Android Overload: Verizon Plans Broader 4G Rollout For 2012, T-Mobile Still Considering HSPA+ 84Mbps and More


We got a pretty nice overflow of stories for you in the Android Overload tonight. This is the place you can always come for all the stories that didn’t make the cut onto our front page. No worries. We stock pile them for you here, to check out and give a final once over before casting them out into the ocean of the world wide web. Have at it boys and girls.

  • Draw Something gets 20 million downloads in just over a month. [Business Insider]
  • LG G-Slate system update version v10p rolling out now. [Twitter]
  • Android 4.0 version rolling out for the ASUS Transformer. Thanks, Don!
  • Google working on bringing more Google Play media to more countries. [Google+]
  • Verizon plans for an even broader 4G LTE rollout for 2012. Says goodbye to 3G devices. [WSJ]
  • FTC questions the big tech companies on their Google practices. [Reuters]
  • Double Fine Adventure ends its Kickstarter project at $3.33 million. People really want a point and click game. [Kickestarter]
  • Playstation Store and PS Pocket app now available for Xperia S. [AndroidCentral]
  • T-Mobile may not be ready to abandon plans for HSPA+ 84Mbps after all. [Electronista]
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Microsoft Shows Off New Touchscreen Technology – Let’s Hope Android OEM’s Come Up With Something Similar [Video]

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  1.  All most all the recent happenings in the mobile space are summed up here! The T-mobile is going right with taking up the HSPA+ network architecture. This decision will help the carrier company in near future and it is never a waste of time or energy in this upgradation from 3G to LTE and there on to HSPA+ topology.

  2. Tmobile should just quit and give people back their money.

    1. I’ve been with them almost ten years and they’ve never ever let me down. I’ve looked at other carriers but I don’t see any advantage to them over Tmo.

      1. How about a high speed network with reliable coverage and a decent selection of phones?

        1. High speed network, haven’t seen anyone that’s blazing past anyone around here. Seems all the networks have their slow and fast spots.

          Reliable coverage. Haven’t had any issues there and I’ve been to some real middle of nowhere places in the US. (The only network I would complain about is Vodafone in Australia.)

          Phone selection. Tmo is just as bad/good as any of them. Haven’t seen a single phone worth jumping ship for, not a one.

          1. How about the Galaxy Nexus? And say what you want but I promise Verizon has a LOT more coverage and 4 times the speed T-Mobile does…

          2. Verizon also doesn’t have a $50 a month phone bill O_o

          3. Very true… :(

            You get what you pay for I guess…

          4.  ok  no..t mo has better coverage in nyc
            20mbps down is by far enough
            wifi calling ..free tethering ..n its way cheaper …
            i came from verizon
            ill keep t mo thnk ya

          5. Being that Tmo is a “GSM” carrier, I can get Galaxy Nexus and run it on their network. Not sure what your point was with that one.

          6. You cannot officially get it on the network meaning there is no upgrade subsidy, no support, and it does not allow 100% of T-Mobiles bands (meaning you have even less coverage)… not sure what your point was with that one…

          7. Um, actually “fez” you can get the Galaxy Nexus with full spectrum support on TMO. Second, by the time you add up how much you’ve spent on your contract on your subsidized phone plan on Verizon versus what I will pay out of pocket for the phone and plan on TMO, I’ll still be ahead. Do your research before you start a fight.

          8. You really don’t know what you’re talking about. T-Mobile has gone through five different “bands” of spectrum and each continues to add spectrum to the network. The galaxy nexus only supports two of the five (HSPA+ and I believe AWS).

            My family plan for four members of my family (all with unlimited data) is $70 a month…pretty darn cheap!

            Just stop talking, you’re humiliating yourself.

          9. Me embarrass myself? HSPA+ and AWS? No, really, do your research. I think you’ll find that you just goofed, big time.

  3. If T-mobile has super fast 3G and LTE then I will still be there customer for a long time. Verizon and Sprint’s 1 to 2mbps is a damn joke, you have to lose a lot of battery life just to get fast speed but T-mobile will have the best of both worlds.

    1.  i agree 100000000000000%

  4. Getting a bit old, with the “no posts match your criteria” thing.. articles and now source links like the Reuters one above… just saying.

    1. agreed.

  5. The e-peen on this comment thread is hilarious. Everyone has their favorite carrier. Most carriers do their best to keep customers. I love Verizon, they have always treated me right and have great coverage. I pay a premium for that and I don’t mind. 

  6. The WSJ paywall drives me nuts. I understand the reason, but it annoys me…and it was linked to, so I got a paragraph and a half with a subscribe button.

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