Samurai vs Zombies Defense Comes To Android – Blood, Gore, and The Undead In Feudal Japan


Sometimes, I feel like maybe I’m a little too easy to please. Throw a badass samurai hero hacking away at zombies in feudal Japan and I’m all-in. And I’m sure that’s exactly what Glu Mobile was banking on after publishing Samurai vs Zombies Defense into the Android Market today. Yeah, I’ll give it to them. I’m a sucker. But really, SvZD is actually pretty good. You take control of a hero character whom you can control by either moving right or left, as he auto-attacks the onslaught of Japanese zombies spewing forth from hell’s evil portal.

Less of an action game, and more along the lines of tower defense, your main character can be upgraded in variety of ways from his defense, attack strength or magic abilities, or you can chose to spend all your hard-earned cash on a variety of upgrades for your allies and/or tower. There’s even a few mini games thrown into the mix that rewards the player with rare items and bonus cash.

The game looks great, plays well and if you can get passed the sometimes annoying prompts for in-app purchases (it is a freemium title after all), I think you’ll have some fun with it too. You can find Samurai vs Zombies Defense for free, right now on Google Play. Come back and let me know what you think of it.

[Google Play Link]

Chris Chavez
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  1. Gaming is getting innovative and all marks to you for letting me know about this new thing. The young ones at home will love it I think and hey I play up too.. Thanks for the update.

    1. Sorry but how is it innovative when there are probably 10+ different vs Zombies games out there, and probably more in development.   This is the new bejeweled, which was the new tetris.

      1.  A delightful action with simple touch controls made me feel that this game was innovative! Players are given an option to share scores online and other stuff is cool..

        1. I agree. It’s different =)

          1. A delightful action…. yes. 

      2. Tetris was the….. new Pong? 

      3. But have you played bejeweled vs. Zombies, yet?!

  2. Keep forgetting the Android Market doesn’t exist anymore, huh?

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