Feb 27th, 2012

The ongoing battle of what Android and iOS can or can’t do (or which does it better) continues. We have heard all the arguments, but all of that bickering will continue as long as we are fans of opposing products. Right now, one of Apple fans’ biggest prides is Siri, Apple’s ultimate voice command service. But is this better than Android Voice Actions?

Voice Actions is available for all Android 2.1+ devices. It is a great service, but it is not one most of us use frequently. Plus, Siri has a very natural and intuitive feeling, while Android’s Voice Actions is a bit hidden and forgotten.

Motorola is trying to remind us that this feature is still there, and it is arguably better than Siri. We have seen such matches before, but a good reminder is never bad.

With that said, let’s grab the popcorn, sit back and see these videos of the Motorola Photon and Atrix 2 going against the iPhone. And just out of curiosity, how many of you actually use Voice Actions?

[Source: Engadget Via: Android and Me]

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