Panasonic: Android-operated rice cookers? You got it, and for over $1000!


Most of us are Android fans, but how many of us love rice, as well? Panasonic has decided to mix the best of both worlds and just announced the SR-SX2 rice cooker. This is no regular appliance, though. It comes with some cool features and can be operated with an Android device.

The gadget runs on RFID technology, and is compatible with all FeliCa Smartcard (Sony technology) enabled smartphones. After downloading the app, one can simply modify the settings from a compatible smartphone. Settings include type of rice, temperature, timer and other rice science option. The user is then able to tap the device on that blue icon and the magic starts.

With so many features, your rice will probably come out even tastier. But if cooking isn’t your thing, the app also includes recipes. All for the humble price of 89,800 yen, which translates to about $1075 US. That is quite the investment. Some people must really love their rice.

The SR-SX2 will be released in June for the Japanese market. So if our Japanese readers have some extra money just waiting to be spent, this could be an option. What is next, though? Android-operated toilets? This is cool and all, but we can find no justification for paying over $1000 for the SR-SX2. I will be sticking with my good ol’ $40 rice cooker – Will you?

[Source: Panasonic Via: Gizmodo]

Edgar Cervantes

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  1. I can’t imagine who this’d be for. Anyone that can afford paying $1,000k+ for a rice-cooker probably has someone who makes it for them.

    1. In Japan, people make rice all the time, it’s practically the thing that’s always available to have any time. So people spend hundreds on rice cookers which are staples of cooking to them as important as an oven or a stove. Yes this is a pricey higher end model with unique features, but it isn’t beyond the Japanese market.

      1. in china, we cook rice with a pot. 

        1. In communist R̶u̶s̶s̶i̶a̶ China, rice cooks you

    2. lol…i’ve seen them sold here in hawaii…in fact went to the korean market yesterday and saw rice cookers from 400-1000 dollars…pressure cooker rice cookers…pretty nuts…us asians love our rice i tell you…

  2. For $1000+ it’d better make sushi at the same time too, Dragon Rolls & All!

  3. When they make a $1000 android-operated sandwich maker, i’ll get it.

  4. i like the idea. how about a microwave same concept but with nfc and a app that has just about any frozen product in a database that tells the microwave how to cook the item just right. and maybe a barcode scanner to look up the item off its box

    1. I had a similar idea a few years ago. A WiFi microwave with a bar-code reader built-in. You scan the UPC code on your TV dinner, and the microwave automatically knows at what power level and for how long to cook your food. Manufacturers would be able to keep their database updated for new products, and the microwave would be able to download the new database over the built-in WiFi.

      Heck, they could even put a bigger screen on the thing that displays full instructions and marks them off as they happen. “STIR THE POTATOES NOW DUMMY!”

      1. it would be great for hot pockets. they are either too cold or cooked too long they open up.

      2. I don’t think it would be neccesary for a data base.  The info can be in the bar code itself.  Most bar codes have empty information, and are under utilized.

    2. THATS a great idea!  Really.  The hot pockets have a bar code scanner, wave it in front of the scanner, pop it in, close the door, and it knows what to do.  Seriously, patent that idea before some guy in China reads this.

  5. How about a George Foreman Grill? :P

  6. useless.

  7. I don’t know… an Android powered toilet could be pretty useful. Bare with me here. You could be sitting on the pot with your phone in your hand and while you’re in the middle of doing business, you could be entering in what you ate the day before; Taco Bell, home made rice, etc. or if you are constipated or have the runs. Then the app would calculate how much force and water to flush with to prevent clogged toilets or over-use of unnecessary water. The phone would then transmit the data to the toilet and once you’re done, the toilet would take care of the rest. 

    1. Finally, a way for Google to know if you need to be targeted with laxative ads!

    2. LOL! It would be different per person, though. It all depends on your metabolism, etc. I guess we could do it a la Swiftkey. Have the app and toilet learn your outcomes depending on your habits. lol

    3. no, we REALLY DON’T want this.

      Insurance companies could buy the data then deny coverage for future claims based on your habits etc.

      Need bypass surgery?  Too bad, DENIED!  Look at your history of bad eating.

      Same goes with toilets that analyze the contents of the waste for nutrients/chems. etc.

      “Sorry, you’re denied coverage because of you lifestyle.  According to your toilet log you drink beer >2 times per week…”

      1. You’re a nut.

        1. He is right, that can happen. And if we don’t stop it, it will happen.

        2. check this out:

          wait what, they exist already?  exactly.

    4. Bare with me. Haha!

    5. I don’t think this kind of analysis will sit well with most people.

    6. This is just way to funny!  Maybe it will fly in Japan, but I do not see it here in America.

      I just use a pot to cook rice, works for me

      Alexander Ramirez when you said that the toilet would “take care of the rest” I almost fell out of my chair laughing !

      1.  Steamed rice > boiled rice.

    7. This has actually been available for quite some time now:,633/

  8. There is a lot to be said about a rice cooker that is better than your run of the mill $25-$50 appliance, but $1,000? And all I can do is remotely change settings like rice type, temperature, etc? I can automate my living room for less…

  9. For that much, I would be expecting a nice amount of rice to come with it. What would that be like, half a year to a year’s worth of rice (if you ate rice every day)?

  10. $1000 is ridiculous, even with Android.

    If you want to get a very very nice rice cooker, you only need to spend $100 or $200 max on a Zojirushi (the recognized ‘best’ brand).

    (And, you don’t need to be asian to have a rice cooker. I have rice at least once in a week in various forms: plain with sesame oil, with beef, in curry, as filler in chili, … etc. Now I’m hungry…)

    1. As soon as I saw the price tag, I knew it was bound for the Japanese market.  My wife (Who is Japanese) brought home a $500 rice cooker from Japan, because her sister didn’t want it, it was too small :s  Sounds like a lot to us, but its just a little above average for them, and believe it, it will sell.

  11. Wtf, first Samsung created an android oven and now Panasonic with a rice cooker? audi is working on a tegra 3/ android car module, this is getting a bit out of hand. next thing you know well be able to play angry birds on toilets. how did we go from phones to this  

    1. I already do play Angry Birds on the toilet, though maybe not in the way you mean :-)

  12. im… now i can be much lazier.. will it magically have rice in there if i click the “cook rice” button? lol

    how about an app to cotrol vehicles?

    an android robot lover perhaps? lol..

  13. I would like android built into the fridge because the fridge is usually the information central of the entire house (magnets, calendars, etc)

  14. Does this also include a six month supply of rice? lol….

  15. I am a rice lover, I make it a part of at least one meal every day, but for me you cant beat a bamboo rice steamer and some old fashion know how.

  16. An android operated toilet wouldn’t be weird and is long over due. I own a coco bidet which is one bad ass bidet seat but could be so much more running on Android.

  17. As much as a fanboy I am, even I wouldn’t get this. I was tempted in the Android oven though. But I’ll stick to the potential glassses and smartwatch

  18. I do love rice, but I`m not crazy to pay $ 1000.0 for it !!!!!!

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