Motorola puts Google’s Voice Actions against Apple’s Siri in a fierce death-match


The ongoing battle of what Android and iOS can or can’t do (or which does it better) continues. We have heard all the arguments, but all of that bickering will continue as long as we are fans of opposing products. Right now, one of Apple fans’ biggest prides is Siri, Apple’s ultimate voice command service. But is this better than Android Voice Actions?

Voice Actions is available for all Android 2.1+ devices. It is a great service, but it is not one most of us use frequently. Plus, Siri has a very natural and intuitive feeling, while Android’s Voice Actions is a bit hidden and forgotten.

Motorola is trying to remind us that this feature is still there, and it is arguably better than Siri. We have seen such matches before, but a good reminder is never bad.

With that said, let’s grab the popcorn, sit back and see these videos of the Motorola Photon and Atrix 2 going against the iPhone. And just out of curiosity, how many of you actually use Voice Actions?

[Source: Engadget Via: Android and Me]

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  1. lol they could have won even faster on the if they just selected go after the voice recognition like they did every other time haha

  2. The only difference between Siri and Google Voice is that Siri has a bit of character to it while Google’s implementation does exactly what it is being told to.

    Is it only me or did this videos make the Google voice look better ( PS: I am a Die hard Android fan.)

    But the fact remains the same: No one would use these features unless they have a 100 gram wart on their fingers! or to boast about with friends.

    1. it’s like bitch making sandwiches and bitch that has an attitude 

    2. I may have misunderstand you. I use the voice features all the time. They really come in handy when my hands are dirty(which they are a lot with my rugged job). 

  3. I use Google voice actions mostly in my car (to play music, start navigation, etc.) when typing is not advised.

    Every single person I’ve seen with SIRI just uses it to see what kind of stupid crap they can get her to reply. Nobody I’ve seen uses it for what it’s intended for. Also, they get pretty annoyed that my phone has been doing essentially the same thing for almost two years. SIRI-less i*hone users get pissed.

    1. My thoughts exactly..

    2. Hang on. But they don’t have fragmentation do they… do they?????

  4. Have never used Google voice, used an iphone 4 before though. It’s what made me switch to android.

  5.  Ah voice action…the feature all of my iFriends refuse to believe I had before them

    1. lol tell me about it. As soon as Siri came out, they acted like they were the first to have anything voice related on a phone. 

      1.  And who’s to blame for it? Google’s been terrible in preaching the OS’ features to the masses.

        1. Maybe because the Android and Google crowd does not measure their penis size to inane applications like the Apple fan boys do. 

          1. What exactly are we doing here, then?

  6. Should have done it against 4.0

  7. Enter “Voice Action asks Siri question” jokes

  8. It’s even better outside the US.  “Navigate to [destination]” gets the expected response on Android, but on iOS, it’s “I’m sorry Scott, but I can’t provide maps or directions in Canada.”

  9. Yea the only time I’ve seen someone using SIRI was when they were telling the phone poop jokes.

    Vlingo has always got the job done for me whenever I needed it to.

    1. Thank you for introducing me to Vlingo just now…I owe you one. This is an awesome app!

  10. I drive a tractor/trailer, so Google voice is optimal for me.

  11. Not sure why anyone would use this crap. Like I need to tell my phone what to do. If I wanted everyone to know what I was doing with my phone then this would be perfect. I’d rather just Swype it in

  12. I use it all the time, to navigate, listen to music, help me spell words I’m not familiar with, see what’s around me “map of”
    I only wish there was another way to activate it hands free like over bluetooth

  13. I use voice actions ever day. Especially for texting. I love it.

  14. It’s official, I’m absolutely in love with my Nexus. It just keeps getting better and better everyday.

  15. I honestly had no idea that there were so many things that you could do with G.V. I love it!!

  16. I can’t get the note to self to work, after seeing this video I thought this would be usefull but it just sends me on a google search. Any one got any ideas?

    1. It won’t work unless you have the language of your phone set to “English (US)”. That’s how I’ve set up my phone, even though I live in Ireland :)

  17. Damn. You got owned bitch!

  18. I don’t use Voice Actions a lot but I love it when I do. Usually I’m in a hurry and need something RIGHT NOW when I use it and it comes through for me.

    I would have loved to see 4S vs Galaxy Nexus but I’m assuming they wanted both phones on the same network and chose ATT for whatever reason.

    1. If that were the case they could have chosen the Verizon version of the iPhone 4S.

    2. Not a fair comparison because the iPhone4S is a 3G only phone whereas the Galaxy Nexus has 4G capability.

  19. My issue with Siri is that the information it gives back is false.

    The other day, I had a problem with my car.  So I pulled up Siri and said, “Where’s the closest Audi dealer?”  Siri showed me that the closest dealer  5.3 miles away.  When I tapped on the closest dealer to get a route, Google maps told me that the distance was 7.1 miles aways.  This was important, as AAA offers free towing for the first seven miles.

    I limped along for about a half-mile and then called AAA.

  20. I have an iPhone 4 (not S) and use the Google search app on my phone. It has a little speaker button next to the type search field which accepts speak commands. Is this what this article is refering to? If so, I’ve been using this for a long time.

  21. Build a firewall between the two companies, huh? 
    Google already has Motorola doing their advertising. ;-)

  22. I had not touched GVA until the other day when a friend showed me!  Wow… it is pretty cool.  I cannot believe this feature was missed by me for so long. 

  23. The faster response of the Motorola can be attributed, at least in part, to its use of (battery draining, not available everywhere) 4G service. What the video also doesn’t show is how MUCH more tolerant of different phrasing of requests the iPhone is. Nor does it show that Siri also has a few unique tricks of its own like:

    “Remind me to take out the garbage when I get home”

    “Wake me in 5 hours”This comparison video is just a snapshot in time.

    Right now voice interaction is still kind of a novelty, but with active competition, it will really improve over the next few years on ALL platforms.

    I expect we will continue to see biased shootouts that highlight the abilities of one device while ignoring those that the competitor does better.

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