My in-laws has iPad2 that I am setting up for them. iOS 5 is boring compared to ICS. I dislike iOS single button interface. I think ICS and subsequent versions stands better chance for Android tablets to capture the heart and mind of users.

        1.  Thanks! I found ICS excessively generous in wasting the precious display real estate and overly simplistic. Well, I’m probably an exception – I always liked the Android’s unique functionality, and least of my priorities have been the looks. WiFi hotspot is impressive, interface improvements – eeh, not so much. That’s why ICS is a very low value add for me.

          1. I would suggest playing with the soft DPI on your ICS builds, you can set it to use as much (or as little) screen real-estate for buttons and menus and such as you like.

  15. And once again I get to regret passing up the nexus for the galaxy 4g.

  16. By the way, 7.2 just flies on Nook Color. We’ll see if this kills the battery faster.

  17. Just installed on my OG Dinc. Impressed with how fast it is and really love the rotation animations.

  18. 69 phones software release and people are still crying about some missing??!! Tell me who on this earth released software for this many phones? Apple, Samsung, HTC….? NONE OF THEM!! Stop crying about your phone not making the cut YET!

    1. Your phone must be supported.

      1. my phone is on nightly builds, so yes in a way

  19. No e3d support

    1. We never had official CM7 support anyways, so it is to be expected. However, this does make baby Jesus cry himself to sleep at night.

  20. As everybody anticipates ICS this is great news for all those phones that will never get the upgrade. 70 devices!!

  21. Make sure to check the device-specific pages, my DInc isn’t in the 7.2 RC1 list, but there’s a 7.2 RC1 listed under the device itself.

  22. Seems that adding a gmail account is broken, doesn’t ask after rom is installed and when you try to add from menu, it goes direct to adding exchange account. Tmobile G2

  23. I put this on my HTC Desire (GSM) and the Bluetooth map support is great, my Ford Focus Sync reads my text messages to me! 

  24. i downloaded CyanogenMod 7.2 but its refused to proceed installation (displaying android and cyanogenmod 7 logos) because i haven’t Tick “wipe data and cache box”. i made hard reset and still kept showing  the same thing, pls need ur help! what is the next step?

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