Feb 22nd, 2012

Google’s latest patent application will no doubt step on a few toes, but it appears that the boys at Mountain View are looking to enter into the desktop/laptop market if this recently revealed patent is any indication. Ever since Android dominated the smartphone and tablets markets, I’ve been waiting for Google to bring the Android OS into the only place it can go — the desktop market.

To help Android transition into laptops and desktops, is a patent filed by Google in Q3 of last year (just now published in February) detailing a few multitouch gestures that can be done on a trackpad in lieu of a touchscreen. And while Android 4.0 works okay with a mouse, multitouch gestures are definitely the way to go, that is, unless clicking and dragging the screen all day is practical to you.

If nothing else, this uncovered patent adds more weight to previous rumors that Google could be implementing a “desktop mode” into the next version of Android 5.0 Jelly Bean. Could Google have a Jelly Bean netbook up their sleeves? Or are they simply trying to better accommodate Android OEM’s who want to manufacture tablet/netbook hybrids like the Transformer Prime?

All I know is Android just got even more appealing with better support for Intel and x86 processors and soon, multitouch support right out of the box. Oooooh… Apple and Microsoft are going to be so mad when they see this. I’m sure most of you already have Android smartphones and tablets. Got room for a little more Android on your desk/lap?

[PatentlyApple | Via AndroidandMe]

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