Feb 28th, 2012

If you haven’t tuned into the tech blogosphere in the past few minutes, Apple has just sent out invites for their long rumored iPad 3 for a March 7th unveiling in San Francisco, CA. Apple fanboys and — a few Android ones too — are losing their gosh damn minds for this tablet and with good reason. This new iPad 3 is rumored to have a quad-core processor, constructed out of solid unicorn horn and if that above press invite is any indication, feature a high-def retina display.

If there’s one thing I’ve noticed here in our comments or on various sites, there’s 2 things Android fans love. Their Cores, and their HD displays. With all that being said, I know there are more than a few Android fans who actually own both an Android smartphone and (gasp!) an iPad. Whether it’s because they like variety, or if they’re just plain ‘ol crazy in the head, it leaves me wondering: How many of you are looking forward to the iPad 3 and will most likely pick one up? It’s no secret Android tablets haven’t been selling so hot, and I’m sure many of you haven’t been buying them either. But I’ve oft wondered how many of our readers were closet iOS users, and will be picking up Apple’s latest tablet? Time for a viewer poll!

Don’t forget after voting, to leave your thoughts on why — or why not — you’ll be choosing the iPad 3 in addition to, or over the plethora of Android tablets currently available. Please, keep flaming to a minimum and insults or other derogatory statements will result in deletion. I’ve also dusted off my trusty ban hammer. I’ll be watching.