iPad 3 With Retina Display To Be Unveiled March 7th – Will You Be Buying One? [Poll]


If you haven’t tuned into the tech blogosphere in the past few minutes, Apple has just sent out invites for their long rumored iPad 3 for a March 7th unveiling in San Francisco, CA. Apple fanboys and — a few Android ones too — are losing their gosh damn minds for this tablet and with good reason. This new iPad 3 is rumored to have a quad-core processor, constructed out of solid unicorn horn and if that above press invite is any indication, feature a high-def retina display.

If there’s one thing I’ve noticed here in our comments or on various sites, there’s 2 things Android fans love. Their Cores, and their HD displays. With all that being said, I know there are more than a few Android fans who actually own both an Android smartphone and (gasp!) an iPad. Whether it’s because they like variety, or if they’re just plain ‘ol crazy in the head, it leaves me wondering: How many of you are looking forward to the iPad 3 and will most likely pick one up? It’s no secret Android tablets haven’t been selling so hot, and I’m sure many of you haven’t been buying them either. But I’ve oft wondered how many of our readers were closet iOS users, and will be picking up Apple’s latest tablet? Time for a viewer poll!

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Don’t forget after voting, to leave your thoughts on why — or why not — you’ll be choosing the iPad 3 in addition to, or over the plethora of Android tablets currently available. Please, keep flaming to a minimum and insults or other derogatory statements will result in deletion. I’ve also dusted off my trusty ban hammer. I’ll be watching.

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. I won’t buy an iDevice no matter how great the hardware is because of how closed the platform is.  That said I hope it’s an amazing piece of hardware to push android tablets even harder in order to stay competitive.  Competition is good.

    1. Damn good point (the last part). I feel the same way =)

      EDIT: I should mention that I have nothing against iOS and actually think it makes a great gaming platform. That’s one of the reasons I’m most intrigued with it.

      Oh, and will be getting a Nano soon to rock as a watch =p

      1. I admit, as much as I despise Apple, the Nano watch thing is genius.

        1. I’d rather spend 70-100 dollars and get a legit watch. Thats coming from a person that has a nano too.

    2. Apple is a lot more competitive in the tablet segment than in the phone segment.

    3. You have to love open minded people. 

    4. I’m the same way. Never owned an apple (sorry purchased*) Ex girlfriend bought me an iTouch but i never used it then after we broke up I gave it to some homeless less fortunate child, then he pee’d on it..

    5. and it will sell more than anything else….

    6. bingo. Android tablets are getting better, I see no reason to want to spend $800+ on a tablet

    7. trust me, closed platform is fine.  I love my ipad 2 but it is the last apple product im buying due to their practices.  FU Crapple

      1. My wife has the OG iPad, and no, closed is not fine. That plus iTunes makes me wanna dash it against the rocks every time I have to help her out with it. 

    8. Hardware wise let me just clarify for Phandroid: we want awesome DISPLAYS and PROCESSORS not necessarily cores or HD.

    9. Tablets need to come down in price, this is rumored to be going up $80. I am personally looking forward to a Win8 touch ultrabook and bluestacks! That will give any tablet a run for it’s money.. heck, I think it will go Usain Bolt on all these tablets asses

  2. I own 2 Android tablets and my wife has a iPad 2 and as much as it pains to say it the iPad beats out the Android tablets hands down. My tablets seem laggy and buggy compared to the iPad.  I am really hoping that when ICS comes to my tablets that will be the game changer. 

    1. It is a game changer. ICS is incredible.

    2. ICS did WONDERS for my TF101 – just saying

      1. When the hell are they releasing ICS for the ORIGINAL Xoom? The wifi one got special treatment you’d think they’d do more for the LTE/3g models.

        1. I rooted and put BuglessBeast on my LTE Xoom and love it.  Quit waiting around for Motorola and try it out.  As others have said, ICS is killer on tablets.

        2. That’s a whole ‘nother issue. And yeah, ICS Is already released, it’s just gotta go through Verizon’s screening/testing first. 

          1. Yup, people just don’t learn, WiFi is the way to go. 

            Screw the carriers!

      2.  I have ICS on my wifi XOOM… its so far and away better than what it was with HC…. my tablet when from buggy and laggy to butter smooth.  I fell in love with it all over again ;)

      3. Ditto , even ICS beta on the NI Adam has made a mediocre tablet really fun and enjoyable to use.  I Hope evey tablet gets ICS its the way it should have been.  Google were right to keep honeycomb closed ( even though i hated it at the time) I just wish ICS had come sooner.

        At the moment iPad has peoples attention, a kindle fire type (priced) device running vanilla ICS would grab the attention back

    3.  Don’t forget that iPads are basically overgrown iPhones. Android tablets are completely different beasts.

      1. True and for Apple fans , or just iPhone owners a tablet makes more sense.

        iPhone you have a tiny screen so you need a tablet/laptop for watching films, browsing comfortably.  Android phones can have large, sometimes very large screens so the need for a tablet is diminished.

    4. ICS is leaps and bounds ahead of GBread on tablets. 

      1. GB was never meant to go on a tablet.  Only Apple takes a phone OS and shoves it on a tablet.

    5. ICS is MUCH better.  MUCH!!!! Honeycomb is the Windows Vista of Android.

    6. my wifi xoom runs like a charm on ics

    7. ipad2 is horribly laggy.  Websites in both Safari and iCabMobile have crappy lag when scrolling as well.   Looking at documents in A N Y viewer (ibooks, kindle, goodreader, office+) are extremely laggy.   I found it funny that fanbois claimed their icrap was as smooth as butter and then I get this shit.

      yes, I was at BB for ipad2 launch day only because I wanted a tablet and that was the only one out there at the time that was worth the money.   We’re waiting on the the newer HD Transformer as our second tab.

      Yes, if you have the money (or the family), I’d say get at least one iCrap and one Android tablet.  Why?  Because you do have the best of both worlds.  I hate Apple and I would have openly punched Jobs in his bitchy little face if I saw him, but, the fact is there are a lot more developers for iOS than there are for Android.   Apps hit iOS before Android 99% of the time.   

      While the iCloud is still buggy and I wouldn’t pay for it at the moment, it offers syncing of things outside of just standard dropbox file syncing, but as an all in one for its OSX/iOS platforms.  Until Google comes out with the GoogleDrive which will work on ALL platforms, this is something that needs to be addressed by those not going the complete Apple route.   I want all my shit synced with one “app” and not having to use Dropbox for half and google for the other.    I also want that synced shit to be shareable to whom I select.  
      Yes, I want a fuck shit stack.

    8. Update your tablet to ics

  3. Definitely not.  This is an Android users blog.  Such a question is blasphemy!

  4. The only reason I have a tablet is because it was given to me.  I wouldn’t buy any tablet yet.

  5. I, myself will never own an apple product.  Although they make good devices for “tech-challenged” people…   I absolutely despise everything about the company itself.  Business ethics, Arrogance, Closed-System, Nazi rule over their customer experience!  

    My wife however is tech-challenged and has an iPhone, she will probably be buying the iPad3.  That’s her decision, she has no principles.  I will NEVER own an Apple product.

    1. “she has no principles”

    2.  I can’t stand it either… with iFans its more of a way of life then a product. watch this video… its SO much more then wanting the tablet as a device, its about being part of the trend.  iSheep has never been shown more clearly then this…


      1.  That’s insane!  What the hell is wrong with these people?!!!

      2. it’s a perceived way of life.  They have this belief they have to do this. People like JulianZHuang feel they need to “fight the good fight” for Apple regardless if Apple could care less about them.

        Apple sells because of brilliant marketing, and ok platform and last year’s hardware specs.   I’m amazed at how sheep feed into every little piece of chum thrown at them from Papa Jobs.   Features taken from Android, a broken canned Siri and last year’s hardware, and the iphone4s is still selling like crazy.  One fanboi at least had the smarts to post why the marketing works.   He posted the Apple siri christmas commercial and the Droid Razr commercial.  Santa using an iphone.   Smart.   Showing how an ipad can be used by different people in different fake “heart-warming” settings.  Smart.   Showing a droid invasion from the sky?  Kinda cool.   A commercial constantly flipping a thin phone around while talking for 4 min on how thin it is?  Not cool.     People like JulainZHanged lap that Apple commercial crap up.  Normal, non-Apple fans are the ones lapping it up now. 

