HTC also said to be fighting for next Nexus phone


It was just the other day that it was reported that LG was fighting heavily for rights to make the next Nexus, and now we’re hearing reports that HTC wants to step into the gauntlet and fight for it, as well. HTC’s Jeff Gordon confirmed to Tech Radar that Google had not yet chosen a hardware partner for the next Nexus and that all manufacturers pretty much have their fingers crossed. While we can’t be so sure about other OEMs, we at least know that HTC is trying to get back onto the Nexus Train after Samsung has dominated it the past couple of years. And if that phone happens to turn out to be anything like the One series of devices, I’m all for it. What say you? [via]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. I want a removable battery, expandable storage, an unlockable bootloader without having to use the HTCDev tool, quadcore processor and 1.5-2GB of memory(for the Ubuntu OS I assume it’ll run on the side), a 4.7-5 inch superAMOLED screen and possibly a slide-out keyboard like the HTC Touch Pro 2. That is the ultimate Nexus device

    1. all hell would break lose if there were to ever be a Nexus without an easily unlockable bootloader. ;)

    2. no amoled. the colors look horrible one you look at a s-lcd screen side by side. 

      1.  You need your eyes checked

        1. Actually you need yours checked. Check out any review with the One X vs Gnex vs GSII……the One X crushes both of them in screen comparison.

          1. I’m really lazy today. Link?

  2. I don’t care who makes it as long as it has a micro-sd slot lol

    1. sometimes you got writing errors on micro-sd card and that kill all your data. 

      for experienced it myself, i’m all with google decision to not use micro sd anymore. They were other importants reasons too but i forget.

      1. I agree. My DX micro-SD card went corrupt and i couldn’t record video to it the 9 months i had it. Whomever gets the contract will be forced to follow Google’s demands concerning the SD card slot, and based on what the Galaxy Nexus has now, I don’t foresee them turning a 180 for the next Nexus.

        1. I don’t think we have any verification either way but I always saw it as Samsungs decision. It makes sense because they don’t want the Nexus out competing their Galaxy line of phones. Besides the Galaxy Nexus is NOT a nexus device. It barely deserves the Google Experience title. I think HTC will make better decisions than Samsung when it comes to a Nexus.

      2. 1st) Don’t buy crappy no-name brand SD cards and you won’t have that problem.
        2nd) EVEN IF you get some occasional corruption, the external SD card is meant to be for your auxiliary media data such as movies and music. If you lose a few after a fsck, you should have backups anyway.

        1. I was using the default one in Nexus one…

          And many app use SD for saving their stuffs, not just movie and music…. Internal memory was very low in Nexus One.

  3. I’d like to see Asus or Sony make the next Nexus personally.
    removable battery, expandable storage included.

    1. Neither company makes Android smartphones that appeal to the masses. I certainly don’t want to be walking around with a crappy Xperia Play as a mobile phone. HTC/Samsung would be the companies of choice if a Nexus is to be made.

      1.  have you seen the Xperia S?  Daddy like.

        1. In person, no, but I have seen plenty of images, specs, and one video which was enough for me to know that I don’t want it. You and I are not the masses though. It would have to appeal to everyone, and it doesn’t do that. Doesn’t even come close.

    2. I’m all in for Asus for sure.  It’ll get their name out there more and make more competition.  

  4. Why doesn’t Apple make the next Google phone? Lmao!

    1. Shh it’s in the works ;) lol

    2.  Because all they will do is add an S to the name and claim its hot shit! Unfortunately nexus S is already taken.

    3. why would apple make the next google phone when theyre not a hardware company and dont even make their own phones.

    4. Well if the HTC iOne is anything to go by they already have LOL

  5. Yes! I can’t stand the feel of Sammy devices. I like my phones to be made of metal.

    1.  The HTC X is not made of metal.

  6. Its a good time to be Nexus..  having spent a month using ICS now it really is a fantastic improvement.  I didn’t notice it so much at first but it is really growing on me, the next nexus has huge potential with massive improvements in software and hardware.  I’m really looking forward to seeing if the SGS3 will be there first.

  7. Love HTC! Sammy devices are horrendous. If HTC gets the next nexus, it will stop me from jumping bandwagons, if the iPhone 5 has a 4.3″+ screen and 4g that is.

    1.  lol HTC suck

      1. HTC stock software sucks. The phones themselves, however, are magnificent feats of engineering. Which is why my Nexus One, Droid Incredible, and Thunderbolt have been the best phones I’ve ever owned, once I loaded CyanogenMod6/7 on them.

        Oh yeah, I also had a Glacier (MyTouch 4G) for like a day before I dumped T-Mobile in the grace period(Switched from AT&T, wound up with Verizon). I loved its solid metal backplate and slim profile.

