Rumor: Google’s Nexus tablet is in the works, and it will be manufactured by ASUS


We have been hearing about a possible Nexus Tablet for quite some time, but the rumors have been getting much more promising lately. The last bit came last January, when supply sources attested to the fact that Google was in the plans of releasing a 7-inch, Android 4.0 “Nexus” tablet for $200.

Today, Android and Me is reporting the same rumor, coming from its own sources. But this time, there is a bit more to be noted. According to said sources, the tablet will be manufactured by ASUS, and will also sport a Tegra 3 quad-core processor.

ASUS has been building a great relationship with Google, so this would not surprise us very much. Last year, the company proved to be a great asset to the Android ecosystem, with timely updates and great products. Not to mention the fact that ASUS was the first large manufacturer to bring Android 4.0 to its devices.

If these rumors happen to be true, there is no doubt that Android tablets will start to skyrocket. Amazon’s Kindle fire is now one of the most popular Android tablets, and it isn’t even close to having the performance and functionality that this tablet would have. And going for $200, as well, there is not a doubt that this device will become popular.

As for the price, it sure sounds crazy. High-end tablets are not supposed to be so affordable, right? But we have already seen ASUS announce the $250 MeMo 370T, with a quad-core processor. It would not surprise us to see ASUS taking a bit of a risk, knowing that the Nexus brand and Google would promote much more sales.

Let’s start saving our pennies for these awesome affordable, quad-core tablets! I am surely signing up for one. Are you?

[Via Android and Me]

Edgar Cervantes

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  1. fg this
    google needs to have SAMSUNG make a tablet that the GALAXY NEXUS  fits in to just like the PADFONE
    i think the padfone is the future of android tablets
    this way,everything is on one device . 

    1. preach!!

    2. Why Samsung when ASUS makes a shitload of a better product?

      1.  well i duno if asus is allowed to make a tab that docs a samsung phone lol

        1. That makes no sense… The phone is 700 doll hairs, while the tablet is 200??? Bigger display, bigger battery, faster processor for less then a third of the price? Where is the downside, does it blow up when you turn it on???

    3. What’s the tablet announced at CES sporting Tegra 3 for ~$200 to $250? Because it sounds an awful lot like this one…

    4. u do realize ASUS is resposible for the Padfone…right

    5. Uh, no. I’m sure Samsung would find ways to screw up the tablet just like they screwed up the launch of the GNex here in the states. We’re going on Month 4 of the VZ GNex being out and so far the only accessories, the PROMISED accessories that were part of the launch consist of one severely overpriced charge dock. 

  2. Nexus Memo??
    Or a real nexus prime

    1. Tablet ASUS: Nexus Transformer Prime
      Phone LG: Nexus Optimus Prime

      1. Sounds like another lawsuit waiting to happen lol.

        1. Yeah…from Hasbro!

  3. Would.

  4. ASUS ftw…hopefully they will build the next nexus phone as well!

  5. Asus was a good choice.  They are the ones making premium Android tablets right now.

    1. I would love Asus to make it; maybe next year, it can be Huawei. Did anyone see their Mediapad 10 FHD?

      1. I saw it on Engadget, but I am skeptical, just because of the brand.  I have a problem with brands that I’m not familiar with in the least. I associate Huawei with cheap budget devices.  If they keep launching products like that Mediapad, then they might change that image!

    2.  the memo or mimo
      some shit like that lol

    3. I know I got excited! I never wanted a tablet until I saw Nexus in front of it, and $200 after it! Seeing Asus associated with it almost makes me jizz in my pants haha

  6. This just NEEDS to have the keyboard dock!

  7. Lol, looks my Nexus S on top of my touchpad

  8. Yes sir !

  9. Looks like I’m finally gonna have to get a tablet!!

  10. I know this is overused, but I’ve never said it before in a comment so…


    Everybody gets one.

  11. F..k Samsung, they’ll never pull off anything $200.

    If the price tag is true, this will essentially mean THE END of the effing fruit.

    Although, if this has unlocked bootloader, I’ll flash Gingerbread on it. I hate how Google started to waste the precious screen real estate too generously.

  12. Dang, with a $200 price tag I might just be waiting rather than buying a Transformer Prime. Although I’m not a fan of 7″ tablets.

  13. Hopefully, the fact that it has the Google stamp on it will keep Asus from screwing up the launch like they did with the TF101 and Prime.  I’m about at the end of my rope with Asus tablet issues.

  14. Reading through the comments here, I wonder what most of you are smoking. Seriously: a 7″ Transformer? I giant ass keyboard attached to a 7″ tablet would be ridiculous.

    1. are u smoking or do you just not understand that a tablet is separate from a docked keyboard???

      1. The Transformer is a dockable foldable tablet. Without the dockable and foldable its just any other tablet. A 7″ dockable tablet would be stupid…. and so are you.

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