         It’s actually hard to convince a person who could give a crap about technology or picking sides not to chose an iphone just because of how blindingly stupid it is.

        Waits for a day when his ipad2 won’t be jerky just from scrolling websites or files in dropbox.  Sorry Apple fans, the icrap isn’t as smooth as anything else out there, in fact, it’s worse.

        1.  very well said!

        2.  Yeah the Android crew definitely needs to pick up on their marketing.

    3. I may own an Apple product eventually, but that’s only if I ever feel like paying more for a device that does less.

    4. My wife is tech challenged and she’s loving her Asus Transformer tablet.

      1.  Well, the issue there is that she won a 1st Gen iPad a couple years back, she has an iPhone.  So she knows iOS and is comfortable with the limited functionality of it.   She gets very confused when trying to use my Androids because there are so many options in settings, etc…   I’d be thrilled if she would consider making the change, but something big would really have to piss her off.  (aside from the stuff that piss off normal people, it would have to piss off iSheep).

        1. It’s interesting, before Android we both had an iPod Touch each right in the mists of the app revolution and we both just got so incredibly bored of them. She preferred using a little creative mp3 player over it and I woke up to the fact that I just got caught up with the iSheep. They were both sold and never looked back.

          Saying that I did have an actual plan for mine, to listen to and learn from podcasts via itunes management and it couldn’t even do that properly.

  6. I’ll be picking up the Padfone myself (giving my daughter who is 5 my TF101) she is already skilled at playing, learning, navigating through it

  7. f*** NO! ipad, theres a new tampon in town. its called the eee pad

  8. I see tablets as media devices first and foremost. On that basis, I’d rather a 16:9 720/1080p resolution than a high Res 4:3 display.

  9. “constructed out of solid unicorn horn” LMAO!!

    I own an iPad 1 and I can’t imagine “upgrading” to an iPad 3 just because of the resolution and performance.  It will be the same exact boring iOS experience and my iPad still performs pretty good when it comes to games and running apps.

    That said, I skipped out on the Tab 10.1 last year but I look forward to a Quad-Core 10″ tablet from Samsung regardless of chip brand.  I don’t anticipate EVER replacing my next tablet unless it breaks or can no longer keep up with software.  A quad-core tablet should handle anything for years to come.

  10. I have voted yes. Why? Because I don’t think Android as a platform is ready yet for tablet. I have ownd an iPad 2 and it is great and has everything I need.
    Also the ammount of apps (SPECIFIC for TABLET) on iOS far surpasses those on the Android.
    I’m not a meer FANBOY. I’m an ANDROID ENTHUSIAST :)

    1. “I have ownd an iPad 2 and it is great and has everything I need”Then why would you get an iPad 3?

    2. Android as an OS is 100% ready for a tablet with ICS.  However, the lack of quality tablet apps is really what kills it.  iOS on a tablet is a joke, but the apps are what make the experience great.

  11. I’m still very happy with my 1st-gen iPad, so no.

    1. You know it will suck though when they introduce some great new feature that could work on the original ipad but doesn’t because they want you to buy the new one.

      Yes I’m being sarcastic but you know it’s gonna happen.

      1. But it will be useless like Siri. I’ve never seen someone with a 4S actually use it outside of “OMG GUYZ LET’S ASK SIRI IF SHE’S HOT!!!111!!!1.” I barely use Voice Actions at that, voice commands need a long way before they’ll be useful.

        1. and you tend to look a bit of a di*k talking to your phone.

          I do however use vlingo when driving, very handy

    2. The resolution on the iPad 1 and 2 is what killed me. This iPad 3 looks nice =)

  12. As much as I want an android tablet, I was very unsatisfied with the transformer prime. Its terrible wifi range, lack of GPS, and many other bugs made it unusable for me. If there was another decent android tablet with matching specs, I would get it. I would even get the galaxy tab 7.7 if it came with ICS. HC is just too laggy even with that exynos processor. So I will probably end up with an lte verizon iPad 3. Its too bad there aren’t any other quad core android tabs out besides the transformer prime.

    1. I don’t think you ever owned the Transformer Prime, just spitting out things you heard on the internet. I own a Prime and have never once been disappointed by its performance. Wi-Fi is incredible on my N router at home (works great on my work wi-fi as well), GPS has never been an issue especially now that the 2nd firmware update after ICS came out, I have had no bugs whatsoever. ICS makes this thing a beast, it has replaced my laptop entirely for most of my day to day. The prime is fast, functional, smooth and incredibly powerful for a mobile device. Battery power is incredible as well. 

      If you really did own one (doubtful) you should have returned it to ASUS and had them send you a replacement as you received one of the duds (of which I think there were few and they were the early units).

      1. Actually if you visit xda you’ll realize there are tons of issues with the prime. What would I stand to gain by spitting out things I heard? I tried two primes. Both of them had terrible wifi reception. Beyond 20 feet from the router my speeds would drop from 25 mbps to less than 2 making it unuseable. And that’s not even mentioning the non exist ant GPS and SOD/random reboot issues.

        And why would I send a device I just bought to Asus to get lost in the rma process for weeks thus giving up my return date? If it takes more than two units from two different stores than the TFP has issues. And there are TONS of other people experiencing the same issues…

        1. I can only say that I know my device and the Prime of 3 of my friends. I also have read every review that states there are not issues on the Prime. I can only attest to what I have seen personally and heard from others using the device. I don’t normally read forums as they tend to be filled with junk. However, your choice is your choice, not for one minute with this device have I had any of the issues you state.

          1. Well unfortunately both devices I got couldn’t hold a decent wifi signal from over 20 feet away. And I’m definitely not the only one who has experienced this. These issues are affecting a good number of primes. It seems that hardware variances across primes are really affecting performance. And the all metal back doesn’t help. Trust me I really wanted the prime and tried to deal with its issues. But when a wifi only device can’t get a decent signal from 20 feet away from the router, there are problems. And its not an isolated issue. There are probably 5 or 6 threads at xda with over 100 pages each of people experiencing the same issues I did.

            So while you and your friends may have good working primes, there are lots of people who don’t. Hardly a reason to call me a liar spitting out things I read online. Its always so funny when people feel like they have to defend their electronic devices. You have a good experience, I had a terrible one so you accuse me of making it up? Lol…and why would I make up this story again?

          2. You may have many motivations to rag on a device that has seen its fair share of abuse over the months. That is a motivation of many a poster online. I’m saying that I’ve never heard of a combination of issues with the Prime like yours, yes even online. Your post just sounded like you took the individual issues found on different primes and combined it into your device. My post simply was to call upon those of us who do not have any issues. I get wi-fi connection from my office building on the second floor while I am still in the parking lot (in my car). Your post seemed a little far fetched, I feel bad that your device had the combination of issues it did.

          3. I guess I don’t understand what those motivations are as there isn’t anything to gain.

      2. Good luck dealing with ASUS support. Because of them I will never own another Asus product no matter how awesome it may be.

        1. I have never had to deal with them as my Prime is running incredibly. I could not be happier with the purchase.

  13. I love my ASUS Transformer with ICS… And I would rather not buy any Apple product.

  14. Really, just a “no”. The wife already has an iPad 2 and she can care less about spec bumps. I’m holding out for an ICS tablet with a great stylus. I will be happy to toss my Echo.

  15. Apple could make an iPad that gave unlimited blow jobs and I still wouldn’t support their business tactics. 

    1. Don’t let any Apple fanboys hear you say that or you’ll be insulted before you can say “Fuck an Apple” .. I don’t know what it is about Apple, maybe because they seem to have a market share that is seemingly made up of spoilt 13 year olds or any other age bracket that behave like 13 year olds.  I own an iPod Touch and recently an iPhone 4 and I own an Android device so I consider myself in the know and very unbiased, I simply like what suits my needs best and not whatever 1 company brings out.  I noticed on Apple related blogs that all they do is slag off Android owners and anything to do with Android and it’s all because they can’t seem to grasp the fact that Apple aren’t better than Sony or Samsung or vice versa, it’s purely taste and what you want from a device but all the Apple fanboys insist you agree with what they think or they’ll go all “Internet warrior” on you and insult you … Says it all really.

