Rumor: Sprint Galaxy Nexus to be released on April 15th?


Sprint’s highly anticipated Galaxy Nexus made its rounds through the FCC a couple of days ago. As customers wait patiently for any official announcements and releases, we have a bit of info from the rumor train to consider. And Sprint customers will be happy to know that the Ice Cream Sandwich device might be released next month, on April 15th.

The rumor comes from s4gru.com, who claims that an inside Sprint source has confirmed this information. According to the sources, Sprint has internally decided to launch the Nexus device on said date. It happens to be a Sunday, though. Which S4GRU even accepts that it is an unlikely day for a device release.

This makes the news a bit hard to believe, as the very site that released this information is doubting its certainty. But there are some extra interesting details. Apparently, the Sprint Galaxy Nexus will support LTE, but the device will come with 3G connectivity mode as default.

Sprint’s 4G LTE will be within its first stages when the device goes for sale. And the sources claim that Sprint has decided to not completely depend on the new network just yet. Instead, it will work like it has with WiMAX, where one has to toggle 4G on and off.

Regardless, this could probably be seen as a feature. LTE is known for being a battery hog, so users might prefer the idea of it not being on at all times. After all, a 4G LTE on/off toggle has been a popular request for Verizon’s devices.

As always, do take this with a spoon-full of salt. S4GRU is a relatively new site, and the details seem a bit shady. But with enough luck, we might be seeing that Galaxy Nexus finally being released next month. Are any of you holding up for the Sprint Nexus device?

[Via: S4GRU]

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  1. I enjoy having the ability to turn WiMax on/off at my discretion with my GSII. That does help save on the battery. If I’m just playing on my phone, I don’t need 4G there to suck down my battery while I have no way to stop it. I travel to Atlanta often for sports events and only turn 4G on when I’m searching for something or looking at the weather forecast while at a Braves game. I hope there is the ability to toggle on/off LTE on Sprint phones. 

    1. Even if not, the Android Market is your best friend for a solution.

  2. Ive been, on a great plan and cant move.  Add on to the fact that Sprint didnt screw with the Nexus S like Verizon did with their GN.

    1. What screwing did VZW do?  Oh, they added two arguably useful apps that can be deleted in seconds.  Try again.

      1. Verizon screws you every month they send you a bill.  do you walk funny?  it’s prob because VZW is banging you without lube every month.

  3. Why would I get this phone when it should have came out 4 months ago?? I’d rather wait for the next great phone to come out..

    1. i wish sprint would have released it sooner i would have waited on 3g till the new network was up. hopefully sprint will keep with their unlimited data when my verizon contract is up and their lte roll-out should be almost complete.

      1. While I agree, it just doesn’t make sense from a business standpoint. “Buy our 4G LTE phones and we promise to have LTE rolled out at some point” doesn’t bode well for the average customer, especially seeing what happened with WiMax (a whole lot of empty promises).

        1. Most customers don’t even know what 4g is and the Evo 4g sold a ton.  So it really doesn’t hurt.  “Your 4g should be available in a few months”  most people will go “oh… ok.”

        2. this is pretty much how all the carriers did it. 4g devices have been on the market for about two years, alot of people still don’t have 4g from any carrier.

    2. Yeah, we can always wait for the “next great phone” to come out… but then again, we would all still be using flip phones.

      If this phone should have come out 4 months ago, that means you’ve been waiting 4 months. So instead of buying it, you’ll wait for the next great phone to be announced, released on another carrier, and then released on Sprint 4 months later? Perpetual waiting will get you nothing.

      1. there’s only ONE Nexus.

        1. And the Galaxy Nexus IS the only Nexus right now… What “next great phone” are we supposed to be waiting for, seeing as another Nexus hasn’t even been announced/leaked/rumored yet.

          1. that was my point.  one can buy the Nexus and be content and happy.

          2. Ah ok, so we are in agreement. I thought your post was a rebuttal to mine.

      2.  Well, I guess I didn’t make myself clear enough… I meant that with the announcements of new phones at the MWC (One X for example..), I’m waiting for them to be released, also I’m waiting for the announcement of the speculated Galaxy S3, which will hopefully be announced next month..

        I’m not against the Nexus, but it took Sprint long enough to get it… However, if nothing is gonna be released for a while, I’ll be more than happy with the Nexus… at least it’ll be guaranteed a “Jellybean” update.. :)

        1. You’re waiting for the announcement of a phone that doesn’t even exist yet? You know how long you will be waiting for it to come out after that?

  4. you can turn 4g off on the verizon gnex. settings> more…> mobile networks> network mode> choose lte/cdma, cdma

    1. so a 5 step process compared to sprint putting it in the pull down bar

      1. there’s apps in the market for a toggle switch

        1. but on sprint atleast for the wimax 4g it wasnt neccessary i cant speak for this device since its not out yet but it would make a lot of since to continue to give customers the option without using a 3rd party

          1. agreed, having this integrated is far better then dealing with 3rd party.

  5. I think you guys should stop writing news and get to the day drinking festivities already! I’m saying this while im checking phandroid every 30min while celebrating…ha but whatever.Happy St pattys !

