TED announces Android app, view over 1000 lectures on your phone or tablet


TED has released an official app for Android, bringing 1100+ TEDTalks to smartphones and tablets. Those familiar with TED will appreciate access to the large library of lectures and discussions that aim to push the boundaries of human thought and scientific advancement. Along with new talks added daily, the app features online and offline search capabilities, social sharing, bookmarks, and offline viewing.

The app has been designed to adapt to a wide range of Android devices, including the Kindle Fire. The dual screens of the Sony Tablet P have also been taken into consideration. The new app can be found in the Google Play Store and Amazon Appstore now.

Google Play Store Link: TED

[via TED]

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  1. wasnt it up at least a week now? anyway! love this app. so many wonderful lectures on it. 

  2. Week old, but glad its out!

  3. Like I don’t get enough lectures at school or home, I want to take them with me on my phone too!

    1. this is voluntary jackwagon…check some out!

  4. This is brilliant ! I absolutely love TED Talks. I havent tried the app yet but I hope they support / will support subtitles as they do on their homepage.

  5. I enjoy this app a lot!!! Lots if interesting seminars.

  6. This news is old. It’s been out for more than a week and was clearly reported on other gadget sites and technology blogs. Slowly losing my trust in

  7. Found it, installed it, but all I get is “the service is not available.” Was I supposed to install Ted Mobile? (That was the most popular.) Or a different Ted?

  8. I already thought there was a TED app. I’ve had it before.

  9. It’s refreshing to see a big content provider come out with an app that’s so well designed for Android. It scales well for tablets, uses sharing and is searchable in the search app.

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