Feb 27th, 2012

And here you thought the Samsung Galaxy Beam was just for home videos and anime. In a move that’s sure to make the rest of guys look bad, Samsung uploaded a new video to their YouTube channel showing off a creative way to use their upcoming Galaxy Beam handset — by proposing to the girl of your dreams.

In the video, a strapping young lad uses the Beam to project various outfits onto his body and at the end… (I’m getting a little choked up) at the end he pops the big question. Cheesy soundtrack aside, it’s a fun video. Just make sure your girlfriend doesn’t see it. You know, if you plan on using the more traditional ring-in-the-glass of champagne proposal method.

Oh, and here’s a bonus video of what comes after marriage, and how you can keep the kiddies distracted while you and your wife try to get a decent moment to yourselves. Anyone else think these videos are begging for an ASUS Transformer-like parody remake?


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