Verizon adding “remote diagnostic tool” to LG Revolution via update


Sensing the Carrier IQ mess is sufficiently in the past, Verizon acknowledged in the changelog for the LG Revolution that it will be adding a remote diagnostic tool to the phone.

However, a significant difference of this tool from Carrier IQ is that Verizon only retrieves data when the user explicitly gives permission to a customer care representative while requesting help. Once the rep has the permission he/she can “remotely view the user’s device for troubleshooting and application demonstrations.”

Whether or not this tool finds its way to other Verizon devices is something we’ll only get to know about in the future.

The other changes coming to the LG Revolution are:

Device Enhancements

  • Resolved reboot issue found during operating system upgrade from Froyo
  • to Gingerbread.
  • Playing AVI video files through HDMI no longer causes display to flicker.
  • Placing an alarm on snooze while on a voice call will set snooze to 5 minutes.
  • Dolby presets have been updated to use loudness, bass and spaciousness
  • to improve the user’s experience.
  • When placing the device into Airplane Mode, the 4G icon no longer appears.
  • Email, Messaging & Web
  • Sending a text message to a 7 digit number will display as sent and received.
  • Improved device messaging to fix delays or incomplete sends.
  • Pressing the back key while browsing will take the user back to the previous page.

Applications & Widgets

  • Verizon Video is now preloaded.
  • Calendar widget now displays correct month for November.

[LG Revolution Changelog | via Android Central]

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  1. That’s really creepy to think Verizon can view anything on your phone at any time, I hope it doesn’t make its way onto other phones, if it does I’ll just remove it with root.

    1. They can’t sense anything at any time, it’s when a customer contacts the customer rep, typically with some problem, and explicitly gives them permission.

      1. Verizon needs permission for everything on the phone. The customer will have to enter a pin number given by the tech rep and the cust will have to enter it and accept T&Cs. The cust will also have to approve other parts of the phone such as text msg and pictures, etc. This is only to help “see” the issue at hand to better help a customer. Most people here will never need anyone to “login” to their phone as they can follow everything a rep would ask of them. This is intended to speed up the troubleshooting for people who are not sure how to follow the directions given. It will also allow connection to the Samsung Charge at launch.

        1.  uhm the code entered is to initiate a push btw. Verizon could get the data at any time if they choose to.

  2. Anyone else think this is for VOLTE?  This is the phone they originally demo’d VOLTE on back @ CES in 2011.

  3. I just installed the update. I have been a pretty persistent critic of this phone but I have to admit this update seems to have helped a lot. The phone had problems with random reboots and freezes (about once every three hours if just sitting there, but much more often under heavy use) and the stock browser often wouldn’t respond correctly to the back button (it would act like a home button). Since I installed the update about an hour ago, it’s been running pretty smooth. I’ve been running GO Launcher with 3 browsers open (stock, Dolphin HD, and Dolphin Mini – the last two with about 3-4 tabs each) and playing Google Music – and it’s held up. Before this update, this was a guaranteed way to freeze up the phone. So for now, it’s nice. I’ll update this comment if it doesn’t hold up.

    That said, I’m still pretty ticked about the fact it’s not getting ICS and that it’s binged (when I bought the phone it was my first android phone and didn’t know what I was doing other than by getting the upgrade on July 2nd and giving my BB to my wife, I made sure we were both grandfathered into unlimited data – which is awesome for her now that she has a GNex).

    If anything this update shows what a good phone this could have been if LG hadn’t messed it up so bad. Just 11 months until my next upgrade…

  4. LG Esteem too? =(

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