Act Now: Motorola XOOM 4G Upgrades Ending March 31st


Motorola launched the first Android Honeycomb tablet – the XOOM – without 4G despite the promise that it’d have those nice data-guzzling LTE radios from Verizon. Motorola promised to bring an upgrade program to enable cellular-connected XOOM units with 4G, and they came through. Users have been able to send their units in and receive them with 4G LTE goodness without fail.

A year’s time has passed since the device’s launch, though, and we imagine that anyone who has 4G either already sent their device in or bought the device with 4G LTE pre-installed. If there happens to be anyone who hasn’t gotten their device upgraded, though, they’ll want to do it soon – end of the month soon.

Motorola’s ending the upgrade program on March 31st. Some users who have recently gotten their upgrades done have boasted of 4 day turnaround times, a far cry from the two weeks Motorola initially promised.

That’s due to a much shorter load of devices needing to be upgraded, of course, and we can’t imagine things will change sometime between now and the end of the quarter. If you haven’t gotten yours upgraded yet, visit Verizon’s site to get started. [via Droid-Life]

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  1. Damn the uk haven’t even got 4g sorted yet

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