First Android 4.0 Phone by HTC Pictured?


[Update]: Looks like it’s a Verizon phone, folks. And considering the back plate design, it isn’t too farfetch’d to to suggest that this could be the DROID Incredible 3. HTC may also introduce an international version at Mobile World Congress like they did with the Incredible S/DROID Incredible 2 last year.

PhoneArena got their hands on a major gallery of a new HTC device that, as of yet, has no name. It’ll reportedly be a 4.3 inch Super AMOLED device and is expected to be the first HTC device to ship with Android 4.0 and, by extension, HTC Sense 4.0. It has an interesting design but other than that it looks to be your ordinary high-end HTC phone.

We’re working with a 1.2GHz dual-core Snapdragon processor, 1GB of RAM, an 8 megapixel camera, a VGA front camera, 4G LTE and more.

Once upon a time it was easy to point out who might be getting an LTE phone as there was only one carrier with the technology in major markets, but Verizon and AT&T now have operating LTE networks and Sprint is said to be launching its LTE network in the middle of this year.

We, of course, hope to see this phone announced at Mobile World Congress as the devices rumored to be showing up there don’t exactly seem to set the world on fire.

To be fair, neither does this – it fits in that “this phone is pretty much the same as all our other phones” cateory, but perhaps the addition of Android 4.0 and the latest version of Sense will set itself apart. Head to PhoneArena for the full gallery of images.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Rezound 2. Bet.

    1. I’ll take that bet, since it’s obviously wrong. 

      The Rezound has a 1.5 GHz dual-core processor, a better 2 mega-pixel front-facing cam, and every other feature this phone has (minus ICS and upgraded Sense). This phone would be a downgrade, not an upgrade.

      1.  it could be that they’re taking current hardware parts to make a future entry level or mid-level phone. These pics and specs are from a tipster and not officially from HTC. This may even be a test phone and not a phone that will be released to the general masses.

        1. Kinda what i was getting at..common sense would point to this theory as androids/oems signature style theze days is to create multiple devices with only small, incremental differences. Who says that because the chip will be clocked at 1.2 that it won’t still kick the rezoundz ass in power? Lets be a little honest and admit that specs arent always worth their weight..everything else on this phone including its design suggest a rezound 2 or incred. 3 at the very least. Either way HTC has got to switch it up this year..the sensation/rezound styling inside and out is stale. I kno HTC can go harder than this..yay for IC tho. Glad to see the OEMs are tackling the upgrade process fairly aggressively.

  2. c’mon HTC. why go to ICS when your dock looks like modified gingerbread!

    “It has an interesting design but other than that it looks to be your ordinary high-end HTC phone”

    yup…keyword – ordinary

  3. looks like crap

  4. thats it… im not buying anymore HTC phones, time to switch to Samsung Galaxy series phones, all these htc phones look the same the UI is just as boring and they seem to be at a stand-still in the design department. sorry HTC but i’ll keep this Evo3D until the galaxy S III arrives

  5. FIX THE PHONE ARENA LINK. Thats a dead link showing you a image of a ice cream sandwich picture. While you do that download a word processor like Microsoft office 2010. If you like cloud services you can use Google Docs which is a free alternative.     

  6. Hopefully the next htc phones have kickstands. Actually used that!

    1. Or just buy a case with a stand, like the Capsule cases, for when you’re not at your desk/dock.

      1. You buy a sexy phone to put a case on it?  No thanks.

        1. Yes. A Silicone / TPU case cover offers several advantages:
          1) Grippy so you won’t drop it
          2) Adds a lip on the front so you can place the phone face down without the screen touching
          3) Your hand won’t freeze when holding it like it does with metal
          4) Adds extra give from the elasticity if you happen to drop it
          5) Oh, and it protects the device itself from scratches, etc

          Why would you want to leave the phone naked? Just to look at it? Pervert. :)

          1. jesus, what the fuck are you doing to your phone? i don’t have a case and mine is just fine. i’ve never had a gripping problem, don’t put my phone face down, and since i don’t drop it. there aren’t scratches or anything. so there goes #’s 1, 2, 4, and 5.

            # 3 your hand won’t freeze by touching metal?  rofl, how sensitive are your hands? the metal may get cold, but it’s hardly freezing, and being in your hand will warm it up within seconds.

