ASUS might be the first to bring Android 5.0 Jelly Bean


ASUS is taking all the rumor glory lately. We have just reported that the manufacturer is planning to work with Google to bring a Nexus Tablet, with a Tegra 3 processor and a $200 price tag. All of this right after ASUS’ Corporate Vice President Benson Lin mentioned that there is a high chance they will be the first to bring Android 5.0 to the market.

“Asus is very close to Google, so once they have Android 5.0 I think there will be a high possibility that we will be the first wave to offer the Jelly Bean update.” -Benson Lin

Everything is now starting to make sense. If ASUS is, in fact, making the Nexus Tablet we have heard about, this representative probably knows about it. So it is highly possible that Benson Lin is right about this one. As Nexus devices are always the first in line to get updates.

Even if the Nexus tablet is not in ASUS’ future line-up, though, the company is very known for being highly efficient with software updates. If things don’t work out as rumored, you can at least be sure that ASUS will be bringing those updates sooner than most manufacturers.

As it goes with these rumors, though, let’s not hold our breath on anything. And add those sodium dosages to the equation. Let’s stay tuned to see what news come in the future, about this. Here goes for a great future with ASUS and Google!

[Source: Tech Radar Via: Droid-Life]

Edgar Cervantes

Rumor: Google’s Nexus tablet is in the works, and it will be manufactured by ASUS

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  1. too bad, ics will be my last rom :( 

    1. lol y is that

      1. because i am going to give iphone a try once they release a 4g iphone. i want to try new things. 

        1.  ehh to each their own, i wish you a less “painful” experience then mine was but i understand your reasoning.

          1. i hope it less painful than my galaxy nexus battery life. 

          2. don’t expect much if your holding out for a 4g iphone though, that is the one reason why android phones has less battery life then iPhones do. the Gnex has about the same battery life as the 4s does if you disable 4g and never use it.

          3. @Covert_Death:disqus
            i know 4g drain massive battery life, but whats the point of having unlimited 4g when i cant use it? even with 3g, it only got 3 hrs of web surfacing. 

            here is a simple test for 3g GN. 

          4. The fun difference between an android phone and the iPhone… and this is coming from someone who owns just as many apple products as android… You can always buy an extended battery or even just a second one.

            It’s all in how you keep your device charged. Don’t charge it over and over without running it down almost entirely. The battery cells with die out that way and it’ll eventually be useless. I manage to unplug my phone(Galaxy Nexus, LTE) at about 7am and not need to charge till maybe 1pm depending on usage, and I make deliveries for a living, so i’m constantly using Navigation for about 3 hours of that while listening to music over bluetooth. You may just have a dud of a battery.

            All just ideas and observation. By all means, everyone is entitled to their preferences. Apple products have their place. I loved my iPod Touch for the longest. I’m even looking to get a Mac for recording.. but android seems to have more options, while Apple feels very “It is what it is because we said so and you don’t really have a choice.” Again.. just one man’s opinion. I just don’t like people feeling like they have to jump ship because of battery life. Of all the reasons to do so, that’s a fixable one.

          5. @WillardPotter:disqus 

            i charge my phone 3 times per day because i have to. i dont want my phone run out of battery when i need it the most, that’s why i keep it charged no matter what. i also dont want to carry an extra battery or a charger with me wherever i go. 

            i compared my old HTC droid with 4s and my current GN and the result was that my friend’s 4s beat both of my phone no matter how much unclock or unvoltage or different rom. his usage were far more than mine.

            battery life play a big role on my phone usage. i mainly play games ( a lot) and surface the web ( a lot). as of right now, GN cant offer that unless plug-in to a charger. 

            if i knew razor maxx coming out 2 months before i bought my GN, i could have waited for it. 

  2. Old news brah. 3 article have been posted about this

  3. is “silly” to talk about jelly bean when not even left the ice cream sandwich 

  4. Wonderful, fantastic, thrilling. Now, can I have my damn menu button back?

    1. Google removed the menu button from the operating system and it is not coming back.

  5. Don’t talk about Jellybean. Most people can’t handle it. They’ll just be obsessing about Jellybean taking forever to come out… before they even get ICS.

  6. all this talik about JB when ICS isn’t even REALY out yet is aggrivating.

    on another note. I hope the UI looks more the the chrome beta browser then how ICS looks now to be honest. 

  7. I’ll be annoyed if they do every other update is just for tablets.  Just make one OS like ICS for both.  

  8. Why are we already talking about 5.0…that’s just madness.. Lets all worry about receiving our ics updates first and enjoy them before we even consider talking about jelly bean.. Like fking seriously

    1. Agreed to an extent. Android is becoming more mature, so I don’t see it changing so much so quickly from now. Hopefully Jellybean will have better USB device support and office document functionality (leaving near zero reason for anyone to migrate to a Windows phone).

      If there will be no new hardware changes for Jellybean (like NFC with ICS), then Google and ASUS could release a Nexus tablet under ICS with transparent transition to Jellybean promised. This is easy to see happening, and if pulled off, an impressive demonstration of how android is overcoming fragmentation. Nexus would end up being google’s answer to the iPhone and the iPad with early android devices just laying the groundwork.

      I am already steering hard toward getting a Galaxy Nexus as my new phone two months from now eschewing even more feature-packed phones just because the Nexus brand promises me freedom from carrier limitations and glacially slow updates from manufacturers. I hope this is google’s plan, and I hope they can keep it together and stymie cell carriers from skuppering this in their attempts to remain control-freak gatekeepers.

      Nexus FTW!

    2. Jelly Bean won’t be out until next year. Rumors for awhile thought gingerbread was android 3.0. Jelly Bean might just be 4.1.×760-resolution-1ghz-minimum-specs-mid-oct-release/ 

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