    1.  Betcher not feelin’ so cheery this mornin’, are ya boyo?

  6. I think it will come out that month but not until that special promotion sprint is running for an extra $50-75 off phones ends.  It ends April 27th.  I see this as coming out right after.


    1.  tru dat.

  7. You don’t think Sprint would release a phone on a Sunday?

    The Kyocera Echo was released Sunday, April 17, 2011.
    The Nexus S 4G was released Sunday, May 8, 2011.
    The Samsung Replenish was released Sunday, May 8, 2011.
    The Motorola XPRT was released on Sunday, June 5, 2011.
    The Motorola Titanium was released Sunday, July 24, 2011.
    The Motorola Photon 4G was released on Sunday, July 31, 2011.
    The Samsung Conquer 4G was released on Sunday, August 21, 2011.
    The LG Marquee was released Sunday, October 2, 2011.
    The EVO Design 4G was released on Sunday, October 23, 2011.
    The Samsung Transform Ultra was released on Sunday, November 13, 2011.
    The ZTE Fury was released Sunday, March 11, 2012.

    The EVO 3D, Epic 4G Touch, Motorola Admiral and iPhone 4S were the only phones Sprint released on a Friday last year.

    1. did u buy all these or just google it

      1. I remembered that Sprint likes to release new phones on Sunday. I did some research, something it seems the author of this article failed to do.

        On another note, S4GRU is a reliable source, so I don’t know why the author is dissing them. A “spoon-full” of salt? How about a half-grain of sugar?

        1. Epic post, man! +1

    2. You left off the SGSII – also released on a Sunday.

  8. “but the device will come with 3G connectivity mode as default” 
    Ummm… duh? Was anyone else really thinking otherwise when there’ll be so few LTE areas when it’s released?

    1. i think what he means is that on other carriers 4g is on by default and toggles automatically when in or out of coverage eating up battery life but if ur able to toggle the 4g on or off u would see better everall batterylife unless u just want to walk around with 4g on in no 4g areas

  9. Unlocked nexus or bust.

    1. bust…all over my new sprint gnex hd screen…send it in for replacement

  10. The next great phone is the iPhone 5 with iPad 3 retina display. Damn!

    1. Trololololol. IPhone 4s with a updated screen, brilliant!

      1. now phatty (if its ok to call u that) in his small little world his opinion is truth and if u truly belive in something to be reality and not surreal as we see it u cant be mad at the poor misguded(or brainwashed) individual

    2.  Tracfone > iPhone

  11. Wow

  12. Seriously Pandroid, your post are sometimes way out there. That site has continously provided Sprint customers with very accurate going back from the wimax deployment uo to the current LTE one. I believe highly in their sources. As for Sprint pushing out a device on a Sunday, fellow poster cashd00d set the facts straight. I am quite surprised that you guys did not know that.

    1. You couldnt be any more correct… Well said! 

  13. Talked to a Sprint rep today, said the GNex will be released in 3-4 weeks…. so it hits this date within a few days.

  14. Now that is a good marketing campaign. They haven’t released ice cream sandwich for Samsung galaxy s2 cause if they did that the nexus might not sell like they want. Cause the sgs2 would be really a top phone over the nexus…..so i think they gonna wait til they release it and then release it for sgs2

  15. i vote for FRIDAY THE 13TH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. The Photon is still the best phone on Sprint until the Nexus comes out.


      1. Still loving mine to death, but cant wait for an upgrade

        1. G-NEX and G-NOTE are the only true successors to the OG EVO 4G.  everything else so far is just a wannabe pretender to the throne.

    2. Umm, better than the Epic Touch? Sorry, dont think so

      1. SG2 display resolution SUCKS.  not enough pixels for display size, homie.

  17. I think i’d rather wait for the HTC One X to come out at this point. I would have upgraded to the GNex back in December had it come out for Sprint then. But at this point, might as well just wait a little longer for the better phone. Plus, i’m really really sick and tired of Samsung’s slow upgrades (had the Moment and now have the Epic) and their damn GPS issues.

    1. Idk how the OneX WOULDNT be better than the GNex, I mean, its almost a full year newer

      1. because HTC and Chou f****d up.  again.

  18. I work for sprint i doubt it would launch that early, but the fact they thought a Sunday launch was wierd, is silly most of our phones launch on Sundays so it could be true.

    1. EVO 4G was launched on a Friday, Homie.

  19. I would rather have the Note, I would not be surprised to learn by then I would prefer the SGS3.

  20.  I`ll buy one with Quad Core, not Dual Core… If Dual Core I`ll Keep What I have.

  21. I just hope they’re capable of finishing the rollout of 4.0.2 by April 15th.  ICS is awesome, but Google’s QA needs a kick in the ass for delays, stoppages, and breakages thus far.  

    1. Hesse needs a kick in the ass!  and if he doesn’t get his shit together – he needs a kick in the ass right out the door!

  22. I’ll be waiting for an upgrade to the Photon with ICS. Upgrade is in June, so I’ll be patiently waiting. Rocking ICS on NS4G currently.

    On second thought, I may be waiting on the ASUS tab phone. Phone and tablet in one device. Can’t beat that. And add Ubuntu on that phone while docked. Heaven.

  23. Oh god please be true. I am using an og transform since my hero got smoked. Help!

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