Mass Effect Three live wallpaper comes to Tegra devices, space cadets take heed


If you’re anything like me, you’ve been spending the last week trying to find a way to balance normal life responsibilities with your duties to protect the earth and universe as a whole from the reaper invasion. Yes, Mass Effect 3 is one heck of an immersive gaming experience and now you can take the obsession everywhere you go. New in the Google Play Store is a special live wallpaper honoring the first human Spectre, Commander Shepard (you can select between the male and female version).

It’s not the greatest live wallpaper to ever grace an Android device, and it does amount to little more than a giant ad on your tablet, but it’s a cool little offering that fans of the franchise should appreciate. Head over to the link below to grab it for yourself.

Google Play Link: Mass Effect 3 Live Wallpaper

[via AndroidPolice]


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  1. I beat ME3 and now there’s a big, empty void in my soul.

    1. New Game on ME1, then continue the progression as the opposite of what you did the first time.  If you were FemShep Paragon, be Male Shep Renegade as an example.  Just imagine the possibilities.  And the conversations with Wrex and later, Mordin…

      1. and then exact same ending…

        1. Not if you quit before it runs…

  2. Im still playing skyrim, ill wait untill the price falls by half on pc which is usually 2 to 3 months later no rush!

  3. After the way ME3 ended, I don’t even want to touch that series again.

  4. Cod?

  5. will the wallpaper leave an awful taste in my mouth, too?

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