      1. Sounds a lot like Android/Xbox/Sony/North Korean/any/all fanboys O_o

      2. One of my first computers was an Apple SE, 20 plus years ago, I’ve also used iPods and the iPod Touch (2nd and 4th gen) so yeah, I’m not a blind fanboy for Android. Even before the nonsense patent trolling, I decided  to go to Android for a number of reasons. 1) choice. I’m not stuck in getting one specific design, storage, or screen size. 2) Customization, I can pretty much do anything I want with my phone-more if I choose to root it. I shouldn’t have to jailbreak a phone just to customize. 3) removable battery. 4) external storage.

        Sure iPhones are slick, but I want to be able to decide how slick I want it to look. 

        My biggest problem with Android is updates. There’s no reason why any phone being released in 2012 should be using anything other than ICS. It’s been out for a couple of months now and most phones still don’t have it, that’s just ridiculous. Still, I’ll deal with that, since Android provides everything else I need in a phone. 

        And yeah, Chris is right, it’s like all fanboys, though I think for the most part, Android fans are a bit more objective about our OS of choice.   

    2.  I suppose this version of the iPad would also be waterproof?  :-)

  16. Over my dead body a member of my family will buy an Apple product. It’s of the same nature as religion, or political position – you can only pretend to change them for a hot woman you are sure to fornicate with.

  17. This is the EXACT REASON why Samsung does not announce their high end tablet (the rumored 11.6″ Android tablet).

    Because Samsung would like to announce it AFTER the iPad3, to get better exposure rather than overwhelmed by all iPad3 news.

    Oh, I am waiting that Samsung :) BRING IT ON!

    11.6″ , HD display, Quad Core Exynos … !

    1. that might make me leave moto for a different tablet brand

    2. Quad Core Exynos…. oh yer :D

  18. ill buy it if it runs Android..

  19. I won’t be buying one, but my school is sending me one for free.

    1. You are paying for it, maybe not directly but through tuition. That is not free. 

      1. I won a contest through school, it’s completely free. Not coming out of my tuition at all.

  20. I use a iMac for school, and I have a Kindle Fire. So until Android comes out with a full blown PC im a closet iOS :(

  21. The only thing I really like on iDevices is the high resolution displays on their hardware. Everything else seems to be better on the Android Tablets in my opinion.

  22. If you already own an iPad or iPad 2 it doesn’t make sense the buy an iPad 3 considering the few improvements. Yes, higher resolution screen is nice, but there was nothing wrong with your iPad before this announcement, was there? Now, if you DON’T already own an iPad – why the heck would you buy an iPad 3 which is a high-resolution tablet that’s basically running the same ol’ software that iPads have run for years?

    1. Except you have to expect there’s going to be other OS improvements to go along with the announcement. 2 was a spec bump, this should have more going for it

      1. Well it’s possible it’s just another spec bump…Apple’s been getting lazy lately. They’ll add Siri no doubt about that (and it’ll be even less useful on a tablet….). 

    2. Completely agree, it is a response to all the quad-core Android tablet announcements.  Apple does have good timing…I’m sure there is a large group of people who aren’t as educated as this group who will follow the Apple train because they were told to.  Keep in mind that the tablet is still largely a luxury item so Apple has a large group to attract as first time tablet users.  OMFG, an HD display…now I HAVE to have a tablet…

      1. I think that there will be more to it than just the upgrade to the retina display. Do I think they will have a quad-core processor? Not sure. There are many conflicting reports on that, however, I do expect many OS features, including Siri. I think they are really looking to put a clamp on the tablet world as now Windows is looking to get bigger market share in the tablet world. I still will not buy one as I do enjoy the Android OS thoroughly. 

        1. Don’t forget Android…The Asus Transformer is one hell of a device with ICS. 

    3. Also to note, there isn’t a huge difference that the human eye can tell between 720 and 1080 on a 50 inch television, much less a 10 inch mobile device.

      1. People like you always forget the distance factor. When you watch a movie on 10″ display, you don’t watch it from 10 feet away ! And there is a difference between a smudged 720p and crystal clear 1080p.

        1. Notice I said huge difference. You will notice a very small difference between the devices. Certainly not enough to warrant the price tag if you already own a device at 720.

        2. Tests have shown that the average human eye can’t discern any difference in detail above ~300dpi, no matter how close you get.

          The ‘optimal’ diagonal display sizes to reach 300dpi are:
          – 4.9″ for 720p (sqrt(1280^2+720^2)/300)
          – 7.3″ for 1080p (sqrt(1920^2+1080^2)/300)

      2. I hate Apple and love Google, and even I know this statement is pretty much bullcrap.  Depending on viewing distance, 720p vs 1080p is very noticeable on a 50″ TV.  And there is a HUGE difference between a dpi in the 200s (iPad 2) vs a dpi in the 300s (iPad 3).

        1. DPI is completely different from resolution. Your eye may notice a very small difference on that size device. Take a look at the Transformers side by side you won’t notice that big a difference.

      3.  Um, have you compared an iPhone 3GS with an iPhone 4 screen (non-retina vs retina display)? Massively huge difference. It will be the same with the iPad 3.

  23. Don’t invest in ANY brand religiously. Don’t let them brainwash you.

    1. You said. I like what I like but it’s not because of some undying devotion to a company or brand — You make something I like. I’ll buy it. Don’t care if it’s made by Apple, HTC or Tyco. 

  24. I have never owned an Apple product. I do not like the way they do business. The few times I’ve been forced to use their products, were pains in the ass.

  25. Made with forign “slave labor” i dont mind comanys like samsung doing this because they are manufacturing in the country they are located. But apple is an american company which is why i dont approve of them.

    1. LOL, I can only take this as a hilarious joke because anything else is unfathomable.  Domestic slave labor…lmao

    2. LOL and Android fanboys call Apple fanboys dumb? This is one of the worst comments I’ve seen on this terrible website. Just plain filth around here. The scum of the earth.

      1.  Filth is Apple. And you too…

  26. Haha I love the No choice. I’m waiting for the Padfone. An increase in resolution and a bigger processor? Let the iSheep feed on the small improvements fed to them

  27. I have an iPad 2, but only because there wasn’t a better alternative at the time.  If ICS and the Transformer Prime would’ve been around back then, it would be a different story.  This is definitely my last Apple device though.  I’m loving the concept of the Asus Padfone.  I’ll probably be going that route for my next upgrade if there’s a newer version out in 2013 when I’m eligible.

    1. I’m with you here. I was so excited when Honeycomb was announced, and then they pushed out an expensive, slow, buggy, heavy tablet to compete against the iPad 1 when the iPad 2 was right around the corner. Huge disappointment.

      And so when, during the first week of going on sale, I came across a deal at Microcenter for $50 off the iPad 2, I jumped on it. It was my first iOS device after a couple of years worth of Android phones. Without getting into too much detail, while nice to look at, it never really impressed me. Yes, it was slick, but no…it was not some magical device. It crashed on occasion…maybe even more often than Android did, though it didn’t throw weird force close errors in your face. Instead, it closed “elegantly” (aka without any indication as to what happened). I would personally prefer a little more feedback. The lack of customization of basic things like preferred browser when a link is clicked. Weird issues that were never resolved, much less acknowledged, by Apple (enabling images in email is an all or nothing setting…hello, security?).

      Still, I used the iPad nearly every day. Relatively light. Great battery life. Great selection of apps. Functional. Like a toaster. 

      As for Android. Well, Android truly turns me on. I’m that kind of gadget geek. I love rooting my phones, playing with various options, trying out new things. Yes, sometimes things go wrong, but it’s part of the fun. A toaster, while functional, is not fun…no matter how pretty to look at. My HP Touchpad, while chunky, is way more fun. Especially now that it’s running ICS / CM9.

      So, last week, disregarding my wife’s threats, I sold the iPad 2. I’d bought it for $450 (plus tax of course) last March. I sold it nearly a year later for $440 cash. Thank god for Apple resale value. Now if only the damn Transformer Prime weren’t having all those GPS / software issues I keep hearing about, I might own one today. Instead I’ll continue to wait until they work things out, or the MeMo 370t drops, or maybe even that newly announced Acer Tegra 3 tablet. For now, I think I’ll wait it out with the Touchpad.

