Sony to bring original content to Playstation Suite, not just ports


If there is something Sony is strong at, it is their gaming platforms. This is something that didn’t take off immediately on the Android platform, after the release PlayStation Suite. The selection of games is limited, and they are all Playstation 1 ports. But according to Sony Mobile’s chief marketing officer Steve Walker, this is all about to change.

Sony is making some huge changes as we speak, now that it is in full charge of its mobile division. Great devices like the Sony Xperia U and Sony Xperia P have been announced at MWC. But we know Sony is not stopping there, and one of the things they will improve is the selection of games within the Playstation Suite platform.

Walker mentions that “Sony Computer Entertainment has a vision for PlayStation Suite and they will be leveraging their powerful developer relationships to bring original content through the PlayStation Suite initiative.” Said games will include “content which has been newly created for the PlayStation Suite and PlayStation Store.”

We have been dreaming of devices with powerful gaming experience. Smartphones like the Xperia Play are great gaming devices, but they are not specialized for such use. It is basically an improved Android gaming experience, as opposed to being a gaming platform, like the PSP or PS Vita.

This is a great step towards creating a much more immersive gaming experience. And it is sure to lure the hard core gamer within us. As for me, I am still dreaming of an Xperia device with PS Vita games and performance. Maybe that day is not very far off.

[Via: Pocket Gamer]

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  1. Which begs the question: why didn’t they include a partition for Android on the PS Vita? I think an Android market (and its games!) would have really helped them out as far as getting the Vita to sell.

  2. I really like the idea that smartphones are getting closer to portable consoles and pcs. Am I dreaming or someday we will be able to play a PS Vita game on our Sony Xperias?

  3. PS4 should be an Android device, or atleast have it on a different partition like erhum linux was on the PS3? Next for full penetration they need to support more carriers with the new PS phones. It just feels like they only half way do it when they relase these devices.

    There is no reason why a dual core/ quad core device should not be able to run atleast ps2 games. Oh thats right they can like GTA3. So why are more ps titles not available?

    IMO the Vita does not look all that great graphically. Whats to stop me from playing the 5.99 dead space on my GS2 vs binding myself to the 40-60 PS ecosystem? When I game mobile its in short burst anyway 6 bucks a game makes more sense.

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