Sprint Galaxy Nexus Hits the FCC


The Now Network has inched one step closer to being able to provide the Galaxy Nexus for their consumers. The device has just hit the FCC and, as promised, those sweet LTE radios are sitting inside. (Good riddance, WiMax!) Alongside LTE, we’ve got radios for Sprint’s 3G, 2G, and voice, as well as NFC and Bluetooth. It appears their device will stack up similarly to Verizon’s, though nothing can be confirmed at the time. Unfortunately there’s still no expected release window to be confirmed, but Sprint’s launching their LTE network in mid-2012 so it would appear that we’ll be seeing it creep into the Summer months. I’m sure Sprint won’t launch the phone without the network up and running somewhere so don’t bank on it any time before then. [FCC–, via]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Sprint users will be very happy. It’s an awesome phone

  2. I’m eligible for an upgrade in June.  Timing’s looking pretty good.

    1. me too! i hope they announce LTE for Minneapolis by then though. but i think i might be leaning towards the GSIII, if/when it comes to Sprint in a timely manner

      1. Im eligible in about 20 more days….and have been dying for this phone. I’ve been entering in Sprints Daily drawing for a Galaxy Nexus religiously since announcement. You are allowed 2 Entries everyday and thats what ive been doing everyday i wake up. Im praying i can score one of these free and not even lock myself into a 2 year contract. That will save me a discount for a unique phone within the coming year, should one be announced.

  3. Now my friend can finally upgrade off his ancient HTC Hero!

  4. No thanks….maybe if it came out like say 4 months ago. But by the time this drops the One X will be right around the corner. If im gonna upgrade I might as well upgrade to the best hardware out. Not something thats already out dated. Especially the fact that Google is messing up the very reason the Nexus became popular in the first place. OEMs upgrading software faster than google. No thanks.

    1. When was the One X confirmed for Sprint?

  5. NOOOO… I really wanted this phone this month when Verizon’s 3-month (speculated) exclusivity deal ended. Here’s hoping they prove you guys wrong…

  6. By that time might as well just get the Galaxy S 3…..

  7. I switched from Sprint to the Verizon for the Nexus and I’m totally not regretting the choice.

    1. if sprint would have released it in feb i would have waited. got mine from verizon i love the lte speeds 

  8. Better late than never

  9. Does it support 800mhz LTE?

    1. I do not think so. Looks like that will be on Sprints second round of LTE phones.

    2. I thought Sprint was using 1900mhz for LTE?

      1. Sprint is using 1900mhz for LTE, initially.  Eventually they will run LTE on both 800mhz and 1900mhz.

    3. no

  10. original EVO 4g owners like me are all elligible for upgrades tomorrrow! I will be getting this phone the day it hits the shelves. i believe it will come before the network, they can’t wait 8 months to release a new phone, that would be suicide, they need to release something HOTT and soon, i think this would be perfect. there really isn’t any point in waiting for LTE to go live because lte will only be in a few cities, so it makes no difference to %90 of people who will buy this phone.

    plus the fact that it is hitting the FCC now is a good sign it is close to launch… i don’t think they would be going to the FCC if they are still many months away from launching it

    1. Awesome! Lucky you!

    2. Fist bump! 
      Except Im leaving for boot camp next week, so Im gunna wait until after that and see whats hit the market in June

      1. good luck in boot camp good sir.  safe travels!

  11. I want the HTC one x on Sprint with quad core and LTE here is to hoping that can happen…

    1. I want the same phone on Sprint, but with the dual core Snapdragon S4 (A15 > A9)


  12. Expect an announcement next early month on the release and when the first LTE markets officially light up. My buddy who does network work for sprint says that the lte is on and ready in most of the roll out markets and they expect final testing done by may 1

    1. Thats why they started the Contest to give away free Nexus’. They are already close to starting it. after April 15th i believe they will announce the winners. Shit i really hope they mention NYC ….becuz ill surely be able to catch signal from across the river.