      1. I’ve got a Touchpad with CM7 on it.  I’ve been using it quite a bit since I got rid of WebOS.  How’s CM9 working for you.  I was scared to mess with it until they got the video issue worked out.

        1. Video was fixed Alpha 2. The main issue remaining is the camera. Highly recommend it. CM9 was a huge improvement.

          1. O rly?  I may have to make a backup of my CM7 ROM and flash CM9 today!

  28. Until they break the dependence on iTunes, add sd card support, widgets, and gps that doesn’t require I have a 3G/4G model, I will not entertain the thought of owning an iPad or iPhone. And once they start blocking non-iTunes purchased music/video from iPods, I will stop using that as well.

    1. The only dependance on iTunes is for your apps. You wouldn’t know that because most Android idiots don’t. Keep that mind closed though. I’m sure it’s going to really help you achieve in life.

      1. You depend on iTunes to add any multimedia to the device. 

        1. Wrong. You can use third party software to load music on your device. Being an Android fanboy, don’t you know how to use Google search?

          1. I guess I’m just as informed as Apple fanboys then.

    2. Even if they did all of that…they’ll have to drop the price about $300 bucks as well…I haven’t heard anyone mention the price. It’s COST that drove me to ASUS-a decision I do not regret in the least.

      1. This is a big factor nowadays with the world economy freaking everyone out. That’s why I’m thinking about buying a Padfone or getting the $250 MeMo that they announced. In a few months I’ll be heading to college and I don’t have a lot of money to do it lol, so another $600-700 isn’t going to work for me.

      2. LOL @ price. Apple is the sole reason Android manufacturers are even trying to sell below $500. Remember the prices on the first few honeycomb tablets? Laughable.

        Also, iPads have a ton more resale value than any android tablet. But you probably forgot to mention that since it makes your argument stupid instead of just weak.

        1. Your Apple fanaticism borders on psychotic, seek help.

  29. I would never had bought an iOS device, but I got a deal on an iPad 2 I just couldn’t refuse (because it was attractive that is). Now I’ve been using an iPad since December and beside the lack of the Google experience (Gmail, Google Calender, Google Reader etc.) it’s quit amazing. 

    The lack of the a proper Google integration is a bit of a buzz kill, but since i got my iPad I’m actually interested to know more about the new iPad.

  30. I have a Galaxy Tab 10.1. Its an amazing tablet. I will NEVER own a Apple product again. I despise the Apple name.

  31. No, I do like apple products (I’m typing from a macbook pro) but I can’t give my money to a company that files lawsuits based on inane ip patents. I won’t support them, cause I’m not supporting their lawsuits against other companies that use android and companies that will use android, same goes for M$

    1. But didn’t you support them by buying a Macbook Pro? O_o
      And yeah, the only Apple product I own is the MBP but I need it for the software (work stuff). Sucks cuz I miss my PC so much =(

  32. I will be because I haven’t been happy with any of the android tablets yet. Hoping Samsung changes my mind soon….

  33. No need to have another Apple product in my house.A year ago I gifted my son an ipod touch, he immediately jailbroke it, and I never really liked the apple ios there.Then I got an Android phone,and another and another. Currently using MotoRazr, and really dont feel the need for a tablet nor even an ipad…Whats all the fuzz for the retina display, for me its enough what I have in my phone screen.
    The way I feel about apple, even as a free gifted ipad3 I wont even use it.I just simply dont like apple products and its the way it is….I always been an outcast, and never wanted to be hip, isnt this what apple says in their ads?…If I dont have an iphone,then I dont have an iphone, so what apple?

  34. As far as Apple products are concerned, i would say no thanks. Samsung did not introduce any “NEW” tablet at MWC, which leaves me thinking there is something coming from them. Spec wise, i do not see any justification where i would go get the Ipad 3 just because of its Quadcore & HD IPS display.Let’s face it, when it comes down to it, a majority of people would not be able to tell the difference, display wise btween most highend android tablets and the ipad3.

    I would rather pick up the Padfone which to me would seem more functional in my everyday life than the Ipad 3.

    With that being said, i still want to see what samsung got up their sleeves.

  35. $300 to produce/ $1000 price tag, isheep will take out a second mortgage to be the first to get one.

  36. My mother has an ipad2 and it is just so smooth. Boring yes, but so buttery smooth.

  37. Apple sucks

  38. No won’t buy it I refuse to support Apple since they are using my hard earned money for retarded lawsuits. No more MacBooks, iPhones, iPads and other iShit for this guy.

  39. Ignorant comment. Ignorant user. You must be an Android sheep.

  40. no, get that POS out of here… ANDROID 4EVER!

    1. Lol wow you’re the true definition of a hardcore fanboy o_0

  41. How is this Android related?

    1. Eee Pad. Padfone. Pad Pad. You better believe ever Android OEM in the world will be tuned into that event. Whatever is announced on March 7th will shape the hardware we see in Android. 

      It’s very much Android related. =)

      1. Nope.  So exactly how did fruit company shape the hardware in the padfone?  I don’t remember a version of a tablet where you could hook your iphone into it.

        Who cares what apple is doing…this is an Android news website.  You are just feeding the isheep.


  43. Hell NO!! Preferable Android!! Apple product are S U C K!!

  44. Well at least one good news about ipad3 rumor is that now that finally iOSers will have 4G in their product I don’t have to hear endless argument of “Well 4G isn’t that fast”. They’ll own it, experience it and finally realize how ridiculous what they said was.

    1. Wasn’t the problem battery life? I don’t think there was any debate really on how fast LTE is…

  45. I got a Moto Xoom and love it. For my work needs though, it is appearing that I’ll need to pick up an iPad soon. Timing couldn’t be more perfect. I don’t mind having both tablets… at all :D. I do hope it comes equipped to support Verizon’s LTE service.

  46. Not “as long as I have breath” but “as long as my OG Transformer is still working and probably longer.  Im in the Google Ecosystem, all of my cloud data and apps are in there.  It would be a big ask to change now.  Especially now that Android Tablets are coming along.

  47. im saving my monye for iphone with 4g speed. i got bored with android after 3 yrs of blindly supporting it. 

    1. Good now stop trolling.

      1. I am saying it as a consumer. With people like you being around, the android community are getting lower and lower.

        1.  ?????????????????????????????????????
          Ummm…. I’m with Scott.  go get your new phone and stop trolling.

        2. No, you’re saying it as a troll and a douche; all your past comments prove this, move along little boy.

          1. what is wrong to have an open mind? both OS offer something goods but for me, i got bored with android already. i had been using the HTC Droid for the last 2 years and now im using the SGN. its been 2 months now and i still havent find any excitement things from my SGN. 

            i am not going to blindly support android for the rest of my life. i want to try new things and new OS. i might regret after i jump ship, but i can always go back to the SGN. 

            i have been coming to this site for 3 yrs now and all i got back was those “troll” or “GTFO” comments. it made me felt this android community are no different than those iFans.

          2. wait wait.. got bored of android? you realize there is ALOT less to do on IOS right?

          3. @google-fe51c0c47189f761bcbe24dacd1e08c9:disqus 

            there are a lot of games i want to play but i dont want to wait a year for the android version. beside, trying both OS will help me decide my future phone. 

            also, it been 2 months i bought the galaxy nexus and i feels like nothing to do on the phone. bad battery life making me dont want to play game since i cant charge it on the go. the multi-touch bug making most of my landscape mode games unplayable.

            GN offer speedy and snappy UI, but i want the smoothness, like butter, from the iphone. 

  48. I love when people who say they have never used an apple product then go on to give opinions about them. I have been a building computers and using every new tech toy since I was about 6, and the fact is apple stuff works faster and more efficiently then anything else. No, I am not talking about sloppy coded PC games designed in conjunction with GFX card manufacturers to force people into buying a new $500 GFX card every two years. I am referring to the general smooth, crash free, responsive nature of OS X, iOS and all apple products. I have owned 7 android phones, 3 android tablets, two iPhones, and the original iPad. I currently have a Transformer prime Quad core tablet and sadly it is a slower, more frustrating web browsing experience then my original iPad was two years ago. Those commenting on hoping for ICS to save the android Tablet, sorry to disappoint you. I don’t understand why android devices need so much processor power and ram to just barely chug by, while iOS seems so smooth and fast with just 512MB of ram and a dual core A9. Argue till your blue in the face, but fact is fact.

