Mar 17th, 2012

Sprint’s highly anticipated Galaxy Nexus made its rounds through the FCC a couple of days ago. As customers wait patiently for any official announcements and releases, we have a bit of info from the rumor train to consider. And Sprint customers will be happy to know that the Ice Cream Sandwich device might be released next month, on April 15th.

The rumor comes from, who claims that an inside Sprint source has confirmed this information. According to the sources, Sprint has internally decided to launch the Nexus device on said date. It happens to be a Sunday, though. Which S4GRU even accepts that it is an unlikely day for a device release.

This makes the news a bit hard to believe, as the very site that released this information is doubting its certainty. But there are some extra interesting details. Apparently, the Sprint Galaxy Nexus will support LTE, but the device will come with 3G connectivity mode as default.

Sprint’s 4G LTE will be within its first stages when the device goes for sale. And the sources claim that Sprint has decided to not completely depend on the new network just yet. Instead, it will work like it has with WiMAX, where one has to toggle 4G on and off.

Regardless, this could probably be seen as a feature. LTE is known for being a battery hog, so users might prefer the idea of it not being on at all times. After all, a 4G LTE on/off toggle has been a popular request for Verizon’s devices.

As always, do take this with a spoon-full of salt. S4GRU is a relatively new site, and the details seem a bit shady. But with enough luck, we might be seeing that Galaxy Nexus finally being released next month. Are any of you holding up for the Sprint Nexus device?

[Via: S4GRU]

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