Mar 14th, 2012

Android’s not perfect. And you’d be a fool to think so. One of the issues with Android that has long irked me about our mobile OS is what I call “screen lag.” Now, I’m not talking about framerate (which could use some improvement as well), but I’m talking about how quickly the screen responds and follows your finger when moving it across the screen. Whether it’s the little unlock ring on Honeycomb/ICS or simply drawing on the screen in an app like Draw Something (add me: Gamercore), I’ve oft wondered how, if ever, Android would be able to improve upon this.

Some of the other mobile OS’s like WP7 and iOS have what feels like significantly less lag thanks to a butter smooth framerate but still, the problem persists. Recently, Nvidia showed us how they hope to better alleviate this issue with their Tegra 3’s processor using a little something they’re calling DirectTouch, that offloads some of the touchscreen processing across its 5 cores. Check out their video below.

Impressive? Sure. But nowhere near impressive to what Microsoft is cooking up. They uploaded a video to YouTube that shows us what we can look forward to from manufacturers in the future on touchscreen devices. I’m talking about zero touchscreen latency. Now, I’m sure this video wont appeal to everybody, but for the truly geeky, this is essentially nerd-porn. Enjoy.

So, what did you guys think? Do you think a touchscreen with zero latency could help the overall Android user experience? Or is this something you’ve never considered, nor give a hoot about?