    1. While I will not debate that Apple coders are highly efficient, I do not find they run any faster or smoother. My friends iPhone 3 was painfully slow, his iPhone 4 was better but still lagged behind on many task. When it was running smooth it was very smooth. They also only have one hardware set to develop with. There is no choice or variant. I would almost say that it is a better comparison to pit an iPhone/Pad against an individual android device running a custom ROM. Android runs much different when tailored to the device like iOS and the iPhone…

      But everyone has their own experiences which all vary. 

      1. By custom ROM don’t you mean the manufacturer’s ROM? If that’s the case, sense vs iOS or touchwiz vs iOS isn’t really a competition as ad as smoothness/polish

        1. No, what I mean is a ROM created by a private developer. One who has removed what ever bloatware the carrier has included as well as applied tweaks to streamline the performance. 

          Think of it like this. You can buy a suit off the rack, which fits ok or you can get it tailored and have it fit perfect. Touchwiz, sense, etc… are just launchers for android and poorly written ones at that. Many after market launchers are far better. But I am referring to more like the Gal. Nex which is pure android vs an iPhone 4s

          1. Your suit analogy doesn’t work here, at least not properly. Shouldn’t smoothness be something taken care of by the manufacturers themselves? The after market ROMs are only used by a smaller fraction of customers, which means, if these market ROMs are better, they are only enjoyed by a small population. Anyways, I was trying to show you how the only example of a tailored android device is the nexus line. The other android devices are tailored, but depend heavily on the hardware for smoothness if smoothness is actually a concern.

    2. You lost me at “crash free” (iPad 2) or smooth (latest gen iPod Touch when swiping to the search screen). Web browsing for me, in ICS, is comparable if not better than on the iPad 2. 

      That plus Google integration (Gmail, Calendar, Talk, Voice, Music, and now Chrome) make Android my preferred mobile OS by far.

    3. I understand what Haxcid is saying, but unfortunately there’s a fine
      line between competition & variety (which is good) and
      fragmentation (which is bad). It applies to both consumers, developers,
      and manufacturers. Apple generally (besides the antennagate debacle)
      goes through the trouble, time and effort to fully bake their products.
      They put tons of effort into design, intuitiveness, and aesthetics.
      Steve Jobs certainly may have had shady practices in dealing with his
      competition, but when it came to his own products he was a
      perfectionist, and it clearly shows. The operating system, native apps,
      even the GUI were coded to fully take advantage of their proprietary
      hardware. Sadly, no other manufacturer bothers to take this step with
      their own devices – and that’s where fragmentation comes in. You’re left
      with a slew of half-baked devices that the manufacturer gave up on the
      moment they hit the consumer market. About a year or so ago, Cyanogen
      himself mentioned HTC’s kernel source being so shoddily coded he was
      puzzled how their devices could even function. Why do multibillion
      dollar corporations not care about the final product, the consumers that
      will buy it, or their own reputations even? They slap together
      components as fast as they can, rig it to “sorta” work, call it a day,
      and they’re off to the next half-baked product. I’ve seen this up close
      and personal, with the HTC Evo’s ridiculous 30fps cap, for no other
      reason than they were too lazy to properly code for the LCD and HDMI
      output. They’d rather cripple and neglect their device than spend the
      relatively small time and money to do things properly. For what it’s
      worth, yes, they did correct it, but only after an enormous outpouring
      of frustration from their customers. This half-assed mentality is applied to
      many manufacturers and devices, and honestly it’s really annoying.
      Everyone is perpetually racing to keep up with Apple, and in the process
      sacrificing quality. Do all these huge corporations honestly not realize the very quality and attention to detail they’re sacrificing *IS* the reason why Apple is continuing to succeed? Every manufacturer is pumping out device after
      device, over and over and over, without actually innovating anything.
      Maybe if someone made just one or two amazing devices, polished them, and paid attention to detail would they have a chance at taking on Apple directly. Ultimately I hate, hate, hate iOS, but when it comes down to it, I
      appreciate the time Apple puts into developing things and wish other
      manufacturers cared as much as Apple does. Like the old adage goes,
      mediocre at many things, or master at one. Just because Android allows you the freedom to pick a device with dismal specs (out of tech ignorance more often than not), doesn’t mean that’s a good thing. Very recently a close friend of mine bought a cheapo Android device, then was so disgusted with its sluggish performance and battery life that they swore off Android forever and bought an iPhone a few days later. As an Android fan I tried my best to explain to them that it’s inappropriate to compare a $50 Android phone from years ago to a top of the line $500 current-model iPhone and not expect there to be a difference in performance. But it was too late, they judged the entire Android ecosystem on one outdated, low-end product. Perhaps had they not had the option to choose with their wallet and end up with some outdated piece of crap, maybe then they’d have been “forced” into buying a higher-end Android device in the first place and fallen in love with it. Very sadly, Android’s open nature directly sabotaged itself and ensured that that customer was soured on the Android experience.

  49. I’m waiting for the padfone 2.

  50. Absolutely yes

  51. As always, the iPad 3 will not have better specs than the Android devices, but the iPad will have better apps and games available for it.

  52. Wouldn’t buy and iphone or ipad been waiting for the next/rumoured galaxy tab (rumour was the class sounding 11.6 tab, with class leading screen) to go with my S2, but from the tabs Samsung announced at MWC, very disappointing guess, I’m gonna be waiting a fair while longer
    :-( come on Samsung pull your finger out before your left being tarnished with the “oh the copied apple” brush

  53. I have never really felt one way or another about Apple products. I was always like, “They make good products, but they aren’t for me.” And I never faulted anyone for having an Apple product. However, after the news broke about the working conditions of in the factory making Apple products (http://www.thisamericanlife.org/radio-archives/episode/454/mr-daisey-and-the-apple-factory), I pretty much boycott anything apple. They use carcinogenic substances to clean the products instead of alcohol because of the quicker drying time. So, for Apple to save a penny, some bloke in China is going to die a painful death from cancer so that someone can sit on their rear on the couch and use a tablet. It’s not right. Then Apple uses that saved money to sue competition into oblivion. It really pisses me off, so I don’t care how good their products are, they need to be banned from selling those blood money devices.

  54. Let’s keep it subjective and civil for a moment, without getting all fanatic or crazy.

    -One of the best GPUs (PowerVR SGX543MP2), yes like it or not even better than most GPU’s in most Android tablets. (9to5mac is reporting that iPad 3 will sport a beefed up GPU even more powerful than the PowerVR SGX543MP2).
    -Like it or not even the A5 is a fantastic CPU keeping up with quad core Nvidia 4plus1. A5x or A6 in iPad 3 will be even faster.
    -Highest developer support
    -First to get Apps
    -Largest Selection of great and stable Apps of any tablet.
    -iTune music integration is unmatched
    -More Games than Android, best gaming experience of any tablet.
    -iPad 3 rumored to have the best screen of any tablet. Even better than the upcoming Asus TP HD
    -Backed by stellar Apple customer service
    -No worries about updates
    -lack of some options such as microSD
    -no widgets!
    -Over priced

    Android Tablets:
    -Good specs, but still outperformed by iPAD especially when it comes to the GPU used. (here come the crazy insults at me from Android fanatics).
    -Android OS is better than iOS in my opinion. More user customizable
    -Open source.
    -Less expensive to own
    -more options such as mircoSD
    -Google Music not living up to expecations, music integration not as good as iTunes.
    -Less developer support
    -Not first to get Apps
    -less apps available for the Android tablet and the ones for Android phones don’t always transition smoothly to tablet. Andy Rubin has admitted that this needs to change.
    -Updates are in the air and a guessing game. Maybe the rumored Nexus Tablet will solve this problem.

    Personally I think you get more for your money when you purchase an Android Tablet. However, it drives me crazy when people don’t just enjoy technology on all platforms. Technology is great, don’t be so closed minded as to not acknowledge the strengths of another platform.

    1. You make the assumption that iTunes integration is a pro, and that Google Music “not living up to expectations” is a con.  I’ve never used, and never plan to use, iTunes in my life.  And what do I care what expectations Google and the music industry have for the Google Music.  It works perfectly for me.

