Google’s Flight Search optimized for mobile devices


Google has optimized their Flight Search, introduced to desktop users last fall, for mobile devices running Android and iOS. While an official app is still unavailable, accessing the service on a smartphone now provides all of the same useful functionality in a format tailored to the smaller screen. Set a price range and flight length; sort results by time, cost, and airline; and use a helpful map view to more easily pinpoint the location of departure and arrival or locate alternative destinations.

You can access the whole kit and caboodle simply by navigating your mobile browser over to google.com/flights. Which reminds me, I’m due on an airplane in about 24 hours and haven’t even started to think about packing. Does Google have a web app for that?

[via Engadget]

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  1. an app would be nice.  also beware that many of these “bargain flight search” services (expedia, kayak, etc.) do not show you the best prices for all airlines.  for example – you will finder cheaper flights on AirTrain.com than you will using any search site or app.  some bargain airlines like AirTran only show their best prices on their site and do not share those special prices with these search sites.  keep this in mind when searching and pricing flights.  good luck.

  2. I actually just found a flight $30 cheaper than from using Southwest or Priceline. I like the site. 

  3. Still useless for those of us who are not looking for flights to/from the US.

  4. they have an app its called the ita “on the fly” app by google

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