Android Tablet Ad Parodies Show What Type of Thinking Really Went Into the Making of These Ads [Videos]


A new Android ad parody has been released from YouTube channel Raboneable. This time they’ve taken the ASUS Transformer’s spot and shows how cool you can be for having a tablet/netbook hybrid. Check it out above, and the Galaxy Tab 10.1’s parody is below in case you missed it the first time. You might want to put some headphones in if you’re around people as the language is pretty gnarly. [via Android & Me]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. omg that was funny

  2. HA! These are great!  I hope they do one on all the stupid droid ninja/alien/robot commercials!

    1. Ha, at least those Droid commercials are better than those retarded and slightly condescending Apple commercials.

      1. i bet you still think alienware and pc case mods are pretty rad too

        1. PC case mods are pretty rad

        2. Not particularly. Don’t quite see how that’s relevant to anything though

          1. you would’ve had to be familiar with the case mod scene of the early 2000’s (sharp lines, robot inspired, neon lights, futurism, that sort of thing), and then with that info just contrast it with the droid ads and you should see a not identical but similar resemblance.

    2. Still better than the creepy ass WebOS commercials. :)

  3. lmao hey hey cut em some slack. People are too fucking stupid that they have to make dumb apple like commercials to sell

  4. F’ing hilarious!

  5. oh that was good.  bravo!

  6. very very funny.

  7. “And you can play soccer too, apparently, fuck yeah!” lmfao

  8. Lol i seriouslly think people who brag about their tablets are douchebags

    1. Same who brag about their phones too.

  9. Hahaha,ipad thingy, its just like everyone who sees me with a tablet

  10. Wow, that was kind of dumb.

  11. big turn off on the language!

    1. OMG he said fuck, shit and other bad words. That’s a no no!

      1. It does imply a lack of trying — like wearing hair rollers and pyjamas to the supermarket . . . But the videos were both still great!

  12. My Transformer has done all that for me, except help to play soccer like that

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