  13. Congrats Sprint customers.  The Galaxy Nexus is the best phone available today, and in my opinion it will continue to be the best phone available until the next Nexus. And yes, I’m counting the SGSIII in that.  Touchwiz ICS (which reportedly feels nearly identical to Touchwiz GB) and slow updates are no good.

    1. Sorry bro, but the SGIII is gunna stomp all over the GNex. Although right now, nothing beats the GNex IMO

      1. im pretty sure any phone that comes out holiday season 2012 will beat a holiday season 2011 phone… the SGIII is still quiet a ways out, i’m not buying into the whole “one release date across the glode” BS haha

         but if by some chance it does, then i will pick it up over the GNex

      2. Agreed. The nexus is on top for now but the GS3 is going to curb stomp it

  14. So I was due for an upgrade sept 2011, but the new nexus device was right around the corner… so I waited for it to only be released at Verizon,  at that time the sgs2 was still new to sprint but it had been out since early summer in Europe so by that standard it was an “old” phone.  Well I still have to use my upgrade but by the time this phone comes to sprint it too will be “old” and the sgs3 is right around the corner.  I hate technology… and making decisions.  

  15. they’re going to keep the nfc chip active right?

    1. yes, sprint is the biggest supporter of google wallet 

  16. This phone is too late! If they would just release ICS for my Epic Touch then I wouldn’t care that its coming. With the GS3 on the horizon I see no need to lust for this phone.

  17. I wouldn’t get this phone, they took too long to release it, and the hardware will soon be outdated with better hardware like the HTC One and SGS-3 coming out.

    Does anyone know if Sprint’s variant of the Galaxy Nexus is using an updated GPU? I had read rumors that the GPU for Sprint was getting an update.

  18. I hope this comes at the end of the month or early April. If so, it’s good as bought. I’ll cross the GSIII bridge when it actually gets here. I have faith that Google can still fix the some what broken Nexus program. Any petitions or anything going yet?

  19. Who is Sprint using to build their LTE? Lightsquared isn’t going to be doing it regardless of  how much spectrum Sprint purchases. Clearwire TD-LTE?
    Hopefully, they do a hell of a lot better with building and expanding LTE than they did with WiMax.
    I wonder if they’re going to call their LTE network 5G?

    1. Sprint is building their own LTE… always have been. And, they will call it 4G, just look at the picture you just commented on. O-o

      1. I must’ve misunderstood something somewhere. If Sprint was planning on doing everything on their own, then why did they try to enter into a deal with Lightsquared to build out their LTE? The deal started falling through because Lightsquared uses frequencies that interfere with GPS (which the Pentagon has been complaining about for quite awhile,and rightfully so, but that’s another matter).
        As for the “5G” comment, I was just being facetious because Sprint took it upon themselves to call WiMax “4G” on their own. lol

        1. This may not be the best way to describe it, but basically, Sprint had all along planned on building out their own LTE network, which is currently underway.. The LS deal allowed LS to add their antennas to Sprints towers so LS could expedite the buildout of their network.  Sprint was always going to use their own LTE. Sprint was just going to get paid big bucks by LS for letting them put their antennas on Sprints towers.  does that make sense? (trying my best here.. lol) 

        2. It’s the other way around on the LS deal… LS was going to pay Sprint to use their Network Vision infrastructure/towers… and in turn, Sprint was also going to be able to re-sell the service as their own.

          Sprint is re-farming PCS for their own LTE.  And they’ll also be using 800 mhz at some point after/during the PCS re-farm.  They’re also buying LTE service from Clear.

  20. Good journalistic style. l’m tired of reading things on the internet with no author or publication date.

  21. I’m so tired of waiting for phones and not ever really having the one I really want.

  22. hmm… I remember I bought my GF her first Galaxy S phone. (epic) and then a year later i got her the Epic 4G Touch. She used to call me crazy for being into phone as much as i am.. But i pitched in the idea of upgrading to the Galaxy Nexus when it comes out,

    … and, she didn’t yell at me! 

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