Some AT&T users able to pull ICS update for HTC Vivid


Though there has been no official statement from AT&T, some HTC Vivid owners have been able to pull what appears to be release-ready Ice Cream Sandwich update to their devices by performing a simple dialer trick. Calling *#*#682#*#* will ping the servers hosting the file and initiate a push to the handset. Some users have had to wait a bit for the update to show after dialing the number above. Others have had no success in updating the Vivid.

The build is slightly fresher than the most recent ICS leak and brings along Sense 3.6 along with Android 4.0.3, but without an official release statement we can’t be 100 percent certain this is indeed the final build AT&T and HTC intended to deliver to users. You can test your luck and see about giving the new software a spin by performing the dialer trick and waiting for that sweet treat to arrive.

[via AndroidCentral]


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  1. Working for me! Sweet!

  2. thats it im dropping this site and i use to click on it like 50x a day at work

    never coming back. 

    1. Why are you leaving?

      1. Guessing his Vivid didn’t upgrade.

        Not the sites fault lol.

  3. Anyone confirm beats audio is included or video Mic is better?

  4. Goodbye jefd you enter be missed.

  5. Confirmed, I’M an att rep
    Just tried it on three phones, all three updated to ics.

    1. Let me just say that.. I hate your company.

    2. ATT rep here too just updated one of our vivds. (ATT please consider this my official note that nothing that could be considered as “productive” will be accomplished today.)

    3. How big was the update in terms of file size? How many mb’s was it?

  6. Jeffd goodbye. Say hi to Bella.

  7. I entered that number and it called one of the local Sears store. I tried it several times and got the same result. :-)

  8. Will this work for other htc handsets?

    1. I was wondering the same thing I even tried it to see lol

  9. If HTC only releases Sense 3.6 on their most recent devices (Rezound, Vivid, etc.) then they are really screwing their customers over. I don’t want that shit.

    1. They will… The rezound, vivid, etc. does not have the hardware required camera chip that sense 4.0 uses to run…

      Sense 4.0 cannot run on an hTC device without the upgraded camera hardware. Only the One X and the S have the image chip/image sense hardware for it to run on. Sense 4.0 has this hardware requirement. That’s why the One V has sense 3.6 with it’s lower specs. This tells me that all hTC devices getting the ICS update will have sense 3.6.

  10. When my device reboots after downloading, it stops with a dead android icon & red triangle with exclamation mark in it. the phone is rooted. could this be why?

    1. yes….

      1. I lol’d.

      2. I flashed back to stock and was able to complete the update but software still showing 2.3.4 =/

  11. wut.jpg when I try to call this number on a different phone, as soon as I hit the last pound or * it erases the number and won’t let me call it?
    also bye jeffd!

    1.  You aren’t actually making a call; it is a command for the phone.  This particular command must be a query for update to the OS.

  12. Not working from Area Code 404 in Atlanta.

  13. #*#*checkin*#*#

  14. No such luck here either I dialed the # and it disappeared on me right when it almost went into command mode so to speak :(

  15. Jeffd left. That’s why it doesn’t work anymore.

  16. nothing happen here as soon I press *just desapear

  17. This is making one Droid Incredible 2 user mildly jealous…

  18. not working on gnex. dam you key lime pie update.

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