      1. Same here. If iTunes had been DRM free from the get go, that would have been a different story. DRM killed it for me personally. I’ve been buying from Amazon ever since they launched their MP3 store and have bought a few from Google in the last couple of months.

        As with most things, once you buy in to the ecosystem, it becomes much more difficult to leave that ecosystem. Thankfully, Android pulled me in before iOS.

    2. I’m sorry, but iTunes sucks. It’s the worst music management program I’ve ever used, it’s impossible to organize music without spending hours upon hours fixing every single ID3 tag. Developers have yet to really show the true power of the GPU like they have with Tegra devices. Google Music works the way it was made, just because it’s not the same as iTunes in the way it works doesn’t mean it’s not “living up to expectations.”
      Don’t go off of rumors, this whole post is stupid because it’s all based on rumors. No one knows if Apple will do anything worthwhile with a new iPad, remember right before the 4S came out? I’m not sure it’ll be like the incremental update from the 4 to 4S or OG iPad to 2, but so far they’ve been really disappointing very often.

      1. YOU’RE RIGHT my “whole post is stupid” because “it’s ALL based on rumor.”

        Maybe you are referring to iPad 3’s better screen that Chris Chavez referred to as Retina in the title of this article.

        Or maybe its the part about the better processor A5x or A6 with beefed up GPU. Ya because it is so unlikely that Apple would beef up the cpu/gpu.

        Yup you are right, 4 to 4s was an incremental update, which included better optics and a new better dual core A5. Gee, I must be so crazy to think the rumors of a better display and better cpu/gpu on iPad 3 are true. Silly me, who would ever think Apple would do that on a new  upgraded product?

        What else in my “whole post” which is also “stupid”  was based on “rumor?” Maybe you can point it out?

        1. Well, yeah it’s all rumor. We all know Apple is just going to make the iPad 2 bigger but keep the same camera, display and CPU.
          I need PROOF that they are going to upgrade the hardware :D

          1. Lol…the people here are priceless…

    3. Excellent, of course after your well thought reply, you better hide before the fanboi haters (not matter what they’re a fanboiof) are going to come after you.

    4. You are totally on point and I share the same exact sentiments. However, don’t expect to get into any kind of a rational exchange here. It amazes me how people can get so blindly rabid and polarized about one technology over another. I mean unless someone owns stock in either company, it is all meaningless spite. Most of the people here sound exactly like the Apple counterparts they despise so much. A bunch of fools. How can one have so much antipathy over a type of phone or OS? What a waste of energy. Obviously, both companies are doing something right as they are both very successful. To say one is the greatest ever, while one is shit, well that just reeks of a simpleton mentality.

  55. i’ll probably give it a look at least, that resolution is about the only reason and if it’s at the rumored $570 price point it’s worth a look at least. like any apple product it’ll probably be sold out for awhile so there’s no rush for me at all.
    full disclosure: i own a macbook air (2011), wifi xoom and moto atrix and work on windows pcs all day everyday.

  56. I will probably buy one. Maybe if the iPad 2 price lowers enough ill buy that instead. I just wanna be able to play games like ascension and ticket to ride that I can’t play on an android yet.. been waiting too long.

  57. I still don’t see the point of a tablet.  The Asus Transformer Prime might be a possibility because of the keyboard dock, but I think Windows 8 will bring back convertible tablets and be awesome, especially with BlueStacks running to run your Android apps.

  58. Since I’m typing this on a 7.7 I’d have to say no. I will not likely buy an iPad3. Ive got to say that so far this 7.7 os not impressing me though. Even with the LTE. Id have to agree that HC is too laggy. My nook color with CM9 (full of bugs) runs smoother. Even if the fetures aren’t all functional. Will some one please manufacture a tablet that runs like a champ and still fits in my pocket? IPad 3 might be great for anyone already crrying a purse. Not this guy.

  59. I’m not an iOS fan by any means, but only an idiot would just give away an iPod touch or anything else. Sell it.

  60. I, personally, love Apple coming out with their one device a year.  It is always a top quality product, and I say all this being an Android exclusive user.  I want competition.  I want all the Android manufacturers to have to keep up or surpass.  I have been waiting on a pure Android tablet (~Nexus-like) with Super Amoled screen technology.  That’s it.  I’m glad to see Apple releasing a higher res screen tablet, it will force Android OEMs to do the same, and I will get my Android tablet sooner. 

  61. just bought the motorola xy board  hope this will do,,  loving it so far

    1. u know u could of gotten a transformer prime for much much less and way better in every way right

  62. Boring OS, sorry no amount of amazing spec will change that :

  63. I shelved the last of my Apple products, which is exactly where they will stay until Apple stops attacking others over patents. Apple should license their patents as others have done for decades, not try to stifle innovation.

  64. never owned any apple products in my life and i intend to keep it that way

  65. Nope. Because its Apple and I detest Apple’s business culture of locked-in services.

  66. NO THANKS. i wont spend 600 dollars on that crap

    waiting for the next tab ( still)

  67. I will not support Apple, a company that is suing many Android partner companies using bogus patents , no matter how good the product is. I have never owned anything made by Apple and never will. I don’t miss anything.  Unlike iSheep  I don’t attach any social status to Apple products. I would like to see Android vs Android vs Apple competition. We don’t want a monopoly.

    1. Why would you miss anything from not owning an Apple product?  They cost more and they do less. 

  68. How will everyone know I’m using the ipad3 if it looks just like the 2?

    1. True. I am sure iPad 3 owners will want you to notice that it is an iPad 3 to elevate their egos.

      1. Of course they will. My guess is that it will have Siri, making it the equivalent of a iPhone 4 to 4S (basically just a specs bump + Siri)

        There isn’t a ton they can do though to make it different these days. Maybe a new sensor, streaming to an Apple TV, or something along those lines, but nothing really major. The majority of the “breakthroughs” have already been made. Everything is pretty much incremental at the moment.

        Then again, a pico projector or a projectable keyboard is technically possible… but unlikely.

  69. Does anyone else think tablets are useless?  It won’t do anything my phone can’t do and anything that I need a big screen for I would rather use a laptop or desktop with a mouse and keyboard!   I had a tablet for a while and it was as useless as I had envisioned.

    1. They’re useless to me.  I kind of want one just to play with (an Android one of course), but I can’t justify it because it can’t do any more than my phone, and WAY less than a full laptop.  And an iPad is even more useless than an Android tablet.

  70. That crap it’s going to be like 900 bucks… No thanks

  71. Past time i checked most of the android tablets are slow and buggy even the galaxy tab. “Yeah apple fan boys we hate you” (what you all are thinking) but ios is smooth responsive and fast. Every just needs to get over I hate apple oh and the whole patent war. It wasn’t always apple that started it. By the way I own the htc evo 3d and htc flyer. But my next phone will be the iPhone 5.

  72. I would never by an Apple device. I do not support companies that monopolise. I work in It and I can configure my android devices to run just as well as apples. Icrap is a waste of money. Just wish they would get out of everyone’s pocket. SHAME ON COMPANIES like Optimum online who don’t cross release apps and release them only for iPad or iphone.

  73. I’m sure Joshua T over at The Verge will proclaim it to be the best piece of technology ever and all other tablet manufacturers should just stop trying to compete

  74. Android mobile, original iPad, and no intentions on getting the iPad3.  Original gets it done.

  75. Apple kills Unicorns? Sigh… Sad.

  76. I own both a GSII and an Ipad. I do like my Ipad, but it is an original Ipad, which I purchased before there were any descent android tablets. I am considering an Ipad 3 update only due to the money already invested in Ipad apps, and because of the Garageband app, which I believe there is nothing close to as good of an app on android for what it does. With that being said, I do prefer android over ios, and would purchase one if it had a comparable music recording app to Garageband.

  77. Nope and not because I just hate Apple. In a smartphone my primary usage is as a communications device, then as a music device, and some occasional browsing, searching, and specific app using. I view a tablet primarily as the same device with a larger screen and limited to no communications functionality. I am highly invested (time and effort) in Google Music, and am unwilling to switch to a new platform in light of that. I also have been screwed over by iTunes so many times that I refuse to use it even as just a media player on my laptop. 

