AT&T continues to grow 4G LTE network — coming soon to Cleveland, New Orleans, and more


AT&T is again bringing the power of 4G LTE to more and more areas, promising data speeds ten times that of 3G to arrive in Cleveland very soon. The press release announcing the news touts the usual aspects of LTE, which includes mention of the numerous new devices 4G customers will have access to (HTC One X, anyone?).

Cleveland won’t be alone in AT&T’s network push. In the next few months folks in Akron and Canton, Ohio; Naples, Florida; Bloomington, Lafayette and Muncie, Indiana; Baton Rouge and New Orleans, Louisiana; St. Louis, Missouri; Bryan-College Station, Texas; and Staten Island will see LTE rollouts into the summer.

[via AT&T]

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  1. Every carrier must hate Oklahoma.

    1. Verizon has OK City, Tulsa, Norman and Lawton covered.

    2. Brand new state, gonna treat you great!


  2. Oh yeah, LTE coming to C-Town!

  3. AT&T = greedy bastards

    1. Correction 
      Any of the Big 4 (Verizon,AT&T,Sprint,Tmobile) = Greedy Bastards

      1. You’re right, but it just seems like att just plain and simple try to butt rape you in plain daylight where others at least kinda hide their tactics

      2. Greediness Scale:


  4. Lies, damned lies…AT&T was adamant that 4G would die a horrible, slow, stunted growth, then death without T-Mobile!

    But in all seriousness, showing a lot of love for Ohio, which I am biased toward so it is a good thing!

  5. California please.

  6. Already seeing 4G on ATT Iphone….same limited service throughout town and same amount of dropped calls…what’s the deal?

  7. golf clap. little bit behind the curve but the indiana cities they are adding too hardly every see 4g love. kuos att

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