Leak: Droid Incredible 4G launching April 26 at Verizon, 16GB Galaxy Nexus coming April 5


Though HTC’s lineup didn’t show off anything that looked the like successor to the second edition of the Incredible released last year, there is still a device fitting the description floating around out there. The handset, which was originally uncovered under the name HTC Fireball, has received its first speculative release date thanks to DroidLife. Their sources have leaked a short list of upcoming Verizon releases that shows the HTC DROID Incredible 3 4G as launching April 26th. Little is known about the upcoming device but it is said to be one of Verizon’s 4G LTE world phones.

Also up for an April release according to the leak is the 16GB version of the Galaxy Nexus LTE, which is slated for the 5th of that month. Rumors have suggested it will be available in both a white and dark color scheme.

[via DroidLife]

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  1. hmmm…cheaper galaxy nexus? looks like it actually is doing good at verizon considering :) Loving mine! 

    1. Likewise.  Though they should have come out with the 16gb version alongside the 32gb version.  Oh well.

    2. They actually had a line at my store for the gnex.

    3. I went with the Rezound which is almost like the Incredible 3 with Dre Beats. I have not been disappointed at all by this phone.

  2. hopefully that is the same day the Gnex will hit sprint, that is when your “competition” ends to win one.

  3. Two years to the date of the og dinc, I can’t remember?

    1. April 29th was the release to the streets date, but you were able to pre-order and I think I got my a couple days before

      1. That’s right, I remember walking into a Verizon store and getting mine on release day. Three of my friends had to wait months for theirs…

      2. Yeah, the dinc was the first phone I bought on a pre-order. Paying full-price killed me, especially when I learned it was available for 1/2 price in 1 month. Nevertheless, I still have it and love it.

  4. I think it’s cool Verizon still running with the Incredible, considering it was there first highend flagship phone……

  5. At&t needs that GNex asap

  6. If there is no MHL or HDMI I will pass… That was where HTC dropped the ball in the Dinc 2… 

  7. same UI….. boring.

  8. I love my 32gb nexus :) the hell with 16gb

  9. I loved my Galaxy Nexus…but hated Verizon’s spotty 4G here in NYC. Switched to at&t and grabbed a Note…awesome device! But I’ll still grab an LTE Nexus from at&t if they release one.

  10. Will the new Nexus have any better specs than the 32 gig version that’s already out now? Or will it just be the same phone with a smaller hard drive?

  11. Hoping for S4 processor inside…on this incredible 3/4g…
    *fingers crossed* ;)

  12. HTC is really starting to annoy with this Non-removable battery/no expandable storage stuff. I’m really hoping they don’t try this with the new EVO.

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