Transformer Prime bootloader unlock tool now available from ASUS


ASUS promised a bootloader unlock would be available for the Transformer Prime in February and has delivered. The company agreed to provide developers with tools that would grant deeper access to the tablet’s software after it was discovered that the Tegra 3 slate and followup to the original Transformer — a favorite among the mod and hack community — shipped with a bootloader impervious to tinkering, making the installation of custom Android builds difficult. The official unlock is available from ASUS now, but it doesn’t come without warning. As with any attempt to alter the software or hardware, even the official method will render your warranty useless and may limit the level of support ASUS will be willing to provide.

[ASUS via The Verge]

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  1. People keep griping about ASUS but I have to say they are the most engaged of companies I’ve seen.  They uploaded ICS to users very fast and have worked very hard to put out the fires that this bleeding edge tablet has encountered.  Kudos to ASUS!

  2. I heard that this tools registers your device as unlocked on their servers when you use it. How long until someone hacks this tool so it doesn’t register and you can lock your bootloader again to regain warranty?

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