HTC Media Link HD cruises through FCC, will bring 1080p display mirroring to One series


While more time was spent talking about their Bluetooth music dongle at Mobile World Congress, HTC also has a new HD streaming box in the pipeline to go along with the upcoming One series. We already saw the Media Link HD up for pre-order at Clove and now we have an FCC filing to go along with it. What we can garner from the associated paperwork is that the Media Link will do 1080p display mirroring over 802.11 b/g/n to HDMI-equipped TV sets. Games, videos, photos, and music will all be accessible on the larger screen.

Pre-order pricing has suggested the Media Link HD will sell for around $120. Availability is set for April.

[via Engadget]

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  1. Are there any other devices like this? I’m in need of a wireless hdmi solution. Snaking a wire isn’t going to cut it.

  2. I think that it will be a good news if HTC updates the first Media Link… I bought the first  media link and now is a paperweigth … the specs are the same in both…

  3. So this thing will be $120. Will it be able to play Hulu, Netflix, etc? Basically, is it a replacement for Apple TV? Because I find that with a 20% higher price, it better do everything Apple TV can do, at the very least, else I just don;t see the appeal of this unit for the average consumer.

    1.  It works on products other than iDevices.

      1.  I understand this. Still, that doesn;t answer my original question. Does it have things like Netflix loaded or does it essentially wirelessly mirror what you have on your handheld device. If all it does is mirror things, $120 is a bit steep.

        To clarify, I only mentioned Apple TV since it seems to be a similar product for the Apple ecosystem.

        1. True that, I dont know what it does, and everyone seems to wonder, but it prolly just mirrors, and wont receive an update ever just like the current one.

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