First Look: $250 ASUS MeMO 370T – Affordable Tegra 3 and Ice Cream Sandwich for Everyone [Video]


You may remember a few days ago when Nvidia revealed ASUS’s plans to introduce an affordable $250 7-inch Ice Cream Sandwich tablet for the masses, powered by an quad-core Tegra 3 processor. Well, guess what? We were able to get our hands on an early prototype of the 370T and captured the whole thing on video.

As to be expected, the tablet performed like an absolute dream. Even in its very early state. The combination of quad-cores working hand-in-hand with Ice Cream Sandwich is any Android fanboy’s dream. The fact that this should be launching later this year for $250? SOLD.

Check out our early quick look at the Asus MeMO 370T in the video down below and leave us your thoughts.

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. I wish it was a bit bigger maybe 8-9 inches

    1. That’s what she said.

      1. LoL, Comedy.

        1. Hush, you size queen! :D

      2. No, that’s what HE said.

    2. If it was 8-9 inches they wouldn’t be hitting that $249 pricepoint with such a fast processor.

  2. Too sweet

  3. 8.9 is the size… But I’m still in for one.

  4. Finally! Someone who says Asus and not Asuuuus!  :)

    1. I’ve been building with Asus motherboards for over a decade and I still say asuuuuus :)

      1. Becuase you say it correct. It is pronouced Asuuuus.

        1. Actually, Say Pegasus.
          now drop the Peg.
          That is the original pronunciation.
          Their name originates from the word Pegasus, not Pegasuuuus. or Pegasoose.

          “its brand name ASUS (English pronunciation: /ˈeɪsʉs/)”
          phonetically it WAS pronounced eɪsʉs ( ei= A like in fAce, s= S like in Sigh, ʉ=U like in beautifUl ans S=S like in Sigh).
          Over time, the pronunciation of the word has changed and now everyone including ASUS themselves now pronounces it Asoos or as everyone here spells it Asuuuus. Phonetically it is pronounced eisus (ei= A like in fAce S= like in Sing U=OO like in gOOse, S=S like in sigh)

          The new pronunciation started when ASUS released that commercial of the 2 girls in the bar with their ASUS laptops asking the guy at the bar if he likes their ASUS and the guy interpreted them as asking if he liked their asses.

          Ironically and Sadly, those 2 girls they were making fun of with the commercial were the ones actually using the correct original pronunciation of the brand name. o_O

    2. Finally someone who pronounces it wrong? ;)

    3. It actually is pronouced “Asuuus” not “A-ces.” Watch any official Asus video or company rep speaking and they prounouce it “Asuuus.”

      Even the Asus rep in the video above prounouces it correctly at the 1:59 mark.

      More proof? Correct pronouciation is in the following video around 0:18 mark.

      1. In the video you included the guy clearly says Aysus, not Asuuuus.

      2. You’re hearing it wrong then…

        Chris has got the pronunciation spot on.

    4. Asus put out a commercial a while back to show it was pronounced Asuuuuus.


      Couldn’t find the official channel one, but this is just a reupload of it.

      1. I don’t really care how it’s pronounced, but that was an awesome commercial.

    5. Wow everyone is getting upset about how it is pronounced… I think it sounds more like awesome!

  5. Will it include a stylus?

  6. Moving in the right direction in terms of price for that level of specs.  Put out a 9-10 inch with those specs for under $300, and you’ve got a winner.

  7. Slick. I don’t see why anyone would get a Kindle Fire over this.

    1. make dem people with a fire already jealous 

      1. I own a Kindle Fire, and I’m not jealous. However, I will likely be picking up one of these mini-beasts because I want access to the Android Market w/o having to sideload.

  8. I love my OG Transformer! I have zero complaints about the 10″ version. Have been shopping around for 7″ tablets and was ready to get the Kindle Fire. 7″ is more portable.This thing blows the Fire away! Very happy with ASUS. This will be my next tablet!

  9. I would like to see the components priced out to see how much Asus makes on these. It can’t be much

  10. $250, what looks like an IPS display, HD, wow.  Sorry Galaxy Tab 7.7.  I really want your screen.  But I think we have a winner in Asus.  Please let it have pen input!

  11. But ASUS is short for PEGASUS.. read this years ago with an interview with an ASUS exec.. the idea was they wanted their company to start with an ‘A’ to be higher up in listings etc. ASUUUUS was the wrong way to pronounce it from what I thought..

    1. You are correct, but over time, they pronunciation of the word has changed. Now it is pronounced Asoos.
      Originally it was pronounced like Pegasus minus the Peg
      “its brand name ASUS (English pronunciation: /ˈeɪsʉs/)”
      phonetically it WAS pronounced eɪsʉs ( ei= A like in fAce, s= S like in Sigh, ʉ=U like in beautifUl ans S=S like in Sigh). Now it is pronounced eisus (ei= A like in fAce S= like in Sing U=OO like in gOOse, S=S like in sigh)

  12. This is practically a guaranteed buy for me and several people I know. The only thing that concerns me is the lack of GPS and front camera.

