Official NCAA March Madness app comes to Android


It’s that time of year again. Spring is in the air and some of the best college athletes the in the country are on the courts as the nation prepares to go mad for March Madness. The yearly NCAA basketball tournament tips off this week and runs for the rest of the month, and Android owners can catch every minute of it right on their smartphones. The official app of the tourney, NCAA March Madness Live, is now available, bringing live radio coverage of all 67 games to be played, game alerts, and social interactions. Useers can even fill out your own bracket and predict the big winner.

The free version of the app provides schedules for catching all the games on TV, but for a $3.99 in-app fee the college showdowns can be streamed directly to your handset as well as game highlights and live-streamed team practices leading up to the Final Four. One drawback is that these video features are only available on Froyo and Gingerbread devices at this time. The app also is not compatible with tablets, so it’s the small screen or bust. Head over to Google Play to grab the download now.

Google Play Link: NCAA March Madness Live

[via AndroidPolice]

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  1. Coke was giving away free subs to avoid the fee… idk if they still have any left

    1. Link? I cant find anything.

      1. Nvm, I found it. Text 0YOURTEAMHERE (i.e. 0VERMONT) to 2653. It’ll give you a code and the site to enter it at.

  2. Dear writers, please past an apk for this. Its not available for my phone (skyrocket).

    I can’t believe they didn’t make this for tablets. Just stupid.

    1. I know it,  I emailed them and voiced my complaint.  Hopefully others will do the same.   How can this not at least supprot Honeycomb.  

  3. Text 0FLORIDASTATE to 2653 for promotion code for free streaming access.

  4. Doesn’t work on Photon- not sure why???

  5. Not available for galaxy s2 eitber 2.3… Boooooooo !!!!!! WTF…

  6. Not available for 2.3 phone galaxy s2 or asus prime 4.0……. Boooooooooo!!!!! WTF !!!!

  7. The app will run on most android devices, however; you will need to side-load the app onto your device since it only populates in Google Play on a handful of the 70+ android devices currently available.  Have no fear, especially T-Mobile users that were slighted by having no devices listed – even though their android offerings are some of the best available with faster processors and displays with higher resolution and bigger screens than the “approved” devices.  I have the app running on my Galaxy Tab 10.1 and my Galaxy S II – it works great.  If you aren’t familiar with side-loading, just log into Google Play on your PC or laptop and download the application from there – then place it on your device, launch, install, enjoy!

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