    Also I would need to purchase every app I have bought on android a second time on an iPad. While small in comparison to the price of the device, this is still a $50-$60 surcharge I am paying simply to change OS.

    One of the main draws of Apple products for me is the degree to which the iPhone, iPad, and a mac laptop work together. However I have gotten along well enough with an Android phone and linux laptop so far and I don’t forsee and significant reason why I couldn’t continue to do so.

    At this point the only tablet product that interests me at all is the Asus Padfone because of the multiple roles one device plus its accessories could fill. If I could dualboot a full OS on said device, I’d purchase it in a heartbeat.

    That said at this point I am closely watching windows 8 and windows phone, as a potentially close knit collection of devices and software that could potentially entice me to leave the android camp despite being a solid fan, user and proponent among friends and family for 3 years now. 

  78. An android device will make this obsolete in no time… Just like everything else apple.

  79. Once upon a time, the entire blogosphere reported about the iPhone5 coming out a few months ago.

    How’d that work out?

    I’ll believe in a retina display for the iPad3 when Apple states it during the unveiling.  Not a second sooner, Apple lives on rumors and hardly ever lives up to them.

  80. I used to admire Apple when they were a computer company.  After they went on a hell bent spree of suing OHA member’s for claiming infringements, that is the last straw for me.  Competition is good for the general consumers and forces vendors to innovate and compete on prices vs features.  It is okay for Apple sue others, but not okay for others to sue them (cry baby complains to EC about Motorola’s abuse of FRAND).  In the technology world everybody borrows from one another, unfortunately Apple is one of those bullies who wants to keep everything proprietary so they can sucker the ‘suckers’ into spending every penny they have.  I have no product loyalties, I buy whatever offers the best bang for the buck.  Right now that is Android.

  81. iPad 3 Vs Galaxy note 10.1 = Galaxy Note 10.1 winner
    It is  simple, I don’t know the iPad 3 yet, but I know Apple policies and how do they work, so I don’t care Apple products. Also because I hate apple

  82. iPads really are a nice device.  I would never own one but I would and have bought earlier versions for family members that aren’t as technical and just wanted something they could read and surf the web on.
    I’ll stick with android tablets and phones.

  83. With a quad core processor and a unicorn case, this thing will likely retail for at least $100,000.

  84. I have been boycotting Apple since sometime around ’98 or ’99.  IMO they are quite lacking in business ethics and I severely disapprove of their software forcing you to download unwanted items, such as “back in the day” QuickTime forced iTunes on you.  I consider myself a fairly unbiased techie (mostly because of my work I use all OS and phone OS) and can see the benefits and the bright sides of all available mobile OS’s, but how Apple operates and rips off clients, yet people still ask for more, irks me in such a way I refuse to provide that company even $1 of my hard earned money.

    To put it lightly, I would buy a Wp7 tablet before Apple :)

    1. Yeah, and all the other companies are champions of corporate ethics?   Sounds more like fanboi hate to me.  I for one could care less who makes what I want to buy,  If its an Android phone, or iPad, I don’t care.  I buy whats best for me.  Not some mumbo jumbo about who’s a bunch of nice guys or not.  Because they all are greedy.

      1. It’s couldn’t care less. Don’t be ignorant all your life. 

  85. Already have a wifi only iPad 2 with 4G/LTE via a mobile hotspot and more recently a tetherable 4G phone with an unlimited data plan. Can’t really see the point of the retina display since I don’t do microsurgery on a 10 inch screen. The iPad is a fine device. But I can’t see spending another $600+ for such a marginal increase in functionality. 

  86. I wouldnt want an ipad if we would get the same caliber of apps on our android devices. As OG Droid, GNEX, TP, Nook and Motoactv user one thing these devices lack are apps. I know what youre thinking we have some great apps, or you want free apps. Well i want great apps, it was pretty awesome on my iphone 3g when i would open a simple app and start recording and mixing music. Simple, polished it worked. I feel like i just run stats and deal with jank apps on the android platform. I demand more. Apps rule the world, demand more.

  87. No, I won’t buy iPad3. I save money for a high-end ICS tablet. 

    I have used iPad2. Yes, it’s slick but it’s not crash-free. If you follows iPad forum, you will see it’s also has problems. Now, unlike android device, user never know iOS app is crashing because iOS never announce it like the way Android pop up a “force close” dialog.  iOS app just quietly crashes and dies, then you go back to home screen. Then you just start the app again. Thus borns the myth that iOS is crash-free.

    Now that about the acclaimed “intuitive” of iOS. One time I am setting up iPad2 for my in-laws. And I am stuck at how to do bookmark on Safari browser. I am embarrased and frustrated at the same time. Here I am, a user of Ubuntu, Windows, Mac OS, Android and just about all kind of browsers: IE, Firefox, Opera, Chrome, yet I could not figure out the way iPad2 Safari handling bookmarks. To get the matter over quickly, I just google it. Lo and behold, it seems there are many others idiot like me who search for the same solution.

    It dawns on me that it’s just I am not used to the Apple’s way of doing thing. That’s all. The same can be said about iPod, iPhone, iPad users. So used to the way how Apple doing thing, these users are just not comfortable with different ways of doing thing. Thus they just simply regards other non-Apple devices as not user-friendly.

    However, I don’t disregard the iPhone, iPad. I just prefer the open-nature of Android platform. I really want Apple keeps improving iOS, Microsoft improving WinPhone, Blackberry improving Playbook OS so that Android will have to continuously improve and strive for the leading position in mobile world.

  88. Bunch o’ fools on here. Of course I will buy an ipad3 because:
    Hot hardware that actually works
    Only android tabs to compete are vapor ware. I haven’t seen a transformer prime in a store near me yet. Oh and it has had several major software updates since release. GPS sucks etc.

    I am no apple fan boy. I have had android phones for years but always make a point of buying the best device for the money regardless of manufacturer or OS. Right now iPad is it

    1. Go ahead and support a company that would rather litigate than innovate and see where that gets you. 

  89. The thing is i have messed with both tablets for some android can out do the iphones but for some reason they cant make a tablet to run as smooth the best part of this maybe Android tablet makers will work there asses off to make tablets run as smooths as an ipad. If they put a quad core in it i will buy it 

  90. I don’t care what specs apple put into it, because they won’t let you use it as you choose. What a waste.

  91. Card-carrying Android phone fan here, with exactly one lifetime Apple purchase tom my name, that being an iPad2. And I have to say, the thing is freakin’ awesome. I don’t love the overly-simple OS of course, but man that thing is smooth. I was at the VZW store earlier today and was playing around with the latest droid tablets. Sad to say, but they’re just pure garbage. And the hardware’s not to blame, it’s all the OS–that thing stutters along like an old Russian Lada, it’s truly embarrassing. Pulling up the app switcher on the Xyboard there was about a full second delay, it was just awful. Meanwhile the Pad3’s probably going to be even smoother. Sorry but until the Droid tablet OS is at least somewhat competitive, I’m gonna have to stick with you-know-who. But not for my phone; no one’s getting me GNex away  from me.

  92. You don’t have to use any software other than Windows to put music on your Android device. Pretty pathetic that you’re bringing up some scraggy 3rd party BS as a Pro here, truther. 

  93. Definitely will buy the ipad3. Variety is always good… Imo, Android is best at being a smartphone due to it flexibility and functionality but in terms of tablet ios wins… Especially on their retina display…!!!

  94. I won’t be buying Apple until they loosen their grip on their users, discover widgets (come on, even M$ discovred them years ago, let alone Linux even further back) or have a proper keyboard (I really would like a transformer, TF101, TF201 or TF700T I don’t really mind)….

    AND give them away for free as I sure can’t afford one!