  7. htc has been a boring phone seller for the last year, and it appears now its going to be for the next year as well. nexus one and incredible were at the top of the cellphone charts…now its boring crap, starting with the gimmicky evo 3d. barf

  8. Its an EVO 3d without the 3d, which im sure the 3d will have a 4.0 ROM in no time. They really need to get off the 16:9 look also, its so ugly. This is another disappointment from HTC.

    1. They already have a couple of them, sense and AOSP

    2. if its the evo 3D without the 3D, wouldnt it have just been easier to say its the Evo?

  9. Great…that looks like every HTC phone from the last 2 yrs!  If it’s running ICS they could have at least took away the capacitive buttons…wtf!  I really want the Galaxy Nexus…but it’s a big ass phone…and by time it comes to Sprint something else will be announced and it will be old news…just like the Nexus S.  Someone else needs to release a stock ICS phone with a 4-4.3 inch screen….and hurry up about it

    1. You really think the nexus is too big? Have you held one? Or are you just going by the spec sheet ? (I’m not trying to be rude, just curious)

      1. It is pretty huge. Set it next to a phone with a 3.5″ or 4″ screen and it is incredibly obvious. I think that it is faaaaar more comfortable to hold and use than many phones with a 4.3″ screen, but it is a wide and very tall phone. Personally I would love for the GNex to have a 4.3 or 4.2 inch screen so it is 4 inches with the buttons taking up the rest.”

    2. If you compare the GNex to phones with 4.3″ screens, then it is actually only a hair wider than many models and the screen is about 4.3″ most of the time because the buttons take up space. The full 4.65″ area is basically used for movies. You should find someone that ones one and hold the device. I find it to be much more comfortable than many phones with 4.3″ screens.

  10. They have messages and mail on the home screen twice. In the dock and above the dock. Idiots.

  11. sigh all HTC PHONES look the same 
    i want my good old HTC back

  12. HTC seems to be the only phones with great cameras though

  13. what fucking pisses me off is these phone manufacturer are not embrassing android 4.0. This piece of crap looks like every gingerbread phone out there. Their using old fucking standards for android. I ould like to see every oem get rid of hardware nav button. I can make mine look how ever I want on my nexus. Google should ban oem skins. Its looks like all theses oems are stuck in the past. God Im glad I got my  GALAXY NEXUS.

    1.  if you everything to be identical all the time. Go to an iOS phone.
      If you don’t like sense, but like the phone, stick a new launcher on that gets rid of sense.

      1. I also want (ideally) all Android phones to be sold with the same software.  It makes it easier to compare phones strictly on hardware performance as well as easier to move to a new company if you don’t have to learn their software modifications.  

        If you want your phone to have a different look and feel in the software department from the standard stack, that is an easy matter of customization after purchase – it does not imply the companies have to make it look different for you.  

        Bringing up iOS on this topic is not relevant – with iOS you have limited hardware choice and a less open platform. I’m sure Aaron doesn’t prefer that or he’d have an iPhone.

  14. All samsung galaxy s phones look the same too. Atleast htc uses metal in their build. I do agree sense needs to GO! But the bright side is that HTC is FINALLY geting some super amoled love!

    1. WHY METAL?! I truly don’t understand the fetish with metal that some people have.

      Metal is worse than plastic in almost all respects that matter. It’s heavier, dents instead of bounces, scratches more easily, decreases signal reception when covering radios, and it costs more to produce.

      The only “good thing” about metal is also a con: it’s more expensive, so people think it’s “premium”, but it’ll be covered by phone case anyway, so wtf?

      1. umm… no. Metal feels better than plastic.Why does this even need explaining?

        1. Feels better? Textured plastic feels fine, too, but I don’t need to care because sane people put soft rubber or hard cases over it.

          End of story.

          1. U mad bro?

          2. i actually like the metal back on my phone,and it hasnt dented at all. i also get good signal.

            i feel like you’ve never had a phone made with any metal. of course, this is the internet, all you have to do is type in all caps about how all your phones used to have metal and you hated it worse than death,and i can’t verify that at all.

