Motorola offering up to $200 for switching to one of their business-ready phones


It looks like Motorola is running a promotion to get more business users up and going with one of their latest Android phones. They’re offering up to $200 to those who trade their phones in toward devices like the DROID RAZR MAXX, the DROID 4, the PHOTON 4G and more. Don’t expect to net much if you have an old feature phone (some will only give you the option of recycling the device). Conversely, a device as good and as recent as a Galaxy S II will get you close to that $200 mark. Damaged devices will drive the amount down drastically so don’t expect more than pocket change if your device isn’t functioning, has water damage or has a broken display. Give it a shot at Motorola’s site here. This promotion closes June 30th 2012, and devices traded in must be post-marked by June 15th 2012. [Motorola]

Motorola Mobility Now Making it Easier than Ever for Business Users to Switch to Android

Company launching new trade-in program and offering dedicated MotoAssist IT service with new Business Ready smartphone purchases


LIBERTYVILLE, Ill., Feb. 27, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Business users who are looking to trade in their old smartphone and bring an Android-based device to work now have a more compelling reason than ever to make the leap, with Motorola Mobility’s new program designed to help professional consumers – or “prosumers” — make the switch. Starting tomorrow, the company will be offering up to $200 cash back for a consumer’s old device when a Motorola Business Ready smartphone is purchased, providing an instant online quote, pre-paid shipping label, and payment within four to six weeks of receipt. In addition, Motorola Mobility will be offering the MotoAssist™ IT service to give business users access to IT professionals who can help set up accounts, transfer contacts seamlessly, and even work directly with corporate IT departments.

The new program will go live on Tuesday, Feb. 28th at

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  1. 10 dollars for an evo with a cracked digitizer? LOL 

  2. 85.00 bucks for a perfect X2 LOL I’m sure Ebay would net me more.

    1. $4 for droid 1 – yeah it’s definitely not ebay :) 

  3. Motorola offering up to $200 for switching to one of their business-ready phones read more m a k e c a s h 4 . c o m

  4. Not exactly. In fact, Motorola’s payouts are consistently better than you’ll find at other gadget trade-in sites (eg: and they go significantly higher than the stated $200 upper limit.

    For example, a new RAZR is worth $230 while a typical iPhone4 could net you $300. That’s well above going rates…not to suggest you couldn’t do better retailing them on your own.


    1. Yeah, It’s definitely much better than Gazelle. Just checked on this, and they will give me $375 for my Galaxy Note. Gazelle would only give me $291. It’s not like I’m planning on selling it, but most of these sites that will buy your phone are a complete rip off.

      1. Only $375 for a used GNote?! Lowball.

        If you check Ebay’s price trend graph, the completed auction price for used 16G Note’s is hovering above $600 after a slow drop from $640. —

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