  95. I don’t want or need an iPad, I have a Kindle Fire to us for my reading needs, I’ve used iPads and I’m not impressed at all with them, my Mom owns one and she isn’t that happy with it, between the crashes and the bugs she ends up using her Nook more than the Pad, yes my Mom (late 50’s ) is an old school gadget freak, her Hubby hates it, but it’s her money to spend :)

  96. If the ipad 3 launched with OS X Lion on it instead of iOS I’d buy 3 of them. I have a 27 inch imac and a 13 inch  macbook air…and the wife has a samsung laptop.  I wouldn’t give up either of my macs.. I love the hardware dearly.  I even like OS X.  I do have windows 7 partitions on both of them but mainly for certain games.  I’m also a huge android fanboy..  I’ve owned a droid, incredible, Droid X, Thunderbolt, G2X, Charge, Razr, Rezound and now a Galaxy Nexus.  Also I’ve had the wifi and 3g/4g Xoom both, Transformer, Galaxy tab 7 and Galaxy tab 10.1 as well as a kindle fire for my 2 yr old.  

    With all that said.. I’ll probably be switching to a Windows 8 tablet because I’d like my tablet to have a full desktop OS.  Android will have a hard time filling that gap but Apple has a real chance to just obliterate all other tablets (more than they already do) as well as surge OSX usership through the roof by putting it on the ipad instead of shittastic iOS.  

    Anyway.. sorry for the rambling but I was sooo dissapointed when the first ipad was announced and it had ios on it instead of OSX.  Like I said.. if the ipad 3 were to launch with OSX I’d buy 3 of them and sing it from the rooftop.  I’d settle for a 13 inch air with no keyboard though =p

  97. Also lemme just say that I LOVE ICS on phone and tablet both but I’d still rather have a full desktop OS on my tablet.  Ideally a transformer like tablet with a capable keyboard dock that essentially turns it into a laptop.  Also.. how about some tablets with bigger screens than 10.1 ???  I’d LOVE LOVE LOVE a 13 inch tablet screen.  10.1/9.7 are already too big to pocket might as well go the extra few inches.  Especially now that tablets are gonna be rocking resolutions upwards of 2k.

  98. Why is everyone complaining about the “high prices” it is 500….htc jetstream (800) Motorola Xoom (600-800) Asus transformer (400-500)-for the lowest model the hd is around 550…and you pay for what you get a solid piece of hardware. 

  99. I though I was on the wrong site when I read the title. Sigh why even go there…

  100. I’d get any apple product EXCEPT an iPhone. Clearly because I need something on me at all times that can do everything I need to be done.

  101. Not buying…as I type on my Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1!

  102. How would you compare the ipad2 to the galaxy 10.1? I have it and just brought one for my mother. During xmas the family used my samsung and the ipad2 with no conplaints either way. The only difference i could find, the ipad2 had more game apps for the kids vs my sammy, but my 10.1 had true internet using chrome.

  103. Yes, I own both, a RAZR & iPad 2. Will probably will get an iPad 3. The iPad is so much more intuitive than the competition. We luv the iPad and our RAZR’s.

  104. Samsung supposedly is coming out with a tablet with 2560 x 1600 display, making this ipad 3 already obsolete from day 1.

  105. Nope, not for me, hate closed systems.

    Reading some of the tweets by celebs (I’m looking at you David Boreanaz) calling Twitter evil how the iOS (and Andoird) Twitter app uploads your contacts list to the Twitter servers for 18 months makes me laugh.  I don’t think Twitter is wholly responsible.  You buy an Apple device, it is in a closed ecosystem so you expect to be protected against this sort of practice, yet Apple still allowed this through (even though it likely violates some of their app submission policies) and iWhatever owners were unaware of it even occurring.

    Android on the other hand states what the app will do before you even download it from the market or install a non-market app on your device.  Under the section of Your Personal Information for the Twitter app on the Market Web site is the following passage:

    Allows an application to read all of the contact (address) data stored on your device. Malicious applications can use this to send your data to other people.

    There it is in clear English that malicious applications may send your data to other people.  Makes you wonder why someone would put all their faith in a tech company to look out for them.

    1. Lol…are you implying that the android market is safer than the app store?

      1. Not at all, I am implying that the Android Market lets you know what permissions the app requires before you decide to download the app.  With the Apple App Store you’re relying on Apple to make that decision for you, because you know, you can’t be trusted to make your own decisions about the security of an app.

        1. Oh ok…true…I’m not sure which approach I like better…personally, I always look at the reviews for every app I download….I never just search for an app and download it…with the exception of maybe the tweetbot app…

  106. Open Source, or GTFO.
    Catch up with 4G, video chat over 3G+4G, microSD slot.
     Nothing else to say.

  107. I certainly won’t.  I’m sure it’ll be nice but no apple products for me.  I like ice cream sandwiches.

  108. Of course those that own both tablets are crazy in the head.  With an iPad in hand, why keep an Android tablet?

    It’s funny knowing that if one combines all the tablets that have been sold to consumers in one year, they don’t even come close to what Apple sells in a quarter.

    But yeah, all those tens of millions of happy iPad consumers are just a bunch of iSheeps.  Yep, blind Crapple Fanboys that just blow money away for more expensive stuff that “does less”.

    Hmm… wonder what moniker is used for all the Android shills here attacking consumers that dare speak with their wallets?  “whiners” and “crybabies” come to mind…

  109. I have a Transformer Prime (that I love) and an iPad2. I think I can forego the Apple feeding frenzy this time around.

  110. If, I had milions I would buy one…maybe…just to have a at home tablet while icarry my 7 inch Android tablet on the go. Apple…Android…who gives a damn who is who as long as they offer great things. Overall, iam a Android head-the reasons are the same reason most are, but at the end of the day…ibuy what is hot for me…and both Android and Apple offer what iwant. If, Android came out with better mp3 players imay drop the ipod. But, idoubt iwill ever fully drop istuff.

  111. I’ll trade this iPad 2 if the iPad 3 is offered in 7″ form! Only thing I don’t like about the iPad is its size… Too big to take places to small to watch a movie on at home when I have a 42″ tv and 17″ laptop. That leaves gaming and web browsing! 7″ would b perfect I feel!

  112. currently typing this from my ipad 2-

    I have taken a liking to android since -gasp- the G1, but only because I grew up a die hard TECHNOLOGY fan, even when the iphone was released, I was in shock and awe aas it was pretty revolutionary for its time since it had a capacitive touch screen and amazing “apps”. So before the (non) flying birds and my first words I had a PC, so needless to say I want only the future of technology however it be presented…

    Now I love my GS2 on sprint but I must admit that iphone has a lot more QUALITY apps then android does, so for one. improving the user experience, so thats why i have the ipad, but when i wanna talk tech, I have my Galaxy.

    What Im trying to say is dont discriminate and hate, stop the debate and just be happy and accepting that Technology is not at a standstill, I mean, could you imagine yourself still rocking a nokia while playing snake all day?…. thought so. With that said. Long live Technology

    P.S…. Nothing a little JailBreak cant fix about an Apple too right?… ;)

  113. I would rather have a lower resolution tablet with superamoled plus. I prefer dynamic contrast over sharpness any day.

  114. The comment section here sort of shows how similar android and iOS fanboys are…it’s interesting how fanboys call each other blind during troll wars…

  115. I hate ios and apples business practices.

    Also, samsung is supposed to release a new galaxy tab with their 2.5ghz dual core and a retina display

  116. Personally, I feel that ASUS is the strongest vendor for Android Tablets.  Unfortunately, these same vendors are unloading so many new and incomplete models on a daily basis.  My wife and son both have the ASUS EeePad Transformer OG, and I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, as well as Android phones. 

    I would never even think about moving to the iOS platform, no matter how crowded the playing field is with Android, but this has to be overly confusing to those who are new to the tablet field.  Plus, with only Samsung promoting their wares, Android does not get much commercial love.


  117. I am Android through and through for phones (from the original G1 to currently the Evo….just waiting for that 2 year contract to end, comee onn Galaxy S3!!). But I have an ipad2 for music production apps & midi/osc stuff. Until Google’s app market catches up to Apple’s appstore with content…then I have no reason to even touch an Android tablet. I honestly wish it was the other way around, because I would love to rock an Android tablet in the studio instead. But alas, Android has a LOT of catching up to do there. 

    I don’t even use the ipad for anything other than music studio stuff (actually that’s a lie I do like to sit on the couch and read phandroid ha). Not for loading mp3s, pictures or movies (I stay away from itunes as much as I possibly can). While I think the ipad3 will be solid, I have no reason to upgrade from the 2. It handles all of the work I need and then some. Need to bribe some developers to make the switch I reckon, or to at least develop dual platform. 

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