          3. nope, sorry, not all “sane” people do it. sane people know how to take care of and handle their phones, which doesn’t require a case.

  15. If you look at the pictures on phone arena one shows the Verizon 4G LTE boot animation. I really wanted an HTC phone but they all look the same, bring nothing new to the table and I’m just not a fan of the way sense looks the more I look at it. Glad I got my nexus for sure. I can’t see myself going to anything but a nexus from here on out.

    1. My name is Alex, and I agree XD. Love my Gnex, never straying from the Nexii line.

  16. Yea this is very dissapointing… I don’t see any major differences compared to my evo 3D running gingerbread, smh

  17. So disappointing to see HTC go the way they have the last year. My first two android devices were both HTC (mt3g and n1) and I thought I’d never stray. Needless to say my N1 was my last HTC device and I don’t see myself going back. It pisses me off to see how they’ve taken everything good about ICS and ruined it with their SHITTY HTC Sense UI.

  18. Well, at least the dock seems better.  I use launcher pro on my Evo almost solely because I hated the old Sense dock.

    1. Try GoLauncher. its much better.

  19. The main quote from PhoneArena’s original article that should be emphasized: “Of course, we should all keep in mind that this is a prototype unit, so a
    lot of stuff may change until it finally hits the market…” 

    1. Prototype units almost never change. There have only been a couple of cases  (DROID Bionic and Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1) where design has changed before release, and even then the changes were subtle.

  20. It’s pretty sad that the Touch Pro 2 I bought back in 2009 looks almost EXACTLY like this device.  I used to LOVE HTC, but COME ON…change it up just a little please.  No wonder Samsung is the only manufacturer that’s doing well financially.

  21. HTC fireball, 4g LTE world phone, I am betting, that’s what this is…

    1. I hope not – I’m hoping for the Fireball to finally be an HTC slider on VZW – but the slightly less than Rezound specs they would fall in line with the slightly lower model number of the Fireball.

  22. HTC came out with the HD2/EVO and have based every phone around it since.  i loved my nexus one, but my inspire/desire hd is just the same as every other 4.3″ htc phone out there.  Sorry HTC, but my next phone wont be from you guys.

  23. Looks like they took a step back when designing the dock UI blehh

  24. Haha so much htc handwringing over a phandroid rumor. Calm down Nancies. Haha

  25. Hmm why isn’t the clock and the battery blue like on my galaxy nexus you guys sure this isn’t just some skin on a gingerbread phone?

    1. HTC loves consistency, so they may have changed the colors.

  26. Manufacturer UI’s should go away. I have the Nexus now and my next phone will never have a UI overlay. Terrible, terrible..

  27. it’s time HTC realize that NOBODY wants the Sense interface anymore.
    I personally think it’s the primary reason they are not hitting their sales goals.

    If they just went vanilla, they could be the market leader.

  28. Personal I like HTC sense. I could live with vanilla but HTC sense adds so much more abilities to the phone. Yeah sometimes I wish I could go to stock but that’s what an launcher go is for. It’s just that every single android phone has lag. So I don’t know if my next phone will be android…..

  29. Guess I’m in the minority here — love the HTC offerings. Still rocking day one Droid Incredible and about to step up to the Rezound. Pic and specs at listed have me thinking this is more of Inc3 than Re-Rezound :p

  30. HTC. Get rid of sense!!! I had to root and install CM7 on my OG Dinc because sense looks boring, has crap animations and kills your battery. I shouldn’t have to install a standalone launcher on top of another customization which just kills more battery. People that say to just install a launcher are idiots, it doesn’t get rid of sense it changes the dockbar and adds app launch animations. stock android gave me twice the battery life without having the sense crap-ware sucking the life out of the phone. I can with confidence say that when my two-year is up in July I will be purchasing a Samsung Galaxy Nexus, and will be only getting stock android Nexus phones in the future. HTC, your losing so many customers by being ignorant in believing your sense ui is something special that people want. If you had stock ics like the nexus on all your phones you WOULD BE #1!!! OPEN YOUR EYES lol :P

  31. Is it super super hd 420p? Lol or is htc finally growing some balls and releasing a 720p screen like the big boyz!

    1. Like they did with the Rezound?

  32. Galaxy S3 will eat this for breakfast.

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