    1. Are you sure there is no GPS?

      1. Fairly sure, saw it in another article somewhere. But I would love to be wrong.

    2. Unless you are giving up.your smartphone…you don’t need GPS on a tablet.

      1. Who are you to say what someone needs? If you dont need it then cool good for you, some might want/ need the gps feature.

    3. who actually uses front facing camera on a tablet, hell–I never used it on my phones.

      1. People who have friends

        1. If you have an iPhone all your friends gotta have one too–AND it only works over WiFi.

          If you have an Android, front facing camera is practically useless because it relies on 3rd party software to function.

          1. Google Talk is considered 3rd party software?

          2. If Its not part of the OS its third party. on my iPhone video calling is as simple as a single tap. on my Galaxy S II  its not so simple, I have tried Google Talk to no avail and had to settle on Qik.

    4. It really should have a ffc, but most people wouldn’t need gps on a tab. I think tablets should have a ffc over a rear camera for video calls, if I want to take a decent pic I’ll grab my phone, if I want to take a good pic I’ll grab my camera. However, these memo/note type tabs could make use of a camera though, if you could snap a pic and easily add notes like he did to the screen shot.

    5. I thought GPS was a market certification requirement…so are they just not listing it because of bad performance?

  13. Sweet sh!t. Count me in.

  14. it’s pronounced AY-SOOSE…rhymes with A GOOSE

    1. Jesus, people, it’s pronounced like the Spanish version of Jesus. Ayy Soose.

  15. One, it was originally pronounced Asus not soos.

    Two, I hope that Google goes with them for the Nexus, not Nexoos, tablet because they certainly have the right idea, hardware, software, pricing, and availabily… ok, they need to work on that last one.

    Third, this won’t be the “iPad killer” or even a “Kindle killer” even though it should be. Those will survive because they came first and their customers are sheople. Not to knock everyone that has either one, but there is a large demographic that only goes with what is popular because they are scared of anything that isn’t mainstream.

    Fourth, if I was going to buy a budget tablet I would pick this up in a heartbeat, but I’m typing this post on my Prime. No need for another device

  16. only knock, no front facing cam… but still gonna get it.

    1. I’ll live…. I can use my phone for video chat. But yeah, I’d much rather have a FFC than a back camera. 

  17. Gotta love the combo of full graphics acceleration and the 5th core checking for touch input x3 more often. As long as those additional input checks don’t have too big of an impact on battery life I really hope other companies take similar steps forward.

  18. I’m sold. 

  19. Samsung just lost a tablet sale.  I’ve been patiently waiting for the Tab 7.7 to replace my original Tab but after seeing a Verizon only version and then seeing this, Asus all the way.  My only questions are what specs it has and when can I throw down the extremely affordable dollars to get this?

  20. in for 3 where do I pay :-)

    1. Well, just send a payment to my PayPal account and they will be on their way!

  21. Although I believe Motorola would probably be the next one carrying the Nexus torch, Asus would be a very good choice. They keep coming out with stuff that is innovating and listens to their customers.

  22. $250 would be a great deal today……or even next month. If this hits in the summer….it’d be just ok.
    How about it asus? Give it to us….now!

    1. Because you can buy another quadcore tegra 3 tablet from a company that has a good track record with updates. ……/s

  23. Are we sure there will not be a FFC? This is a big selling point for me due to the fact that if/when I travel I would like to be able to video chat with my wife.

    I am ready to sell/return the TF101 I got and wait for this, but if no FFC then that kinda puts a damper on it.

  24. a lot of people are bent out of shape because he says “EH-ses” instead of “Ah-soos” but no one cares that he calls it the “Mee-mo” instead of “memo?”  Do you all send meemoranda at the office?  What is that about?

  25. and by the way if it is called the MeeMo and not the memo, then that’s even worse

  26. If it really sells at the $250 range and isn’t locked up like the other Asus tablets then it’s a great buy. I guess for those that don’t flash roms it’s still a good deal but I enjoy playing with my toys a bit more than just using it to surf the web and such.
    Guess I have my galaxy tab 10.1 and HP touchpad for flashing roms and could use this as my surfing tablet. If only Samsung put higher res screens on their tablets. If definitely go for the tab 7.7, but quad core, ics, and hd screen might push me over the edge on this one.

  27. Do want.

    Now, do I get to see their sweet asus’es, or what?

  28. Here’s the thing that angers me. A 7 inch screen HAS to cost more than a 4.3 inch by a wide enough margin to pay for a radio, but do you think we’ll be seeing $250 tegra 3 phones any time soon? Other than that, this tablet rules.

  29. Any rumor of a release date for this miniature BAMF?

  30. Ics now with quad, at $250, phone, tab, pc, google tv, on arm, amd, intel, mips, this is going to be bigger than gingerbread, and was that ever popular.

  31. So this transAtlanticates to around £210 in the UK, Awesome!


  32. Absolutely amazing if u think about it. More info here…goo.gl/yf3nq

  33. Did u even think that this could be a lie?More information here…shrt.st/2cdw

  34. I think it’s pronounced “A-whothefuckcares”!

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