        1. I concur.  Thunderbolt is a great phone once you get CyanogenMod 7 Loaded.

  8. In my Nexus to-do hardware list :

    – a bezel-less screen
    – a quantum dot screen who can re-use ambient light so we could see it in plain sunlight and use less battery
    – an incredible camera – maybe quantum dot again? and 3D – so stuff like goggles might works way better.
    – a way to definitely remove fingerprint
    – waterproof (my galaxy nexus already went swimming….)
    – Witricity-friendly – so annoying we have to plug it for charging
    – and some new battery tech 1000 times better but thats really obvious to ask

    wonder if they can do all that in one year. finger cross

    1. Many phones at MWC 2012 fit the bill for a few of those spec wishes, but it’s sad that we have to have the prestigious “Nexus” line just to get vanilla Android and timely updates out of the box.  That’s why I’m eternally grateful for the dev community out there.

    2.  a. A bezel less screen doesnt work since you need to hold it from somewhere, and not interact with the screen.

      b. Ambient light screens are useless in places without enough light

      c. 3d cameras dont sell

      d.integrated windshield washers and nozzles like on cars.

      e. I guess

      f.hand crank chargers?

  9. against lg. hoping for htc 

  10. I think Samsung did an awesome job on the Nexus line but its only fair that they dont make the next one, I would have loved to see Motorola make the next Nexus but now that Google owns them the other OEM’s would cry foul!

    1. Moto already has the high end DROID slot locked down… so that would be a double-foul. Lol

  11. cant stand the banana shape of the samsung nexus phones, i want a flat phone, microsd and removable battery

  12. HTC nexus device = WINARRRR

  13. The only good thing I’d see out of an LG nexus is a Nova display.

    I really hope htc gets another opportunity.

  14. Hey, if HTC made it they could make it part of their “One” Series and call it the Nexus One…..Oh.

    On a serious note, love my Nexus One, planning to get the next Nexus after my contract runs out in October, would love HTC or Moto to make it (And have Ubuntu for Android on it!). Wasn’t keen on the Nexus S, the Galaxy Nexus is good, but Samsung has had their turn.

  15. I love Samsung products. Let them keep making the Nexus devices.

  16. Htc would make am amazing nexus phone. Along with jellybean I think htc can take on the iphone 5 head on. Their hardware is similar and of jellybean is smooth and fast I really hope so. I think Google should stop letting compaines use android and the nexus line of phones can be perfectly smooth and fast. The reason apps on android are not as good as ios is because they have to support soooo many different types of devices. If they only have to take care of a few devices. Or they could have all phone companies put out one phone a year with stock but they have the option to use their ui.

    1.  That defeats the whole purpose of android. 

  17. I would love for HTC to make the next nexus device. Bring back the G1 better slimmer faster but same design and I would buy it before it came out…

  18. I love how these phone manufacturers are jumping at the opportunity to make the next Nexus phone. Why don’t they all strip away their proprietary skins, and then they’ll actually HAVE a nexus-like phone w/o all the bidding.

    1.  lol word

    2. Exactly.  Call it the Shnexus.

      1. I’d love to buy a Shnexus!  This gives me the option to stay stock, install the OEM’s overlay or possibly root and install Shcyanogenmod .

    3. yea.. All manufacturers should give an option to the users to use default android UI. They have nothing to lose and the users stand to gain.

  19. Someone tell me they luv me

  20. I much prefer HTC over Samsung any day.

    1. HTC gets points for their build quality while Samsung gets them for screen technology. Ideal would be HTC build quality+ Samsung Screen tech. + Stock Android! :)

      1.  Slow your roll!  That would be like crossing the streams!  End of the world, tearing the fabric of time type stuff!

      2. The body of the HTC One X, the screen on the Galaxy SII, and the battery of the Razr Maxx….. 

        OMG who needs porn?!

  21. Be nice to see another Nexus like the N1 that doesn’t look like an iPhlop clone.

  22. LG ruined the MyTouch, and they will absolutely ruin the Nexus.  

  23. HTC ftw… no LG please.

  24. I would love a new high end HTC Nexus

  25. No Qualcomm chips please I demand exynos lol

  26. as long as it has one of those amazing cameras i’m definitely in!

  27. HTC Nexus would be a must get, LG nexus = No way

  28. LG, please.  I owned a Nexus One, and I still think it’s the best looking phone ever.  But the component quality was awful — repaired twice for broken power switch and broken for good when microUSB connector crapped out.  I’ll never buy another HTC product, even if it’s gorgeous, powerful and reasonably priced.

  29. Well… I really liked their “first” Nexus phone – HTC DROID Incredible. So yeah, I’d be all over this one.

  30. Why can’t they all make nexus phones so we get pure android experience and updates all the time.
    Everyone wins.

  31. HTC over LG and all the other manufactures.  HTC’s quality is top notch.  The others are good but not great.

  32. I still have an original launch date Evo 4G and i would want nothing more than to get an HTC nexus!..love HTC!

  33. Its Alan not Alab lol

  34. I love HTC phones and the Nexus One was one hell of a piece of phone beauty that I ever help in my hands.. I’m currently on SGS2 though. I want the next Nexus to be HTC but they better crank up the battery performance and screen quality.

  35. I used to be a hard-core HTC fan, but then they announced the iOne, NO removable storage, and NO removable battery, I don’t know what has happened to HTC, but I REALLY hope they don’t get this.

  36. I want this to happen. HTC always has the best available hardware on their Nexus devices (G1, N1). Samsung always holds back, so they can release a higher end Galaxy SII, SIII type model later.


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