Android Overload: ZTE Fury Coming To Sprint March 11th, T-Mobile MobileLife Sweepstakes and More


Some interesting leftovers for you tonight, here in the Android Overload. This is where we stash all of the stories that didn’t make it onto our front page, so that you might have one final look at them before they’re lost to the web forever. T-Mobile customers might want to enter into the MobileLife sweepstakes. Never know when you might win something cool. Good luck!

  • Motorola has a new version of the Defy (the Defy XT535) headed to China. [Motorola]
  • T-Mobile wishes subsidized pricing on smartphones would die. Can’t do it without other carriers’ help. [TMoNews]
  • Manufacturing hiccup could cause Raspberry Pi delays. [RaspberryPi]
  • There are now more than 100 million smartphone users in the US. [BGR]
  • ZTE Fury coming to Sprint on March 11th. [SprintFeed]
  • T-Mobile MobileLife sweepstakes. You could win a Galaxy Tab 10.1 or GSII. [TMoNews]
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  1. As a Sprint customer who may jump ship when my contract expires this year, I can say that AT&T has stepped up their Android game while my Sprint is slipping deeper into a coma everyday announcing weak phones like this ZTE phone, they better announce some high end phones for the LTE network besides the Galaxy Nexus or its a wrap.

    1. Considering their LTE network is a long ways away, I’d have jumped ship a while ago.

      1. For a large percentage of us, no one has their LTE network to us yet, so I can’t say I see the logic in that

    2. Wait until May, right around and during CTIA, just like the past 2 years.

  2. People Sprint shows there hand in May like every year Lte coming this summer calm down AT&T is not the answer. Go ahead and switch and blow through the 2gb in a few days then what i use 6 to 10gb a month all for under 80 a month with my discount and includes phone insurance

  3. Sad news about Raspberry Pi. I’m not sure I would trust the first batch shipment then, and may hold up for another month or two.

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